Interview with Evelyn Lederman

Author Spotlight – Evelyn Lederman

Evelyn Lederman

People often ask how long I have wanted to be a writer. The answer is easy, never. Romance novels were my way to reduce work related stress. Escaping to Regency England or a world populated with vampires kept me sane.

When I retired my plan was to spend more time reading. I had planned to reread the first novel in series I had been reading for years. Novels such as Nalini Singh’s ‘Slave to Sensation’ or Shannon K. Butcher’s ‘Burning Alive’. It is said the best laid plans…

A little over two years ago I was driving to play tennis when a conversation that occurred a decade ago between my sister and a friend of mine popped into my brain. It dealt with String Theory and the existence of infinite parallel worlds. At the time I paid little attention to what they were discussing. I was the one driving through the mountains that flanked Sedona, Arizona when this was occurring. What was unique about this remembrance was five young women started to talk to me.

When I attended my first romance novel convention (Romcon 2010), I was amazed to hear author’s characters conversed with them. Actually, I thought they were nuts, until it started happening to me. Naturally, the girls did not tell their stories in chronological order. They shared bits and pieces. It was my job to place structure around the incredible tales they shared. The ‘Worlds Apart’ series contains the five books that tell their stories.

Worlds Apart Series

Could you imagine growing up on Earth, only to find out you were daughters of refugees from a parallel universe? That is what my first three characters discovered. Not only that, but in the parallel dimension their parents were from they would find the soul mates they were destined to love.

My soul mates are telepathic beings who when they finally make love evolve to their next telepathic state. Each of my young women obtain powers that help them navigate what turns out to be a dangerous world controlled by mind control telepaths.

One by one, my female characters make their way through the portal to the Troyk universe. Each finds secrets about their past and the promise of a bright future if they are willing to fight for it.

Now in my retirement I am playing tennis, hitting the beach, and writing about incredible women and their soul mates. So many ideas of worlds that exist on the other side of the portal in Sedona, Arizona are floating in my heard, I barely have time to get them all written. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

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