Zion Warriors

Set in over 850 years in the future this series will follow the adventures of Gracie Jones and those she  meets. There will be a number of different species/characters in this series. I will post a tree later about who the characters are and their relation to the Confederation of Planets.

Gracie's Touch

Gracie’s Touch: Zion Warriors Book 1

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Excerpt from Gracie’s Touch

Gracie Jones was little more than a child when the Earth was invaded by an alien species. Escaping into the subway tunnels of New York City, she hid in fear of being captured. Discovered by four men who became her protectors, she fought alongside them and they became known as the Freedom Five. At seventeen, she made a decision that turned the tide on the war between Earth and the Alluthans but in exchange she gave up all that she knew.

Kordon Jefe is a Zion Warrior and commanding officer in charge of the Confederation of Planets military. When an unknown species begins attacking some of their outer settlements, he is assigned to discover who they are and stop them…at any cost.

Gracie unknowingly finds herself stranded millions of light years and hundreds of years in the future in a distance galaxy on an undeveloped moon. When an old enemy threatens once more, she does not hesitant to use her knowledge to try to stop them once again. Only this time, it is not just Earth she will be saving but the Confederation itself.

When their two worlds are thrown together, Kordon is unsure what to do with the strange, delicate creature that fights and behaves unlike anything he has ever encountered before. One thing he does know, he plans to keep her.

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Krac’s Firebrand: Zion Warriors Book 2

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Krac’s Firebrand excerpt

Section K Replication Alluthan Clone or Krac as he was now called had one focus in his life; protecting the descendants of the Freedom Five who ruled Earth’s council. Rescued by members of the family from a secret facility, he pledged to do what he could to always keep them safe. Things become personal when insurgents target a special member of the Freedom Five, Gracie Jones-Jefe and her family. When Violet Jefe is kidnapped, he swears to do everything he can to bring the precocious little girl who is the image of her mother home safely and kill those who took her without mercy.

Captain “Skeeter” Lulu Belle Mann lives a life of freedom drifting from Spaceport to Spaceport in her short haul freighter looking for unusual treasures to add to her collection of mismatched prizes. On the Pyrus Spacestation, she finds two treasures she has to have! One is the new navigation module she desperately needs and the other is a curly haired little girl with big green eyes that melts her heart. Never one to be denied what she really wants, Skeeter buys the first and steals the second.

When sources lead Krac to the Lulu Belle, he finds more than he expects – a woman who fires his blood almost as much as she draws it. Krac’s hands and life are suddenly full to overflowing. He has to capture the woman who is driving him crazy, protect little Violet, and keep them all alive long enough to deliver one home and the other to his bed.

There is more than Violet in danger, though. Someone has targeted Skeeter and the Lulu Belle and they are just as deadly as Krac. Can he protect the feisty firebrand that has captured his heart or will he lose the only thing he has ever cared about to another of his kind?

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t newman - July 12, 2014 Reply


Fan of many of your series. Just re-read Krac’s Firebrand and wonder if you have a timeline for release of Roarrk’s Revenge, as mentioned on the last page of the book?

Thank you.
ps: not sure which of the series you write is my favourite, so I just read them all. 🙂

    admin - July 12, 2014 Reply

    I don’t have a timeline yet but I’m working on pulling one together.

Tanya - July 26, 2014 Reply

Just wondering why Gracie’s Touch is no longer available on Kobo any longer.

I do love your stories and and quite enjoy the women’s take action and bring tears of laughter to see the antic in which the women use to show they are just as capable of standing by their men. Never lose that quality in your female characters.

Thank you for the stories!

    S.E. Smith - September 28, 2014 Reply

    Amazon contacted me and asked me for two books to place with their KDP program; Gracie’s Touch and Lily’s Cowboys. This is a bit of an experiment, but I agreed. I had to agree to a one year exclusive with Amazon for this which is why it is not on any other sites, including Kobo.

adrienne gilbert - October 7, 2014 Reply

I have an NOOK i would like to read Gracie’s Touch on my nook instead of paperbook

Thank You,
Adrienne Gilbert

    admin - October 10, 2014 Reply

    Hi Adrienne, Gracie’s Touch is only available on Amazon Kindle until July 2015 as part of Amazon’s KDP program.

      Teri Anne - January 5, 2015 Reply

      Why would Ms. Smith limit the number of readers she could get from having Grace’s book available on all devices to only those that have access to KIndle/Amazon? Not everyone in the world let alone the US uses Amazon. It is self defeating in my opinion and quite annoying to those of us the choose not to use Amazon.

        S.E. Smith - January 6, 2015 Reply

        Hi Teri, I agree and plan to change that soon. I was contacted by Amazon last summer and asked to participate in their new KU program. They asked for Gracie and Lily’s stories. It was a tough decision, but as a new author, I’m just learning and decided to give it a try. I will be pulling Gracie and Lily’s books from the program once the time limit is up. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to my readers. It has been a definitely learning experience!

        Diana - March 13, 2015 Reply

        Well I think if the large publishing houses did not make it so hard for new authors to get published then programs like Amazon’s direct publishing would not be needed. Their programs and similar programs give us – the readers – an opportunity to find these new authors and enjoy their efforts. I am personally thankful that her books are available on Amazon. Now that her exposure has increased maybe we can find her books through other venues. At least now I know to look for them.

          admin - March 13, 2015 Reply

          Hi Diana. I can understand and appreciate what the larger publishing houses are doing. It is business for them. The KU program was new last year and it has been a wonderful experience overall. I think that readers who might not have read any of my stories had an opportunity to try them out. I now have two novellas as a perma-free for readers, a scifi one and a paranormal, so they can see if they like my writing style. One problem with KU is that if you cancel, you lose all your books. I’m a bit of a hoarder and like to keep them to go back through when I need a sure read. Gracie and Lily are both Book 1, not a big deal for Lily, but it is for Gracie. I’d like to be able to offer it for my Nook and epub readers. I have made the decision to keep my prices low despite pressure from some of the big PH to increase. It is a personal decision because I know what it is like to be on a budget (four kids, stay at home mom/then teacher… need recipes for six chicken thighs to last through a week of dinners? LOL… I’ve got it!). Thank you so much for understanding!

Lia - April 19, 2015 Reply

Hey, just wondering when Roarkks Revenge would be out?

    admin - April 21, 2015 Reply

    Hi Lia, look for Roarkk’s Revenge this September.

      Lia - April 22, 2015 Reply

      Yeah! Thanks.

      Melissa - September 17, 2015 Reply

      Will Roarkk’s Revenge still be coming this September?

        admin - September 18, 2015 Reply

        Hiding my head… No, unfortunately, it was moved back a few books. I had a story in my head for the last five years that finally burst out and told everyone else to back off. It held the squirrels in my brain hostage… I swear! It threatened to cut off their caffeine intake. I had to give in to the pressure and meet the characters demands. Teens… They never fight fair. It is on the short list, though! I promise!

Nancy - June 26, 2015 Reply

will you have a story on Seal and Morgan?

    admin - June 27, 2015 Reply

    Yes, they will eventually have their stories. It is funny that when I was writing Krac’s story, I caught a glimpse of what is to come and I have to say it blew me away. I’m excited, and nervous, about the upcoming stories. They are going to be action packed.

      lRB - December 6, 2015 Reply

      When do we get the rest of the Zion warrior series, these books deserve a come out. I am so tired of waiting, they were exciting and fun and sexy. Feeling let down.

        S.E. Smith - December 7, 2015 Reply

        I have two books ahead of Roarrk’s Revenge. I promise it won’t be much longer as I’m impatient to get back to their world.

Susan - July 14, 2015 Reply

Is Gracie’s Touch going to be available on Barnes & Noble Nook anytime in the near future? I would really like to get it and I can’t since it isn’t available. When do you think it might be coming to Nook?

    admin - July 14, 2015 Reply

    Yes, this next month. I will FINALLY be able to offer it at other distributors!

sam hayman - August 3, 2015 Reply

Please tell me when Gracie’s and Jaguin’s books will be out on Kobo so I can get them in my ereader (the only way for me to get them).

    admin - August 3, 2015 Reply

    Hi Sam. Look for Gracie’s around August 10th of this month. Jaguin’s will be out the end of October/first part of November.

Susan - August 10, 2015 Reply

When will Gracie’s touch be available on Barnes & Noble?

    admin - August 12, 2015 Reply

    Gracie’s Touch should be available any day. I’ll keep looking for it. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a few days.

Kimber - February 15, 2016 Reply

I’m hooked! I am totally looking forward to more of the Zion Warriors series! Can you tease us with a timeline of up and coming books for this series? It seems to have a lot of potential and I am looking forward to reading more about the colorful characters you have introduced to us in the first two books.

    S.E. Smith - February 15, 2016 Reply

    Hi Kimber. Yes, I can tease. LOL. I am finishing up one book now, will finish Jaguin’s Love, then write Roarrk’s Revenge, which is the third book in the series. I’m trying to finish up some of the stories I have started, but those are at the top of my list! They won’t be much longer! 🙂

      Kimber - March 9, 2016 Reply

      Awesome sauce! Just can’t get enough of your stuff!

        S.E. Smith - March 12, 2016 Reply

        🙂 Thank you!

Jennifer S. - February 18, 2016 Reply

I have read all of the Dragon Lords series, Dragonlings, Sarafins and Curizans twice. Yesterday I bought both of the Zion Warrior books and just finished reading them. OMG! Is there a series that you write that is Not mind blowing? All of these books that you wrote brings you into another world where anything can happen. You have a true gift. Keep listening to those voices in your head and write it down so the rest of us can experience it too. ?

    S.E. Smith - February 19, 2016 Reply

    Hi Jennifer. Thank you!! LOL. I hope not. I truly enjoy the stories that I write and love getting lost in them. It is heartwarming to know that you are enjoying them just as much. I currently have 11 stories in various progress, so the voices are talking loud and clear! 🙂

Kelly Linzey - July 10, 2016 Reply

Hi there any idea for a new release date for Roarkks Revenge ?

    S.E. Smith - July 11, 2016 Reply

    Hi Kelly. LOL. I’ll have to talk to the squirrels (the ones running around in my head). They are thinking they are on summer vacation at the moment. I have The Dark Prince’s Prize coming up next to write and then Roarrk’s, so not much longer! 🙂

Nan C Loyd - September 10, 2016 Reply

Just want you to know – NO PRESSURE (SMILE) – I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for Roarrk’s Revenge – oh yea, and Jarmen and Jane – PATIENTLY. Really. Honest. I just re-read both series this past couple of weeks (I need sleep) – I love how one can go back and re-read and it’s almost brand new! They are so well written and entertaining – and I just wanted to add my 2 cents in with the millions who have asked about these two books!!!

    S.E. Smith - September 10, 2016 Reply

    LOL. My friend has been chatting Jarmen over and over, then started in on Destin, then Adalard, then Roarrk. I promise, I’m working on them. I have so many stories in my head, I wish I could just download them! <3

      Nan - November 12, 2017 Reply

      Two words – VOICE RECORDER!!!! Still patiently, patiently waiting. Just finished Krac’s Firebrand for the upteenth time!!! However I will say this – I AM SORRY you broke your arm and sprained your wrist. That’s horrible, especially if you’re right handed! I will say this is the BEST excuse for not getting the books written. I am going to go re-start another series now…. maybe Roarrk will be finished by then – and SEAL! If not, I will remain faithfully patient!

        S.E. Smith - November 19, 2017 Reply

        LOL. Hi Nan. I’ve tried dictation. For some reason they don’t understand what I’m saying very well. So, it is back to the old fashion way of typing. I am right handed which was the arm I broke at the elbow. I’m back on track now and typing away!

PJ - November 11, 2016 Reply

I just wanted to ask if your e-book, “Gracie’s Touch: Zion Warriors Book 1” could be added to the ARE, All Romance website?
P.S. – Really, really enjoy reading each series of books as I get to them. Great adventures and fun!

    S.E. Smith - November 12, 2016 Reply

    Hi PJ. I thought it was on ARe. Weird! It will be up today!

David - April 8, 2017 Reply

[* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
Any News on Roarkk’s Revenge? I’ve enjoyed all of your books that I’ve heard on audiobooks. An may be most partial to the dragon books and Spirit Pass Series.

    S.E. Smith - May 19, 2017 Reply

    It is coming, I promise! I’m working on finishing a series, healing from a fractured arm, then writing Adalard and Roarkk’s books. Thank you so much for sharing your enjoyment of the audiobooks!

    S.E. Smith - May 19, 2017 Reply

    It is coming, I promise! I’m working on finishing a series, healing from a fractured arm, then writing Adalard and Roarkk’s books. Thank you so much for sharing your enjoyment of the audiobooks!

      Ana - February 24, 2018 Reply

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      Yeahhhhhh omgoodness jumping up and down i’ll try to be patient but its sooooooo hard

Annette White - May 2, 2017 Reply

[* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
Where is Roark’s Revenge?

    S.E. Smith - May 18, 2017 Reply

    Hi Annette. I’m running behind. I fractured my right arm and severely sprained my left wrist which set me back a bit. I’ve never broken an arm before! It has been a rude awakening!

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