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A Tangled Fate

A Tangled Fate by Aidy Award



Save the Geek Girl, Save the Galaxy.

Ash Ayininkalbi has spent her whole life searching for who she is supposed to be. She doesn’t know where she came from, why she can use magic, or why these two mega hot alien bear-shifters have suddenly kidnapped her. But, she does know one thing. Science. Her brains have gotten her out of worse situations than being stuck between two…aliens? bears? supermodels?

Russ and Dunn Barrett need a weapon to defend thousands of innocent lives from the spectral warriors who have been stealing souls throughout the galaxy. They know exactly how to get one.

But, cut off from Star Command, they’ll have to kidnap an Earth scientist and coerce her into making it for them. That task becomes doubly hard when the curvy, lick-worthy scientist turns out to be both a witch with erratic powers and their fated mate. When the spectral scourge attacks, these twin bear-shifter warriors will have to choose, save their soul mate, or save the universe.

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Touch of Darkness

Touch of Darkness by ML Guida


A dragon, a pirate, and a baby….

Theo, the local sheriff of Magic, New Mexico, is devastated when his pregnant wife and her twin sister suddenly vanish. He suspects the stranger who came to town behind the disappearances of the two women. Terrified, he must rely on his skills as a police officer and the fearsome powers of his dragon to save his wife, unborn child, and sister-in-law.

Gwen is a pirate and a terrified mother-to-be. She has no special powers and knows absolutely nothing about how to deal with a dragon pregnancy. Her problems get worse when a demented stranger kidnaps her and her twin sister, claiming he needs the dragon’s blood from her baby to survive. Personally, she doesn’t care what the craze lunatic needs! Her only focus is on protecting her helpless baby and sister.

Can Theo and Gwen save their unborn child from Evil before it is too late, or will the doubts that Evil has been feeding them tear them apart, causing them to lose not only each other – but their baby forever?

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Touch of Danger

Touch of Danger by T.J. Finn


Claire Collin, a powerful witch with telepathic abilities, has a huge problem – actually thousands of them. She can’t block the voices that she hears in her head. Forced to move away from her beloved hometown of Magic, New Mexico to a remote cabin in the Colorado Rockies, she finds a measure of peace in the solitude. That solitude is shattered when she witnesses a super sexy wolf shifter being pursued and almost killed in her backyard.

Finn O’Riley seeks revenge against the men who hunt his endangered pack and kills them for their pelts. On the run after being injured in a hidden trap, his efforts to stay one step ahead ends when the men in pursuit catch up with him in a Colorado mountain meadow. Certain he is about to meet a fate similar to others of his kind, Finn is shocked when he wakes in a remote cabin under the care of a very unusual woman.

Claire soon discovers the threat is not only to Finn’s pack but also to the residents of Magic. Claire and Finn must work together if they are going to protect those they love from the dangers that threaten them. Can they save everyone without losing each other, or will the voices finally drive Claire to insanity?

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A Touch of Myst

A Touch of Myst by Lyz Kelley

Your life or your true mate….

Myka has one goal in life – to return to his battle unit. He’s served his time on the outer rim space station. His focus is clear: retrieve the energy pod and get his reassignment.

Raine, a powerful witch from Magic, New Mexico, is devastated when she learns that her son is dying. Hope comes in the form of the unusual alien who crashes into her cornfield. Whether the alien warrior likes it or not, he is about to have a little help returning to the stars – for a price! Raine will help Myka on the condition; he takes her and her son with him.

One life in exchange for another. But, what if there was a way to save them all?

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Red at Night

Red at Night by Jody Wallace


She rescued him from death, but can he trust her with his life?

Alliah Red has one last duty before she can be truly free of the wizard who enchained her. She must guide the dragons in her master’s stable to the world of Earth. She’s the one who killed him, making them vulnerable to other wizards. Worse wizards. She just didn’t count on Leopold Crystal, the mysterious dragon from the dungeon, tangling her simple mission into a dangerous snarl.

Leo doesn’t trust the proud woman who barges into his cell claiming she killed their master, but he does believe that the pack of greedy wizards on their tails will stop at nothing to possess them. When Alliah leads him through a gateway to another dimension, his entire belief system-about himself, about magic, even about Alliah-threatens to crumble.

Placed in the unexpected position of guiding their companions in a world none of them understand, Alliah and Leo grow close in a way dragons in Tarakona aren’t allowed to be. But the wizards continue to clamor at the gates, endangering the town that is their refuge. Though Leo vowed he would never let his magic be taken by a wizard, can he learn to trust Alliah and her friends in time to protect them from those who would enslave them forever?

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