Spirit Pass

Indiana Wild

Indiana Wild: Spirit Pass Book 1

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Indiana Wild excerpt

Indiana Wild is as wild as the Montana ranch she was raised on. The youngest of four children, she was a delightful surprise for her older parents. She spends her time training horses and cow dogs and loving the freedom of the wide open spaces. When her grandfather dies, she finds her much older brothers have different plans for the ranch she calls home and for Indiana.

Indiana’s oldest brother is determined to tame Indiana and bring her to live with him in Los Angeles where he can keep an eye on her and the money she is inheriting. He believes with a little taming, he can control the wild spirit of his little sister and find her a good husband who can manage her.

Furious with the court order giving her older brother guardianship over her, Indiana turns to the only place she feels at home… the wide-open spaces of Montana. She is determined to avoid her controlling brothers and their greed, even if it means hiding from them until they give up. An unexpected trip through Spirit Pass takes Indiana further than she ever expected… by almost a hundred and fifty years.

Jonathan Tucker is as tough as they come. He and his twin brother have cut a successful horse and cattle ranch in the harsh Montana territory. When cattle rustlers try to steal his cattle and shoot one of his men, he is grateful to the young boy named Indy who comes to the rescue, even if the boy does have an attitude. The last thing he expects is to find the ‘boy’ is in fact an independent, free-thinking, stubborn female who is not afraid to voice her opinions. She is as wild as the untamed land around them and he is determined she is the wife for him.

When Indiana is taken from him, Jonathan finds he will do whatever it takes to bring his Indiana Wild home for good, even if it means following her to the future.

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Spirit Warrior

Spirit Warrior: Spirit Pass Book 2

November 11, 2014

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Excerpt Spirit Warrior

Allie Whitewater was used to living between two worlds. She embraced both the Native American heritage of her father and the white heritage of her mother. She was happy with both and didn’t have the identity crisis many of her friends had growing up. Growing up on on a large working ranch in Montana, she loved every aspect of the life that her twin had left behind. She had no desire to live town, or worse, a large city. She plans on spending the rest of her life on the ranch her father started, running it and making it even better than ever. All of that changes when she decides to take a little vacation to help out her best friend and sister of the heart, Indiana, return to her new home.

Jacob Tucker enjoys building up the ranch he and his twin brother, Jonathan, had settled. Sure, there were dangers – rustlers, the harsh environment, Indians – but he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. He is happy with life in the Montana territory. He never thinks there could be something or someone out there that could make him change his mind. At least, not until he travels with his brother to rescue his brother’s new bride, Indiana, when she is kidnapped. His idea of life and the world changes when he leaves his ranch in 1867 to travel to 2013. The world has changed a lot and so have the women – namely one called Allie Whitewater. She has the mouth of a cowpuncher, the body of an angel, and the temper of the Devil himself. Now all he has to do is get her back to his time and hold her so tight she won’t miss her fancy metal wagons and flying birds.

Jacob thinks his plan is fool-proof. He just needs to kidnap Allie long enough to make her never want to leave him to return to her world. But things change as tension between the red-skins and the white settlers and the army escalate. History won’t stand still for two souls separated by time. How can he hope to keep Allie safe when the whites see her as a red-skin savage and the Indians don’t know what to think of her?

When the two cultures clash, it is up to Allie to show she is capable of walking in both worlds. She will prove to the whites that she is a force to be reckoned with and she will prove to her ancestors that she is a Spirit Warrior who will fight to the death to protect her hasáŋni, her mate.

Can the past handle a modern woman’s view that the two cultures are really not that different when it comes to love and family or will it destroy the very thing that makes her the perfect partner for a man of the past – her warrior spirit?

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  • David says:

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    I love Spirit Pass and Indy and Allie’s stories, and wish they were all available from start to end in one work. As an older person I find I find my distance vision blurs after I finish reading books. Therefore I’m great-full to authors like you who have audio versions of their books available, as its not likely I’d of read the printed version and missed out on a great story experience!

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi David. My dad lost his ability to read due to MS and loved listening to audiobooks. He was an avid reader. This is one reason by I am grateful I can provide them to listeners/readers.

  • Melinda Allen says:

    I was wondering if you are planning on writing another Spirit Pass book.

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Melinda. Yes, I have plans for Maikoda and Aleaha’s story. I’m trying to catch up on my writing. Life has been flying by this year!

  • Donald D Davis says:

    I have read all your books on Kindle and on audible my mother was asking me what I was laughing at on day and I showed her your book’s she has now read them all and has my aunts reading them just got book 8 of the valdier wish it were in audio my favorite so far is indiana wild I can picture the ranch Forman racing back to the main house to tell them a neckedgirl was fixing indies roof loved that part just keep up the good work and I will probably die laughing at all the antics your caricturs get into thank you for all the fun and laughs

    • S.E. Smith says:

      LOL. Thank you so much! There are more books and audiobooks to come. It warms my heart to know you are enjoying them so much! Thank you again for sharing this! Tell your mom and aunts I said hello!

  • Milagros Sanchez says:

    I think I read all your books . I love all but my favorites are Cosmos Gate way series, there were the first and I’m hook .
    Curizan Warrior what a beautiful story, Dragon Lords of Valdier, Lords of Kassis. So many wonderful stories that take me away I even read it again wen I need to “escape”.
    Tank you.

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Milagros. Thank you so much for your wonderful post! Core’s Attack will be out later this year. I have so many stories that I want to write, including more for Cosmos’ Gateway. Thank you again for letting me know!

  • Mel Tiamat says:

    Please put this series in audio format! I love these books, and would be great to have them on my iPod:)

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Mel. I’m currently working on getting all of my books into audiobook form. This series will be done as well! Thank you for letting me know how much you are enjoying them. 🙂

  • Patricia Taylor says:

    When is spirit pass 3 due to come out

  • TERRY Moynihan says:

    When will the 3rd book be out

  • Jess says:

    I just had to tell you how much I love your books! Just finished Allie’s story and loved it! I only have HEAVEN SENT and ZION’S left and am in love with every one! Can’t wait for the next book. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hi Jess. Thank you so much! It means a lot when a reader reaches out and lets me know they are enjoying the story. I have to say, it was a wonderful way to wake up reading your comment this morning!

  • sarah says:

    Ok thank you. I will keep a eye out for it. I love the 2 I have read. I read allies in a day I couldn’t put it down. : )

  • sarah says:

    When is the 3rd book coming out. I love this series. And kinda disappointed I can’t find the 3rd book.

    • S.E. Smith says:

      I don’t have a release date for Aleaha’s story yet, unfortunately. I’ll have a better idea later this year! BTW, thank you so much for letting me know! I love Spirit Pass and Indy and Allie’s stories. Thank you for sharing your enjoyment as well!!

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