Torkel’s Chosen by Michelle Howard only 99c

Torkels Chosen

If you are wanting more science fiction stories after reading Viper’s Defiant Mate, have a look at Torkel’s Chosen by Michelle Howard. It is on sale for .99cents till 5/30.

What would you do if Earth didn’t have enough men? 

Would you take a chance and leave the only world you knew behind? 

This is the decision Faith Reid faces. Placing all her hope in a new government program, she seizes the opportunity that offers a chance for the women of Earth to find love among the stars, on a world beyond the one they know. 

How many times can one man risk rejection? 

Would you give up on your dreams? 

Torkel Alonson has had enough of being ignored and looked over by females on his adopted home world of Enotia. His pride has suffered and he must accept the painful truth. Females will never choose a male with his evil lineage despite his honorable service to his government’s military. 

Can two people looking for the same thing find not just what they want but what they need in one another?

A teaser from Torkel’s Chosen:

Now Faye understood the excitement in the line. These men were gorgeous and their dress or lack of was enough to rouse any woman’s blood pressure. Their bodies glistened in the late evening sun and not from heat she realized. Someone had taken the time to oil every inch of their exposed skin.

And there was a lot of exposed skin. Arms, chest and legs shifted when a few of the women touched or stroked body parts. Faye’s eyes bugged as she wondered if she’d died and gone to some alternate form of heaven. The men wore ancient versions of a kilt. It was the closest analogy for the short leather skirts around their waist. Colored stones or silver and gold metal embellished the material. Across the hip, down the sides or along the hem. A hem that stopped mid-thigh to flash coiled legs and knotted calves. Faye swallowed to keep her drool in check.

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