Lily’s Cowboys is out now in audiobook

Behind the Scenes:

Lily’s Cowboys was the first story I ever wrote and holds a very special place in my heart. Her quiet strength, her love, her understanding, and her ability to heal the hurt deep inside the brothers touched my own heart and opened it to what it would mean to live a life over and over, only to know that you will die.

This amazing story shows the power of love between three brothers and their love for Lily, the woman who will bring them together as a family once again. For Lily, she discovers that if you truly love someone, it might mean breaking a few rules – and that a heart can hold enough love to make them one.

I’ll admit I was in a low spot in my life when I first started writing Lily’s Cowboy. I was listening to country music (which everyone knows there is heartache) when the story came to me. Unable to resist, I started the story and listened to the characters. While I never planned on writing a menage, I soon learned that it is the characters’ lives I am sharing. I am simply the medium that helps them share it with you.

Lily’s Cowboys: Second Chance Book 1

is out now in audiobook.

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Sometimes life begins after you die. At least it has for Lily O’Donnell. Lily O’Donnell had always wanted to find a love as beautiful as her parents had. When her father suspiciously dies in an accident and her mother is brutally raped and murdered, Lily has to fight for her life. When she is trapped by the man who murdered both her parents and threatens to do to her what he did to her mother, Lily feels she has only one choice to avoid a fate worse than death.

Reborn to help others, Lily reappears time after time to help families in need, only to die again once the families no longer need her. Things change when Maggie Cunnings finally has enough of her three nephews’ attitudes. Wanting to go home to sunny Florida and leave the frigid winters of Wyoming behind, Maggie prays for a little help in teaching the Cunnings brothers how to live and love again. The Cunnings men aren’t the easiest to get along with. They’ve gone through six housekeepers in as many months. When Maggie hires Lily to be their new housekeeper, sparks fly as the brothers and Lily learn that living and loving sometimes comes with no guarantees.

When a madman targets Lily, believing she has the knowledge to make him an immortal, the men have to come together as a family to help save the woman they love. Will they be able to save her and make her theirs, or will she once again be taken away?