Coming Soon Audiobook – Spirit Warrior

Behind the Scenes:

For anyone who reads my stories, they will quickly discover that I write not only series, but I write in both serial and parallel timelines, a reflection of how the real world works. I also like write about characters who face challenging and unique situations. Allie Whitewater is a blend of the white and Native American world. She accepts both sides of her heritage, unaware that her mother and uncle once came from a different world – from the past.

Jacob Tucker is a man from the past, trying to fit into a modern world, but yearning to return to his own. I was fascinated by the idea of what would it be like to have to make such a decision – stay in the present where you don’t fit in or return to the past where you do? Jacob has more to deal with than his own confusing feelings, he also has to worry about what life will be for Allie. She is a modern woman, used to working in a man’s world. In his world, her life would be much different, not just because she is a woman, but because of her heritage.

I truly loved this story. I laughed, I cried, and I couldn’t help but admire Allie for her strength and determination to make a life in a world where she would set her own rules. Jacob’s support and his understanding that if he wanted to make a life with Allie, it would mean understanding and accepting her for who she was made them the perfect pair.

Spirit Warrior is coming soon in audiobook. Here’s a sample of what is coming:



Allie Whitewater was used to living between two worlds. She embraced both the Native American heritage of her father and the white heritage of her mother. She was happy with both and didn’t have the identity crisis many of her friends had growing up. Growing up on a large working ranch in Montana, she loved every aspect of the life that her twin had left behind. She had no desire to live in town, or worse, a large city. She plans on spending the rest of her life on the ranch her father started, running it and making it even better than ever. All of that changes when she decides to take a little vacation to help her best friend and sister of the heart, Indiana, return to her new home.

Jacob Tucker enjoys building up the ranch which he and his twin brother, Jonathan, had settled. Sure, there were dangers – rustlers, the harsh environment, Indians – but he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. He is happy with life in the Montana territory. He never thinks there could be something or someone out there that could make him change his mind. At least, not until he travels with his brother to rescue his brother’s new bride, Indiana, when she is kidnapped.

His idea of life, and the world, changes when he leaves his ranch in 1867 to travel to 2013. The world has changed a lot and so have the women – namely one called Allie Whitewater. She has the mouth of a cowpuncher, the body of an angel, and the temper of the Devil himself. Now all he has to do is get her back to his time and hold her so tight she won’t miss her fancy metal wagons and flying carriages.

Jacob thinks his plan is foolproof. He just needs to kidnap Allie long enough to make her never want to leave him to return to her world. But things change as tension between the red-skins and the white settlers and the army escalate. History won’t stand still for two souls separated by time. How can he hope to keep Allie safe when the whites see her as a red-skin savage and the Indians don’t know what to think of her?