Introducing New Range of S.E. Smith Trading Cards, Bookmarks and Posters

I am so excited (and terrified) to be going to RomCon in just over a week’s time. I have never been to a Convention before so this is a first for me. Plus I am also speaking so that has my heart beating quick. Wish me luck I remember how to talk when I stand up in front of my group.

I will be introducing a new range at RomCon – posters, trading cards for Dragon Lords of Valdier, and bookmarks.

Swag Collage watermarked

The trading cards are of the Dragon Lords of Valdier series and I think they look fantastic. There is a sneak peak above of the trading cards and I will release the range on June 20-22 so stay tuned for the complete range.

I will also be signing books and posters at RomCon so please feel free to drop by and get your book signed or get a picture with me.

My book jewelry range is over at Etsy and you can pick up an item right now.

Jewelry Collage link

I would so love to meet you and I hope you stop by my table at RomCon and say hello and have a look at my range and let me know what you think.


  1. Cherri-Anne Boitson says:

    Hi Susan

    I am glad that you had fun at your first com! I am hoping to be able to attend one in a few years. Need to get my finances and health to a good point first. 🙂 I think I would be hard pressed to find one book that you write that would be one I wouldn’t read!!! They all appeal to me!! I love love LOVE your swag stuff! Those are amazing! I will also have to check out your jewelry store too! I was wondering if you have any swag that you send out to your Canadians fan?

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much, Cherri-Anne, for your beautiful words. All the best with your health and I hope you feel better soon. You can purchase my jewelry and I will happily ship it to Canada. Also, I will be making my swag available internationally – probably in the next month. Once I have it ready, I will announce it on my blog here and on FB and Twitter. Take care, Susan

  2. ShaMona Hagan says:

    I just picked up a couple of your books and can’t wait to read them. I was wonder how often you have contest for your bookmarks and trading cards. That is what I am interested in getting my hands on.

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      LOL. Email me at We’ll talk. 🙂

  3. Crystl says:

    Dear Ms. Smith,
    I feel compelled to write you about your Lords of Valdier, and related, series. I often try out a new author with a free read. ‘Abducting Abby’ was my introduction to your work. I enjoyed it so much I promptly turned around and purchased every title I could find that was related to it. Your skill as a storyteller ranks very high in my book (yes, pun intended). I am a voracious reader. There are very few authors who can grab my attention as thoroughly as you have with these tales. I have laughed and cried with your characters. At times, I’ve just busted out in hilarity. Riley, Trisha, Cara… need I say more? Seeing life through the clueless eyes of the males as they they fall head over heels with their strong human mates is just priceless. Thank you for so many hours of enjoyment.
    I wonder how the males would fare with all their bluster and competitivity whilst trying out a few other earthly traditions… St. Patrick’s Day with everything with all things green, especially the liquor, or the romance of Valentine’s Day. And can’t you just see them trying to weave the ribbons round the Maypole while dancing? But the ultimate just might be April Fool’s Day.
    Thanks for sharing your interior life with us. And may God bless you (with a very long life).
    Your latest fan,
    Crystl Collins

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