Reading List by Events

Here are the list of my books in reading order by sequence:

Dragon Lords of Valdier / Dragonlings of Valdier / Curizan Warriors / Marastin Dow Warriors / Sarafin Warriors

Abducting Abby: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 1
Capturing Cara: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 2
Tracking Trisha: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 3
Ambushing Ariel: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 4
For The Love of Tia: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 4.1
Cornering Carmen: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 5
A Warrior’s Heart: Marastin Dow Warriors Book 1.1
Choosing Riley: Sarafin Warriors Book 1
Paul’s Pursuit: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 6
Ha’ven’s Song: Curizan Warriors Book 1
A Dragonling’s Easter: Dragonlings of Valdier Book 1.1
A Dragonlings’ Haunted Halloween: Dragonlings of Valdier Book 1.2
Twin Dragons: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 7
Viper’s Defiant Mate: Sarafin Warriors Book 2
A Dragonlings’ Magical Christmas: Dragonlings of Valdier Book 1.3
Jaguin’s Love: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 8
The Old Dragon of the Mountain’s Christmas: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 9
The Dragonlings’ Haunted Halloween 2: Night of the Demented Symbiots: Dragonlings of Valdier Book 2
The Dragonlings’ Very Special Valentine: Dragonlings of Valdier Book 4
The Great Easter Bunny Hunt: Dragonlings of Valdier Book 5

Lords of Kassis

River’s Run: Lords of Kassis Book 1
Star’s Storm: Lords of Kassis Book 2
Jo’s Journey: Lords of Kassis Book 3
Rescuing Mattie: Lords of Kassis Book 3.1
Risteard’s Unwilling Empress: Lords of Kassis Book 4

Magic, New Mexico

Touch of Frost: Magic, New Mexico Book 1
Taking on Tory: Magic, New Mexico Book 2
Alexandru’s Kiss: Magic, New Mexico Book 3

The Alliance

Hunter’s Claim: The Alliance Book 1
Razor’s Traitorous Heart: The Alliance Book 2
Dagger’s Hope: The Alliance Book 3
Challenging Saber: The Alliance Book 4
Destin’s Hold: The Alliance Book 5

Zion Warriors

Gracie’s Touch: Zion Warriors Book 1
Krac’s Firebrand: Zion Warriors Book 2

Cosmos’ Gateway

Tink’s Neverland: Cosmos’ Gateway Book 1
Hannah’s Warrior: Cosmos’ Gateway Book 2
Tansy’s Titan: Cosmos’ Gateway Book 3
Cosmos’ Promise: Cosmos’ Gateway Book 4
Merrick’s Maiden: Cosmos’ Gateway Book 5
Tilly Gets Her Man: Cosmos’ Gateway short story (a free story)

Project Gliese 581g

Command Decision: Project Gliese 581g Book 1
First Awakenings: Project Gliese 581g Book 2

Paranormal Romance

More Than Human

Ella and the Beast: More Than Human Book 1

Seven Kingdoms

The Dragon’s Treasure
The Sea King’s Lady
A Witch’s Touch
The Sea Witch’s Redemption
Ruth and the King of the Giants
The Magic Shell 
A Pirate’s Wish  

The Fairy Tale Series

The Beast Prince

Fantasy Romance

Second Chance

Lily’s Cowboys: Second Chance Book 1
Touching Rune: Second Chance Book 2

Western Romance

Spirit Pass

Indiana Wild: Spirit Pass Book 1
Spirit Warrior: Spirit Pass Book 2

Suspense Thriller

Breaking Free Series

Voyage of the Defiance: Breaking Free Series Book 1
Capture of the Defiance: Breaking Free Series Book 2

YA Post Apocalyptic Fantasy


Dust: Dust Book 1




  • In the Lord of Valdier series you talk about a woman left on an astroid by the goddess. Has that book been written?

  • I hope u make more books from lords of glacier, lords of classics,the alliance,Zion warriors,Sarandon warriors,and the dragonflies special events or them grown up. Just really like all of them and wait for the next one to be published.

    • Yes, sort of. LOL. I have two lists that I’m posting to help readers. Here is the link:
      The reason I say sort of is because 1) I try to write so if you do read them out of order it is okay and 2) one of my readers started to do it and it was like a ball of yard. She didn’t go into too much detail, only that she doesn’t know how my mind can do it. The way to read them is pretty much the way I release them which is why I have a list of stories by event. That is the best way to follow it. I hope this helps. If not, I’m blaming it on my cat since I know she’ll get back at me.

  • Just listened to the first three Alliance books and read the fourth – I am hooked! These are great! Also, kudos to your narrator: he is super! Going to start back and read everything else from your list by events. Thanks slept writing these, each gets better and better. XOXO.

  • Hi, I’m a huge audible nut and while looking for something new I found Tinks Neverland and I was hooked! It’s hard to find this genre not YA. I’m listening to the alliance series now. The end of book 1 leads me to think I should get book 3 next, but would that be a mistake? Can’t wait for the rest of the audio books to come out!

    • Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for your lovely post. You should get Razor and Kali’s story as they play a big part in Dagger’s story. You can listen to Dagger’s story without Razor and Kali, but you’ll find that Razor and Kali play a role in what happens in Dagger’s story.

  • I can’t wait for your next installment of any of your series, I’ve read them all and I’m restarting the alliance Series since you released barber’s story. Keep up the great writing 😸

  • Will you be updating the reading order to add the new releases? Specifically for the Lords of Valdier and the spin offs. Thanks for the great stories and hours of fantastic entertainment!! 🙂

  • Will more books be available on Scribd? Could you at least put Hannah’s Warrior and Cornering Carmen there? It is annoying to only get part of the series (esp Hannah’s Warrior because the cover is there but the title is not). Thanks!

    • I’m not sure what is going on there. I’ll have to check. It is should be. Where are you going to order?

    • Hi Deanna. While the Spirit Pass series isn’t my highest performing series, I still love it. Maikoda and Aleaha’s story will be coming up. I’m not exactly sure when, but you and several others have asked, so that means it is worth writing the next book! I should have a better grasp on my schedule in the next several months and will post a more definitely release date as soon as I can. xoxox

  • Hello! I would like to know if you have finished the Heart of the Cat? If so, when can we expect publication? I really love all your books, thank you so much!

    • Hi Vickie! Thank you for your post!
      Heart of the Cat will be out early next year. I have a full line up of stories coming out this year already, but it will be high on my to finish list!

  • Your most devoted readers (myself included, of course) are breathlessly awaiting the promised release of ‘Roarrk’s Revenge’.
    I’m dying to find out how the many threads in the previous two books come together in the end. I see no mention of this book at all on your website. Can you give us any inkling of a release date? Thanks so much!

    • I have two books ahead of it. I’m finishing up one that I think you’ll be excited about. I’ve been working on cleaning up so of the stories I had already begun to clear things up a bit, but it will be this year! 🙂

  • I just finished ‘Ha’ven’s Song’ and you mention a book coming out about Adalard and Samara’s relationship called ‘The Dark Prince’s Prize’. Is that still in the works? If so, when will it be published? Thank you, Susan!

  • I love how your different series wind together. Do you have a reading order list for how Lords of Kassis, The Alliance, and Magic, New Mexico are supposed to be read?

    • The best way is order of events (or release). LOL. I’m glad you posted! My sister just told me I needed a printable checklist for readers as well. I never know how a story will cross until the characters pop their heads up and say guess what! But, if you read the Lords of Kassis in order, then Touch of Frost, then the Alliance, you will be pretty much on track.

  • Was wondering when will the book on the first set of twins will be coming out as I love all your books Twin Dragons’ Destiny

    • Hi Beverly. Twin Dragon’s Destiny will be out next year. I’m working on a series of stories at the moment that I’ve promised to finish. I swear the days speed up to just see if they can trick me.

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    Love your books. When is the book: “jarmens jane doe” going to be published?

    • I’m a little behind because I can’t walk right and don’t bounce worth a dang. Do to being clumsy, I broke one arm and sprained the other. I’m on the mend and back on track. Expect things to run about 2 months behind.

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    where do the free books fit in the series? specifically:
    Dragonlings day at the beach
    the breakfast run
    tilly gets her man

    • The Dragonlings stories are short ones – basically a glimpse of a day in their life. You can read them at any time once you’ve read the Dragon Lords or as a stand alone without reading the series. Tilly Gets Her Man is the story of how Tilly and Angus Bell (Tink, Hannah, and Tansy’s parents) met. You can read it at anytime as well.

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