Teaser for Razor’s Traitorous Heart


Razor's Traitorous Heart

Fifteen minutes later, he was once again laying Kali on the bed in the make-shift medical set up at the National Guard Armory. He had to press his lips tightly together to prevent the coarse words he wanted to unleash on Patch who was muttering under his breath about what a sorry piece of work Razor was for not taking better care of his Amate. Cutter, who had followed them in, didn’t bother hiding the chuckle that escaped.

“Just heal her!” Razor barked out.

“Why? So you can let her get beaten up again?” Patch retorted angrily as he pulled the medical tray closer. “Maybe if I don’t, she can remain safe here in medical.”

“Darling, that girl is going to find trouble no matter where she is,” Chelsea said as she walked into the room. “She’s got too much fire to be tied down.”

“Well, put the fire out,” Razor growled, glaring at Chelsea as she slipped a blood-pressure cuff around Kali’s arm. “What are you doing?”

Chelsea raised on ebony eyebrow at Razor and pursed her lips together. She didn’t break eye contact until he shifted from one foot to the other in annoyance. Only then did she refocus on the task at hand.

“I’m checking her vitals the old fashion way,” she snorted. “I don’t like those odd things Doc Patch uses.”

“I told you they don’t know when not to fight,” Cutter muttered to Razor under his breath.

Chelsea’s chuckle echoed in the room as she heard Cutter’s remark. She shook her head as she recorded the results. These Trivator warriors were good at fighting but clueless about human women if they thought they would just let them walk all over them.

“Honey, I’ve tangled with kids high on drugs, dealt with bank robbers, raised three kids, all of them girls, and not a one of them ever got the best of me,” Chelsea commented. “You growl and snarl all you want. All it will get you is my foot across your tight-looking ass.”

“Tight-looking ass?” Patch repeated, looking at Chelsea in surprise before looking at Razor who scowled at him in frustration. “Now that is an image that I never thought of before.”

Chelsea’s infectious laughter pulled the tension from the air. She shook her head. This is what she loved about her new career. She met all kinds of people still; but now, they usually weren’t trying to kill her.

“You know what you boys need?” She commented as she took a warm, damp cloth and began cleaning the blood off of Kali’s face.

“No, but I suspect you will inform us,” Patch replied dryly as he ripped open Kali’s shirt that covered the area around her wounded shoulder so he could apply the cleanser to the cut.

“You’re right, I’m going to tell you,” Chelsea said, looking specifically at Razor with a knowing eye. “You need to go have a talk with my Thomas about women. Bless his soul, after being in a house for over thirty years with us, he knows a thing or two that might help save you a lot of headaches, not to mention heartache.”

“I think that is a wonderful idea,” Cutter announced thinking of one female he was still looking for. “Does he know everything about them?”

Chelsea just shook her head again and muttered ‘stupid men’ under her breath. “He can tell you all you need to know,” she promised.

Razor’s Traitorous Heart out June 12th 2014


RomCon Reader is out

handdrawn-coffee_1b-021114-ykwv2RomCon have launched a new emagazine, RomCon Reader, and it looks fantastic. It is one of those richly visual mags that are best read online. It gives the illusion of turning the pages of physical magazine without the hassle of what to do with the mag when you are done reading. Who wants more work, right?! There’s reading to be done! LOL

You’ll find great articles by romance authors of all genres – Michele Callahan, Cynthia Woolf, Jennifer Zane, Sharon Cramer, Shannon K. Butcher, K.L. Docter, Eliza Gayle, Elizabeth Essex, Angela Payne and Victoria Blue.

And you will also find me on pages 12 – 15 where I talk about how I got my start writing sci fi romance.

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and take a few moments to yourself and enjoy this great magazine: http://www.romcon.com/romcon-reader


Science Fiction Romance is unpopular?!

sci fi romance genre rejected by publishersIn a recent chat with another author,  I was somewhat startled to discover the misconception by publishers who believe readers don’t like Science Fiction Romance.

You would be shocked that traditional publishing houses don’t think of Science Fiction Romance as being a popular genre. I guess they don’t know what they are missing!

I am obviously a fan of sci-fi romance given I write about it and read the genre. What I love about science fiction romance is the possibilities! The chance to see worlds in a whole new way. The chance to discover what could be out there.

In some ways I see my writing a lot like Star Trek with each story being an episode. And each episode contributing to building my worlds. I write sci-fi romance with a combination of Sci-fi, fantasy, shape-shifter, action, adventure, romance, humor, etc. all in one story.  And perhaps this is the problem publishers have with me at least! They have a problem trying to ‘fit’ me into one of their boxes!

To read my full vent, check out my new post over at Starbound Lovers blog.  Maybe someone needs to talk to the publishing houses!

Here’s the link: http://starboundlovers.blogspot.com/