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A Touch of Myst

A Touch of Myst by Lyz Kelley

Your life or your true mate….

Myka has one goal in life – to return to his battle unit. He’s served his time on the outer rim space station. His focus is clear: retrieve the energy pod and get his reassignment.

Raine, a powerful witch from Magic, New Mexico, is devastated when she learns that her son is dying. Hope comes in the form of the unusual alien who crashes into her cornfield. Whether the alien warrior likes it or not, he is about to have a little help returning to the stars – for a price! Raine will help Myka on the condition; he takes her and her son with him.

One life in exchange for another. But, what if there was a way to save them all?

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Red at Night

Red at Night by Jody Wallace


She rescued him from death, but can he trust her with his life?

Alliah Red has one last duty before she can be truly free of the wizard who enchained her. She must guide the dragons in her master’s stable to the world of Earth. She’s the one who killed him, making them vulnerable to other wizards. Worse wizards. She just didn’t count on Leopold Crystal, the mysterious dragon from the dungeon, tangling her simple mission into a dangerous snarl.

Leo doesn’t trust the proud woman who barges into his cell claiming she killed their master, but he does believe that the pack of greedy wizards on their tails will stop at nothing to possess them. When Alliah leads him through a gateway to another dimension, his entire belief system-about himself, about magic, even about Alliah-threatens to crumble.

Placed in the unexpected position of guiding their companions in a world none of them understand, Alliah and Leo grow close in a way dragons in Tarakona aren’t allowed to be. But the wizards continue to clamor at the gates, endangering the town that is their refuge. Though Leo vowed he would never let his magic be taken by a wizard, can he learn to trust Alliah and her friends in time to protect them from those who would enslave them forever?

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Red in the Morning

Red in the Morning by DB Sieders

He’s never met a dragon he couldn’t master – until her.

Katia’s been lost since her liberation. Her wicked former master held her under his cursed thrall, forcing her to do his bidding, but freedom is its own prison. Red Dragons of Tarakona are warriors and defenders. But she has nothing left to defend, only a portal to guard, the portal that leads to a place called Earth and the enchanted realm of Magic, New Mexico. A distress call from the other side of the portal provides her the perfect opportunity to be the hero she was born to be.

Too bad a beastly, bossy, sexy earthborn dragon keeps getting in her way.

Dragon Master Ju-long Shi has seen it all. The anthropomorphic dragon shifter line from which he’s descended has tamed every species from tiny fairy dragons to great serpents and everything in between. But the enigmatic-not to mention annoying-new dragon in town intrigues and infuriates him with her infernal antics, as if she has something to prove. He meets his match in the red dragon who will not surrender to his will or his charms.

When a pack of three-headed giants shows up in town looking for trouble, the dragons of Magic find themselves outnumbered and outmatched. Katia is their only hope, if Ju-long can persuade the alluring fireball to follow him into battle. Will the epic battle of wills end in a passionate alliance or a fiery disaster?

Note: No dragons were harmed in the making of this novella. The three-headed giants were, but they had it coming.

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Grandma Pearl and Her Mob of Emus

It is funny how some things just come to you. I knew it was time to write Grandma Pearl’s story and I needed a pet that could capture the heart of a dragonling yet fight beside a warrior. I found that in my mob of emus.

They often say write about something you know. Well, I’m no expert on emus, but it helps that we pass by a friend’s house that raises them. The stories Tom has told us about his attempts to raise emus for meat which quickly turned to them all having names and being pets has amused me for years. When I wrote The Dragonlings’ Very Special Valentine and The Great Easter Bunny Hunt, I knew I not only had to write Pearl’s story, I also needed to include the very unusual eggs that were brought back to Valdier from Earth.

Pearl’s Dragon brings all the characteristics I love about science fiction romance into a wonderful story of love, hope, action, adventure and more than a few laughs as she and Asim learn that life when you are older can be very, very fun!

In Pearl’s Dragon, we get to meet the unlikely heroes who are as protective of their dragon friends as the dragons are of them. A clutch of eggs from Earth, a misunderstanding, love between an old dragon and his true mate, a couple of mischievous younglings, poachers, and a lesson in how to be the perfect mate come together in Pearl’s Dragon: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 10.

Excerpt from Pearl’s Dragon:
“Three and a half months old and they are already a pain in my backside,” Asim growled.
“You know you love them,” Pearl teased, rubbing the head of one of the emus.
“They love you. They follow you around like that damn chicken of Tina’s follows her. I swear there is something wrong with the creatures on your world,” Asim grumbled.
“Well, I’m not the only one they bonded with,” Pearl chuckled, watching another emu tilt its head to look up at Asim.

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Asim Kemark has lived a long, lonely life. It is only his pledge to his former king and to Mandra Reykill that keeps him, his dragon, and his symbiot from going crazy. He has given up on ever finding his true mate and devotes himself to caring for the wide assortment of creatures on Mandra and Ariel’s mountain retreat. The last thing he expects when he visits the palace is to lose control of his dragon and his symbiot when they sense their true mate. Before he knows it, he has kidnapped her!

Pearl St. Claire is enjoying a new adventure – learning to live on an alien planet. As a mature woman in her sixties, she thought she had experienced just about everything life could throw at her – only to discover she really hasn’t experienced anything yet! She is both amused and exasperated when one of the dragon-shifting aliens kidnaps her, believing she is his true mate.

Life is no longer boring or lonely as Asim courts the spirited human woman who has enchanted him, but he isn’t the only one who has noticed Pearl or the unusual animals under his care. When poachers attack, determined to steal the exotic creatures under his protection – including Pearl and a new clutch of alien eggs from Earth – he will do everything he can to protect them. Can one dragon keep the most precious creatures under his care safe, or will he lose the biggest battle of his life?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A special bonus story! First time available in stores!

The Great Easter Bunny Hunt: A Dragonlings of Valdier short story!
Alien eggs can only mean one thing – an adventure!
A pile of unusual eggs leads to an exciting Easter egg hunt for the kids and the adults alike in this delightful holiday tale. The children must work together to recover Jabir’s coveted eggs after the Great Easter Bunny is caught taking them away. Can the Dragonlings and their besties save the day?


The Sea King’s Lady in Audiobook

The Sea King’s Lady:
A Seven Kingdoms Tale 2


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Downpour (Coming Soon)
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“I captured her, so that makes her ours….”

Jenny Ackerly is devastated when her best friend disappears without a trace. She vows to continue looking for Carly until she can bring her friend home once and for all. During her latest search, her determination turns to horror when she finds a young boy alone on the beach. When the boy enters the water, Jenny’s protective instincts ignite and she rushes to save the child from certain death. Caught in a powerful undertow, Jenny resurfaces in a magical, underwater world.

Orion is the powerful ruler of the Isle of the Sea Serpent and protector of the ocean, but time is running out for him. The Eyes of the Sea Serpent that give him power over the oceans has been stolen. If the loss of the magical stones was not enough of a burden, his oldest son’s bargain with the Sea Witch threatens to seal the devastating fate of the Merpeople – and possibly that of the Seven Kingdoms. He has all but given up hope until a fiery female from another world appears.

Can an unlikely alliance between Jenny and Orion save not only the life of a young boy but an entire Kingdom as well? It will take their combined wits and strengths to survive the evil lurking in the depths of the ocean.

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