In a time of great sorrow

In a time of great sorrow

“In a time of great sorrow, it is important for the people’s voices to be heard; not in anger, but in unity. We must remember the past and learn from it, strike not from fear, but from the knowledge that just a few would try to turn the masses against one people and start a war. When it comes time to pick a leader, if they speak in anger or use fear to sway you, wonder if they are not made of the same material as those that attack. Today is a day to embrace life and the world around you. Hug the people you meet, give a smile to a stranger, and show those responsible for such a horrible act that you will not live in fear, but walk with your head high.” S.E. Smith


  1. Narelle says:

    Beautiful message, Susan. You summed up what I was thinking but didn’t know how to express.

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Thank you. My fear is that the politicians will see this as a way to get into office. Now is not the time for someone to spout hate or fear, but solutions to stop those that would tear our world apart for their own selfish reasons.

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