Coming Soon: The Dragonlings’ Haunted Halloween 2: Night of the Demented Symbiots


Night Of The Demented Symbiots

Night Of The Demented Symbiots

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The Dragonlings and their besties are excited about the preparations for another Halloween holiday. As the night of the festival draws closer, the Dragonlings, Roam, and Alice discover a threat to the newest members of their families; the Queen of the Demented Symbiots plan to send her minions to capture the new babies and take them to the land of Halloween where she lives.

With their parents busy organizing for the huge festival for the people of Valdier in the underground cavern, the babies are left with no choice but to prepare for the ultimate battle – to save Morah, Leo, and Hope from the Queen of the Demented Symbiots!
Join in a holiday adventure that you won’t forget as the little ones use their special skills to protect their friends and family in The Dragonlings’


  • jane bedford says:

    hi love all your books, just read the dragonlings haunted Halloween 2 and I really enjoyed it I laughed till I cried I love the dragonlings and the mischief they get up to….lol
    can’t wait for the next book of the dragonlords and dragonlings to come out I re-read your books over and over again and still laugh at them as much as the first time.
    keep up the good work


    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Jane! Thank you so very much! I love the kids (both big and little) in the stories. I have plans for more in both. Thank you again for sharing this with me! <3

  • Barbara McKeever says:

    Where can I get this book, is is out yet?

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Barbara. Thank you for your inquiry. HHD2 will be out in a couple of weeks. 🙂 I’ll send a notice out when it is available for pre-order.

  • Barbara McKeever says:

    I was wondering where I can get this book.

  • Rosemarie says:

    Is the dragonlings haunted Halloween 2 out yet?

  • Samantha says:

    I am extremely excited for your next book to come out. I know that it will be as good as the other books you have published, and cannot wait to read it. I hope that it will come out soon so that I can read another dragonlings adventure. Thank you for your stories.

  • mlee says:

    Is it out yet?

  • Gloria says:

    When is the release date. I love reading about the little ones

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Gloria! I totally need my FB stickers here. LOL. I’m working frantically on it. Well, trying to between being distracted by the squirrels. I’m almost finished and should have a definite date in the next couple of days!

  • Jolanda says:

    Yes. Can’t wait for this story. Sounds like a nother fablious adventure for the Dragonlings.
    Can’t wait for there “BIG” books.
    Please keep your books coming they are sp good.

    Greetings from Jolanda

  • Barbara teerman says:

    What to read this when it comes out,what is due date?

  • LouellaWricks says:

    I am going through withdrawals waiting for your next book in whatever series you are currently working e

  • Hap says:

    Ooh this sounds a really good Halloween stories, I really love the Drongonlings and friends. Looking forward to being in there world again.

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Heather. I think writing the Dragonlings is some of the most fun I have. I love discovering what new things they are getting into. LOL.

  • Jayne says:

    Hi – just seen Dragonlings Halloween 2 advertised when can I by it?
    Also saw second Gilese book and next one of the Voyage of the Defiant but these are not on Amazon as kindle books why? and when can I get on kindle?

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Jayne. First Awakening: Project Gliese 581g and Capture of the Defiance: Breaking Free Book 2 will be out in February and January (should have listed those the other way)! The Dragonlings story will be out later this month.

  • lise says:

    I think I just died from cuteness overload. I’m really looking forward to this short. Do you have a release date yet?

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