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Dalla’s Royal Guards

Dalla's Royal Guards

Second Chance Series, Book 3

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Sexy, addictive, and perfect if you are looking for unique stories filled with hot, alpha dragon-shifting alien men and strong female protagonists that will leave you cheering for more! 

Edge of Insanity

Edge of Insanity

The Alliance, Book 6

A Trivator warrior must fight for not only his sanity, but the human woman he loves.

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Sometimes the only way to survive is to let insanity take over…

Edge remembers little of his capture but all of what has happened since.Sold to the Waxians, he resists their efforts to gain information on the Trivator military and weapons systems. He can feel his mind splinter from their repeated tortures, but a soft voice in the darkness urges him to resist—and fight back.

Lina Daniels is used to fighting fire with fire. She isn’t afraid of death, but she is terrified of being captured. As a resistance fighter on Earth, she knew the dangers. Those threats seem minuscule compared to those on the alien world she was taken to.

Determined to return home, her plan is simple—free the Trivator warrior she discovered and force him to take her and the other women that are with her back to Earth. That plan turns out just as hazardous as being a fugitive on an alien world! The last thing Lina expects is for the Trivator to have an intense protectiveness of her or his stubborn determination in believing she is his Amate!

The soft sound of Lina’s voice is the only thing that prevents Edge’s mind from completely shattering. With the Waxian and Drethulan forces on their tail, it will take more than a few daring moves to escape to freedom. Can a tortured warrior and his rebellious rescuer escape the forces chasing them or will the threat of losing the last thing holding him together hurl Edge over the precipice and into insanity.


“Lock and load, ladies. It is time to kick some ass!”

As far as she was concerned, the Trivators and the Alliance had invaded Earth.
The resulting fallout had been devastating for humans. Her life and that of millions of others had gone to hell in a matter of hours. She’d spent the last decade since that unforgettable day fighting to free her fellow humans from the aliens and as well as from other humans.
It didn’t help when memories of being sold by one of her own species filled her mouth with a bitter taste. She wanted to return to Earth so she could kill Colbert Allen. Who the hell cared that revenge was a bad idea? She’d had a lot of bad ideas in her lifetime and would deal with the consequences just as she always had—with a fight.

She hadn’t planned to kiss him. She wanted to make the excuse that she had done it as a reaction to adrenaline, or because she felt sorry for hurting him when she knew he wasn’t at his best, or a hundred other excuses. Anything except the truth. She wanted him. There was something about him that made her physically attracted to him. Emotionally, well, emotionally she wasn’t ready to admit that there was something about him that made her feel a response she hadn’t felt for anyone else in a long, long time. It was those feelings that were the most difficult to deal with. How could she want someone that she should hate? The problem was caring for him all these weeks had shown her a different side to him that she never expected. She was finding it harder and harder to only see him as an alien, and not as a caring, compassionate man.

He is the kind of guy that a girl could fall for if she wasn’t careful, she thought. Protect your heart, Lina. You know what happens when you fall in love. It doesn’t end well. I can’t fall in love with him anyway. Remember, he’s the alien who broke my heart once already. Don’t give him the chance to do it again.

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Sexy, addictive, and perfect if you are looking for unique stories filled with hot, alpha dragon-shifting alien men and strong female protagonists that will leave you cheering for more! 

A Witch’s Touch in Audiobook

A Witch’s Touch, A Seven Kingdoms Tale 3


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Downpour (Coming Soon)
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As the darkness spreads, help comes when she needs it the most…

Marina Fae never considered herself a powerful witch or dreamed that she would one day be a warrior fighting to save her people. Her life changes when the Sea Witch’s dark magic sweeps across the Isle of Magic, turning those who resist or cannot escape to stone. Finding refuge in the dense mountain forest, Marina fights to protect the children left behind by Magna’s wave of destruction.

Detective Mike Hallbrook’s search for two women who disappeared in Yachats State Park takes an unexpected turn. He soon finds himself on an unfamiliar beach after rescuing a woman being attacked by a creature straight out of a horror movie. Stunned by the wild tale she tells him and the evidence surrounding them, he soon learns that everything she says is true—magic does exist—and that he is no longer on Earth. Marina’s pleas for help are impossible for Mike to ignore, and he knows he will do whatever he can to help save her people.

Marina and Mike must work together to save the Isle of Magic. As the Sea Witch’s evil spreads, they know they cannot stop her alone. With the help of the Dragon King and the King of the Sea People, they will confront the Sea Witch once and for all. But, what happens when they discover a darker entity hidden beneath—an entity that can only be stopped by the person they are trying to kill?

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The Dragonlings and The Magic Four-leaf Clover

The Dragonlings and the Magic Four-Leaf Clover

Dragonlings of Valdier Series

An overnight camp out leads to another entertaining misadventure for the Dragonlings and their Besties as they search for a tiny, magical city filled with Leprechauns.

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A little magic can go a long way....

A campfire tale while on a camp-out with their dads has the dragonlings and their besties enchanted with a mythical kingdom called Glitter, home of the magical and mischievous Great King Leprechaun and the Little People. When the younglings discover their dads have disappeared, they are certain King Leprechaun is responsible. Armed with a magic four-leaf clover, the dragonlings and their besties will do anything to save their fathers, including tricking the King by using their golden symbiots—because everyone knows a Leprechaun can’t resist gold!


“Paul, are you sure about this?” Morian asked in a voice filled with doubt.
Paul looked at her with a startled expression from where he was packing the items he would need for his and Morah’s camping trip. Laying the rope down on the table, he straightened, held his arms open, and gave her that self-assured smile that always melted her heart. Walking toward him, she slipped her arms around his waist and pressed a kiss to his lips.
He looked down at her. “You know that I’ll take good care of Morah. I won’t let anything happen to her,” he promised.
Morian raised a delicate eyebrow. “What makes you think I’m talking about her? I’m not in the least bit worried about you, Morah, and the other children. I know you’ll be fine,” she replied with a soft chuckle.
Paul frowned. “Then what are you worried about?” he asked, puzzled.
“The guys! Morah, the other younglings, and you will be out in the woods with all of my sons, Vox, and Ha’ven. That is what I am worried about,” she exclaimed, pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose.

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Sexy, addictive, and perfect if you are looking for unique stories filled with hot, alpha dragon-shifting alien men and strong female protagonists that will leave you cheering for more!