Command Decision

Command Decision

Project Gliese 581G, Book 1

Action, adventure, suspense and romance ignite when an alien gateway is found and an Earth crew is pulled through it. Caught in an alien war, a Navy commander must not only find his missing crew, but protect the woman he loves.

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Seeking answers we are not yet ready for…

​Lieutenant Commander Joshua Manson’s career has taken him to many places, just not the one he has always dreamed of going – into space. His sometimes controversial methods during missions have given him a reputation as a rule-bender, so when Josh receives a summons to Washington D.C. after a challenging mission, he worries that soon he won’t have a career at all. Once there, though, Josh is offered the chance of a lifetime, command of a mission investigate an unknown object in space. The more he learns, the more determined he is to do this, even if it means a one-way ticket.

​Cassa de Rola’s family has lived for centuries in the quiet valley where they farm. She fervently hopes their valley will stay quiet, but the growing unrest between intergalactic forces makes it unlikely that her family will remain untouched for much longer. When an unusual object falls from the sky and Cassa finds a strange male in the container, she knows that taking him in will endanger the lives of everyone close to her, but she can’t leave him defenseless.

​Both sides of the coming war are determined to discover the origins of the escape pod that crashed on the de Rola farm and find whoever was inside. The dominoes fall, and when the fight between the Legion and the Gallant Order escalates, a new rebel leader emerges from the stars that will change the galaxy, and Cassa’s life, forever.


“Good morning. Thank you for taking time off of your busy schedules. This morning, I’m happy to welcome the last two members to our team,” Lydia announced, glancing at Josh and Ash for a moment before scanning the group.

“Lt. Commander Joshua Manson will be the commander of the Starship Gliese 581 while Lt. Commander Ashton Haze has been chosen as the pilot. Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the rest of your crew. You’ve already met Julia. She is a Mission Specialist and will provide navigation and contact support. While both Mei and Sergi are new to the crew, they are not new to Project Gliese 581g. Dr. Mei Li Hú is from the Chinese space agency. She is a Mission Specialist with a background in computer science, biology, and environmental systems. The last member of the team is Sergi Lazaroff. His specialty is in mechanical engineering, payload, and weapons.”

“Weapons?” Josh asked with a frown as he glanced at the spec sheet in front of him of the Gliese 581. “Will the Gliese be equipped with a weapons system?”

“Only in Sergi’s dreams,” Mei interjected, drawing laughter from everyone.

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  1. John Clements says:

    Another interesting series I’m sure and I’ve pre-purchased on kindle.

    Are any Cosmos or Dragon kings of Valdier, Lords of Kassis etc titles forthcoming Susan???

    I realise it’s an authors curse when readers want more of the same characters whilst you have a head full of new worlds to explore, but some more of these would be good, else one more to conclude the series and we can all move on.

    In any case, well done with all your writings, have spent many a pleasant hour in your worlds.

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi John. Yes, there are more to come in all three of those series and more. I’m working on Jaguin’s Love (Dragon Lords), then The Dark Prince’s Prize (Curizan), Roarrk’s Revenge (Zion), Core’s Attack (Cosmos’ Gateway), Jarmen’s Jane Doe (Kassis), Destin’s Hold (Alliance), First Awakenings (Gliese), Capture of the Defiance (Breaking Free), and more of the Dragonlings. These are just a few. If you haven’t check out Dust, I would highly recommend it. It is different, but the reaction I’m getting from all that have read it have been very positive. It is another story that has captured my heart and imagination. Thank you for understanding. It is hard to believe that I have only been writing for 4 years as of today and only a year and a half full time!

      1. John Clements says:

        Thx Susan,

        I look forward to all the books and will check out dust.

        You’ve done a lot in 4 years especially providing encouragement for Michelle Eidem amongst others I imagine.

        Well done and best wishes for continuing success.

        1. S.E. Smith says:

          MK is awesome. I try to help anyone I can. That is one of the best things about writing. Have an awesome day! 🙂

      2. Jackie reay says:

        I own everything you have written including Dust it was different but worth reading, Amazon recommended m k eidem to me because I read you in fact amazon recommended you because I read lynsay sands.

        Only complaint can you write faster please Can not wait for the next book

        1. S.E. Smith says:

          LOL. Thank you, Jackie! <3 I'm trying. Sigh... Sometimes it's hard to stay focused, especially when it is a beautiful day out and all I want to do is going explore and have fun. This is great information! It is exciting, and humbling, that you took a chance on me. From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to say a very big thank you for that!

  2. mlee says:

    I preordered already. I’m excited because it’s a book from YOU. But I’m also hoping that it will help make the wait for Jaquin’s book a little less sad. Couldn’t that one come out tomorrow too?

    Oh another questions! Why Tuesdays? I end up staying up all night just to finish the book. Then it’s off to work. Couldn’t it be a friday instead?

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      LOL. It would make life easier. Tuesdays are the days that count if an author wants to make the list (NYT/USAT). Things are changing though, so Tuesday releases may be short lived. BTW, thank you so much for the compliment! I’m writing on Jaguin and Sara’s story. I never want to force a story. The characters are talking and I’m listening now. I apologize for the wait. One thing I’m learning is to let my creative side have control. If I don’t, it could very well stop talking to me! <3

      1. mlee says:

        Thanks for the quick response and the explanation about Tuesday book releases. I’ll be up all night or I should say all morning. I do hope it will change some day though. I don’t drink coffee a lot but it’s going to be my best friend tomorrow.
        As for Jaquin and Sara’s story. I know. I don’t want to force you either. I know the story is going to be great when it does come out. So…keep those squirrels talking. 😛

        1. S.E. Smith says:

          Thank you so much for understanding! I hope you enjoy the Josh and Cassa’s story. I loved it, but then, I loved the characters in it.

  3. Clare says:

    Just finished reading this in the middle of the night! I love your books but when I 1st read the blurb I wasn’t sure what to expect as this sounded different! But I have a feeling it’s going to be my favourite series yet!!!

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Thank you, Clare! If you haven’t yet, please post a review and let other readers know. LOL. I know it is a bit different from what I normally write, but that makes it even better as I’m not only growing as a writer, but also keep it fresh for everyone! Thank you again. <3

  4. Syn says:

    Hi Susan.
    Just finished Tansy’s and Cosmos story. Cosmos is such a hot geek, got to love it! I really love that series. Anything new in the works for the Alliance series?

    I do have another question. You have so many books. I don’t know how you put out such great stories so fast but I’m happy. On to my question. You have tons I still haven’t read because I listen mostly to audible. Do you have any idea which of your stories won’t go to audible so I can pick up the Kindle versions? Waiting between books is tough when you know their are stories out there on Kindle. I just like audible better. I love laying in bed, lights out, eyes closed and being transported to your imaginative worlds. Very relaxing. 😀

    1. Syn says:

      Don’t kill me, I have no idea why I called you susan. I just noticed it and you have no edit lol.

      1. S.E. Smith says:

        LOL. No killing, it’s my name. You are more than welcome to call me Susan. ;P

        1. Syn says:

          Oh. Whew! I must have seen it somewhere. I was horrified because I had no idea why I wrote it lol.

    2. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Syn. I’d like to eventually have them all out as audiobooks, but with the way I write and the number of books I have to go, it will be a while until I’m caught up. I’ll be releasing Destin’s Hold: The Alliance Book 5 later this year. I’m also going to be releasing Core’s Attack: Cosmos’ Gateway Book 6. The Second Chance and Spirit Pass series will probably be my last ones to put into audiobook. I know they are different from my other series, but I love them just the same. River’s Run is in final production and Star’s Storm is in prep. I also have Choosing Riley in the final editing process so it won’t be much longer before it is released. I have two narrators at the moment, but may end up adding more. It is hard as I want to find the perfect person who can connect with the stories. So far, the two I have are able to do that. I hope this helps!

      1. Syn says:

        I think you need like 10 narrators going 24/7 🙂 I do like both of your narrators very much. If you need recommendations as a reader, I love Keith Michaelson. The man literally has a 1000 voices. Everyone gets a unique voice, down to passer by secondary characters. He might be in demand though I’m not sure. You can listen to a sample if your interested.

        I still have a few of your dragon books to go through now that I’ve devored Cosmos and the Alliance. I love Razor. He’s like forget it, I’ll just flatten the city. 🙂

        1. S.E. Smith says:

          LOL. I’ll look up Keith. Yes, I need like 10 going. I loved Razor and Kali’s story. Kali was perfect for Razor and he knew it. Hugs for a great day!

  5. Angela says:

    Hello S.E.

    I am almost done listening to the Comos’ Gateway series. I was wondering when Merrick’s Maiden with be released on Audiobook. I am excited for the book and I hope Derek gets a book. I wonder what happened to him in Earth to have him do a 180 in personality wise.

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Angela. Thank you for your post. Merrick should be released any day. I’ll double check. . It isn’t out on Audible yet, but it should be any day. Derek will have his own story. You’ll find out! <3

  6. BJ Lucas says:

    I’m currently reading Command Decision: Project Gliese 581G. Ur website doesn’t show if it’s a series or a stand alone. I’m wondering if it is a series and if so when will the rest be released?

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi BJ. Yes, the Project Gliese 581g series is part of a five book series. First Awakening, Ash’s story, will be released in March 2017. The other books will be released shortly afterward.

  7. devroux carine says:

    a quand seront ils en français

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Command Decision sort aujourd’hui, le 11 novembre. Je travaille actuellement sur mes versions 2021. Le premier réveil sera le suivant.

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