Hannah’s Warrior: Cosmos’ Gateway Book 2

Hannah’s Warrior

Cosmos’ Gateway, Book 2

Two mates in a fight not only for their lives but for a deeper understanding between two vastly different worlds.

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Hannah Bell, the oldest of the three Bell sisters, spends most of her time in the remotest parts of the world photographing endangered animals. She is also gifted with an extraordinary sixth sense which has saved her life on more than one occasion. When she senses something has happened to her littlest sister, Tink, she will do whatever it takes to protect her. What she doesn’t know is her sister’s best friend Cosmos’ new science experiment has opened a portal to another world. A world she is about to be taken to whether she wants to go or not.

Borj ‘Tag Krell Manok is the calmest of his four brothers, or so he always thought. The second oldest, he has been assigned the task by his father and the council to bring the sister of his brother’s bond mate to their world. Borj knows deep down that Hannah is destined to be his bond mate, something he has hoped for since his first mating rite ceremony. What he doesn’t expect when he meets her is her resistance or her independence.

When she is kidnapped by a rival clan, Borj will do anything to get her back. Hannah and Borj’s escape into the vast forests of Prime draw them together in a fight not only for their lives but for a deeper understanding and trust between two vastly different worlds. Borj discovers Hannah is a fierce and cunning mate while Hannah discovers Borj is the perfect warrior to protect and love her.


Hannah stepped back into a small recess next to the counter and held her breath. The huge figure of the intruder was moving around the open bar heading towards her. Hannah gripped the frying pan tighter and said a prayer of thanks for picking out the black silk robe instead of the hot pink one. As the figure came through the door Hannah swung with all her might bringing the bottom of the frying pan down over the back of the man’s head, watching in relief as he collapsed at her feet.

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Hannah’s Warrior is out now in audiobook
  Hannah's Warrior Hannah's Warrior, Book 2 in Cosmos' Gateway series, is out now in audiobook! Buy here: Audible iTunes[...]

Sexy, addictive, and perfect if you are looking for unique stories filled with hot, alpha dragon-shifting alien men and strong female protagonists that will leave you cheering for more! 

Gracie’s Touch: Zion Warriors Book 1

Gracie's Touch

Gracie’s Touch

Zion Warriors, Book 1

Thrust into the future, can Gracie’s love for an alien warrior survive when an old enemy threatens once more?

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Gracie Jones was little more than a child when the Earth was invaded by an alien species. Escaping into the subway tunnels of New York City, she hid in fear of being captured. Discovered by four men who became her protectors, she fought alongside them and they became known as the Freedom Five. At seventeen, she made a decision that turned the tide on the war between Earth and the Alluthans but in exchange she gave up all that she knew.

Kordon Jefe is a Zion Warrior and commanding officer in charge of the Confederation of Planets military. When an unknown species begins attacking some of their outer settlements, he is assigned to discover who they are and stop them…at any cost.

Gracie unknowingly finds herself stranded millions of light years and hundreds of years in the future in a distance galaxy on an undeveloped moon. When an old enemy threatens once more, she does not hesitant to use her knowledge to try to stop them once again. Only this time, it is not just Earth she will be saving but the Confederation itself.

When their two worlds are thrown together, Kordon is unsure what to do with the strange, delicate creature that fights and behaves unlike anything he has ever encountered before. One thing he does know, he plans to keep her.


“Not in this bloody lifetime,” Gracie growled out in understanding. “I’ve been to the pits of hell and survived. This is going to be a walk in the park compared to some of the places I’ve been,” she said with bravado.

Kordon’s eyes flashed in anger at the memory. “We are prepared. Just follow Mohan if she tells you to. She knows what to do.”

Gracie frowned up at Kordon. “Yeah, that is something else we need to talk about when this show is over with.” Gracie pinched Kordon lightly. “No more withholding information from me. I can’t fight if I don’t know what is going on.”

Kordon turned so quickly he caught Gracie off guard. Grasping her face between his hands, he tilted her head backward, forcing her to look into his deep blue eyes. Kordon didn’t say anything for a moment. Gracie stood still when she realized he was trying to get his emotions under control before he spoke.

Kordon took several deep breaths before he felt able to speak calmly. “I will protect you, Gracie. I do not want you to ever have to fight again. Twice I have almost lost you. Twice I have felt an emotion so devastating, so paralyzing that it nearly brought me to my knees. I have never known fear until I met you. It is not an emotion I like. I will protect you and our child with my life, Gracie Jones-Jefe. I have claimed you as mine, and I always protect what is mine.”

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Sexy, addictive, and perfect if you are looking for unique stories filled with hot, alpha dragon-shifting alien men and strong female protagonists that will leave you cheering for more! 

River’s Run: Lords of Kassis Book 1

River's Run

River’s Run

Lords of Kassis, Book 1

A human woman uses her skills as a circus performer to rescue an alien diplomat, changing not only her life, but that of the alien world she finds herself on.

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River Knight was looking forward to a peaceful vacation in the mountains with her two best friends, Jo and Star, sisters of the heart. When she travels up into the mountains of North Carolina to the cabin Star has rented for them she is shocked when she finds the two sisters being abducted. Following them, she discovers their abductors are anything but human.

Sneaking aboard the shuttle in an attempt to rescue them she finds herself on an unplanned vacation to the stars. In a desperate attempt to save Jo and Star, River makes a deal with a group of other aliens who had also been captured – she’ll release them if they promise to return the three girls to their home.

Torak Ja Kel Coradon, Leader of the House of Kassis and next ruler of the Kassis Galaxy, has other plans when he sees the blue-eyed warrior woman. He plans on claiming her for himself and the only home he has plans on her returning too is his.

The three women are believed to be the Prophesized warriors sent to join forces to bring peace to the House of Kassis. Worlds collide when the male dominated world meets three circus performers who use their talents to fight for those they love.

When an assassin threatens Torak’s life, River has to show him even a circus performer can be a warrior when challenged. The biggest challenge is to Torak’s mind as he discovers women from other galaxies are more than they seem.

Can their love overcome the chasm of a few million light years or will an assassin end it all?


“What is it?” Torak demanded.

“It’s Lady River, my lord. We need your assistance, if you please,” one of the men mumbled.

“Is she hurt?” Torak asked, his heart dropping to his stomach as he brushed past the two men. “Where is she? Your team was supposed to be watching her at all times.”

“She is well, my lord. We were trying to watch her, but she has not been cooperative,” the other man said.

Torak and Manota followed the two security team members out of the North House and toward the East House. Halfway there, the men stopped as they encountered a large number of the elite force standing near one of the garden structures. All the men stood still, looking up at the sky. Frowning, Torak and Manota looked up to see what had the men’s attention. On a thin cable forty feet in the air was the small figure of his mate, just sitting there.

“How in the hell did she get up there?” Torak whispered, turning pale.

“What in the hell is she doing up there?” Manota asked.

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Sexy, addictive, and perfect if you are looking for unique stories filled with hot, alpha dragon-shifting alien men and strong female protagonists that will leave you cheering for more!