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Magic New Mexico Boxset 1-3

Magic, New Mexico Boxset 1-3

Magic, New Mexico Series

Books 1-3 of my Magic, New Mexico series.

In Magic, being abnormal is the norm.

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Within New Mexico is a small town named Magic, an… unusual town, to say the least!Touch of Frost: Sci-fi and Paranormal Fantasy collide! Frost is a Star Ranger. He travels the star systems, bringing intergalactic fugitives to justice. When a maximum-security fugitive escapes from the mining prison to a distant, forbidden planet inhabited by a race that has not mastered space travel yet, Frost is sent after him.Lacey Adams is a widow who owns an animal shelter in Magic, New Mexico. When she is taken hostage by the fugitive, things become complicated as Frost discovers his heart is not as frozen as he thought, and Lacey proves to be a more formidable opponent than either the fugitive or Frost could have imagined…Taking On Tory:You can live forever, and still find mysteries whose answers will unravel your world…Twenty-four-year-old Tory Carson is dying to get out of Magic, New Mexico and explore the world. She has spent her whole life cocooned in the protection of the close-knit community. When she finally gets a chance to go somewhere for three weeks, she would be crazy to say no.Simon Drayton is a reclusive billionaire who has reinvented himself over and over again throughout the centuries. He is used to getting what he wants, and he wants the beautiful young woman who captured his imagination at first sight. He is shocked and just a little bit fascinated when she’s unaffected by his charms. She isn’t impressed by his wealth. She isn’t impressed with his looks. She doesn’t even bat an eye when he flashes his teeth!Find out what happens when a centuries-old werewolf discovers he isn’t the only creature who loves to bite.Alexandru’s Kiss:Tory has no idea where she sent Alexandru, but he’ll be fine! Really…Far from home…Alexandru Carson has a major problem and it isn’t with the woman who captured him – it is the fact that he can’t remember anything but his name. He doesn’t know where he is or how he ended up in the middle of a forest that feels completely alien, and he definitely doesn’t know why it is so hard to keep his hands off the woman who claimed him as her prisoner…


His throat worked up and down as the female turned her heated gaze on him. He started to stumble backwards when she took a step toward him, her eyes glittering in determination. His vision blurred as she waved her hand at him. Panic gripped him as the world began to grow around him. He tried to turn on his heel, but found he was unable to move as trillions of sparkling lights danced around him for several long, eternal seconds. His eyes closed as he fought with his frozen muscles, trying to get them to obey him. When he opened his eyes, the golden mammal was looking at him, nose to nose. He grimaced when a pink tongue swept out to lick the fur covering his face. Fur! I don’t have… Frost thought for a brief moment before his eyes lit on the reflection in the smoky glass of what looked like a cooking device. With a tentative hop forward, he gazed at his reflection. I… I… His brain rebelled at the same time as he felt a firm, but gentle hand, grab him by the back of his neck and lift him. I have long ears! He thought before his mind shut down and he slipped into an exhausted slumber as soothing words washed over him.*.*.*“Lacey, what the hell do you want me to do with a rabbit?” Theo asked in exasperation as he studied the slumbering bunny. “Make a stew out of it?”Lacey sighed. She didn’t know what to do. Technically, the rabbit, aka male intruder, hadn’t been the one to threaten her. In fact, it was as if he was trying to protect her, which was totally ridiculous as she could protect herself from most things not that the man would have known that.

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Alexandru’s Kiss

Alexandru’s Kiss

Magic, New Mexico, Book 3

Lost in a world with no memory, a man must discover who he is if he hopes to save the woman he loves.

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Far from home…

Alexandru Carson has a major problem and it isn’t with the woman who captured him – it is the fact that he can’t remember anything but his name. Confused by his inability to remember, he doesn’t know where he is or how he ended up in the middle of a forest that feels bizarrely alien to him. If being lost wasn’t bad enough, his fascination with and attraction to his captor is making the situation even more frustrating as he tries to unravel the mystery of what happened.

Ka’ya Stargazer is an outcast among her tribe. Born with the mark of the Huntress, she is feared for her ability as a warrior even while she is a prisoner to the tribe who shuns her. When she discovers an injured man on a scouting trip, she is forced to make a decision that will change her life forever.

Alexandru’s kiss leaves Ka’ya craving for more than her life as a warrior. Yet, even as they grow closer, there are powerful forces threatening to rip them apart. Will Alexandru accept Ka’ya’s claim on him, or will she lose him forever when he regains his memory and discovers he does not belong in her world?


Alexandru Carson watched from the shadows of aJuniper tree as two men approached his parent’s house. He had been waiting for one of the men – the tall man with the blonde hair and aristocratic air that clung to him. An aura of power and danger clung toSimon Drayton and spoke of someone who had lived for a very long time. If Alexandru had his way, that life was about to come to a very painful end.

A sardonic smile curved Alexandru’s lips. Simon was so focused on his destination that he made them is take of not making sure he wasn’t walking into a trap. His gaze moved over the dark haired man walking beside Simon. Alexandru had spoken with the quiet, dark-skinned personal bodyguard of Simon on many different occasions. He liked and respected the man’s attention to detail. It was obvious that Youssef was aware of what Simon was, yet he remained loyal to the man. Alexandru hoped it would not be a loyalty that cost the younger man his life.Youssef Sharif was human and of little threat to an immortal like Simon and him.

Alexandru’s eyes narrowed when Simon stepped onto the path first. On silent feet, Alexandru surged forward. He struck Simon hard in the side, lifting him up into the air, before tossing him away from the front steps. If Simon had been human, the blow to his side would have broken several ribs – but, Simon wasn’t human. Even as he twisted in the air Simon ~ 8 ~ S.E. Smith shifted, the beast inside him recognizing he was in danger.

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Touching Rune is out now in audiobook

Touching Rune The Second Chance Series, Book 2



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Rune August embraces her life in New York City in 1894. She has lived again and again through many different time periods, but has never found tranquility until she walked into St. Agnes Home for Orphans. In her heart, she believes she has found a place she can call home. She will do everything she can to give the children in the orphanage a better life.

When a developer sets his sights on the property she and the children call home, she doesn’t hesitate to fight back – and win. But that win comes at a terrible price… her life… casting her once again into the shadows.

Refusing to leave the children unprotected, she watches over and protects them in a different form… as the beloved statue in their center garden. But her time as the children’s guardian angel draws to a close when the orphanage is renovated. Rune finds herself packed away and sold. Her new home is now far away from the familiar streets of New York and the children she loves.

Sergei Vasiliev and his best friend and bodyguard, Dimitri Mihailov, run one of the most powerful computer software development companies in the world. Both men carry deep scars from their life on the streets and from living in the world of the ultra-rich. Sergei knows men want him for his power and women want him for his money. Dimitri knows that some men and women would do anything to gain the secrets their company is developing.

Their lives change when Sergei purchases a statue for their home outside of Moscow. There is something about the statue of the young woman that touches an unexpected need deep inside both of them.

An impulsive purchase and a simple wish will change their lives forever. For anyone who touches Rune learns that love and hope are what makes the world a better place. Can she warm the hearts of two bitter, scarred men before the last petal falls from the Christmas rose that grows in the garden that has become her new home or will she be forever frozen, destined to only love them from afar?

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A Warrior’s Heart: Marastin Dow Warriors Book 1.1

A Warrior’s Heart

Marastin Dow Warriors, Book 1.1

Ben and Aaron Cooper’s have spent years trying to survive among an alien world kidnapped from Earth as children. Evetta and Hanine Marquette are Marastin Dow; a species where only the strongest, most ruthless live. Can they all survive long enough to discover what it means to be loved?

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Ben and Aaron Cooper’s life had never been one of ease. Deserted by their mother and raised by a drunken father, they fought to survive on the Kansas farm where their father worked. Life deals them a horrendous twist when they are kidnapped by an alien trader and sold. Ben, the oldest by sixteen months, convinces the aliens who enslave them that he and Aaron will die if they are separated. It is the only way he can think of to keep them together and protect his younger brother.

The next fifteen years prove to be the most challenging of their lives. They do what they have to in order to survive. They are convinced their time has come to an end when the freighter they are on is attacked by a species known for their lust for blood and killing. 

Evetta and Hanine Marquette are Marastin Dow; a species whose leaders thrive on living in the old ways where only the strongest, most ruthless are allowed to live. The life expectancy for most Marastin Dow is short, especially on one of the warships that all Marastin Dow, male or female, are expected to serve a mandatory service. Advancement usually comes by murder. 

Evetta and Hanine want a different life and work together to stay alive in the hopes of finding a life away from the constant threat of death. Life changes for them when they encounter two strange and unusual alien males. 

When the males’ lives are endangered, there is only one thing these warrior women can do to save them… run!


“Where are these coming from?” she murmured under her breath.

Hanine carefully turned the delicate shape in her hand. This one was in the shape of a soft pink flying creature. The intricately folded creature was made of the same material as the rest of them. It was made of cloth fibers that were mixed, rolled flat and then dried. She did an analysis of one when they first started appearing several months before.

She carefully unfolded the creature. She hated destroying it, but she was curious when she saw the hint of a printed letter on the tip of one wing. Making sure she didn’t tear the material, she sank down into her chair and worked at unraveling the form. Soon she was able to read the message written on the creased square.

Can I keep you? Forever?

Hanine’s breath caught at the simple words. Her fingers trembled as she carefully traced them. She bit her lip to keep the smile from showing. Whoever was doing this was driving her crazy with curiosity.

“Who are you?” she whispered with a shake of her head. “How are you able to sneak past my sensors?”

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