The Fairy Tale Series

The Beast Prince

The Beast Prince: The Fairy Tale Series

Lisa discovers more than she expects when she steps through an enchanted doorway during a game of Manhunt with her cousins. On the other side is a Prince that has been cursed.

Sharden is running out of time. Cursed before he was even born, he waits by the doorway for the one the witch said could break the spell. What he gets is a curvy human woman who doesn’t have a clue that his world even existed, much less how to break a curse.

Join Lisa and Sharden as they discovered that it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside; it is who you are on the inside that counts in this delightful fairy tale.

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For those interested in importing it into your Audible App, here is one solution I found online. Thank goodness for Google!

From Goodreads:  What I do (although there may be an easier way), is to create a iTunes playlist called iPhone Audiobooks. Then, under my iPhone sync settings (under Book: Audiobooks), I tell iTunes to sync books from that selected playlist. When I sync my phone, the audiobooks transfer and an iTunes tab automatically pops up in my Audible app.

When you are done with your book, you may need to delete it from your Music app instead of the Audible app. You may also want to delete it from your iTunes playlist.

This may be harder than it needs to be for one audiobook, but if you are going to listen to more this way, it makes the whole process pretty painless!

  • Cindy says:

    When will the next alliance book be out. At the end of the last book it said you have one with Jag in it. I binge listened to a book a day! Love all your books. So happy they are on audiobooks!

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