SE Smith talks with Readers

I had my first Meet the Author webinar in June of 2013 and the recording is below. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with my readers and we covered all sorts of questions and just about every book I have written.

Highlight Questions from my first Meet the Author webinar. These are just a few of the questions I answered.

I love the current series and want more in them, but am curious about what new stories are trying to get your attention.
My head is always swirling with different stories. I actually have several that have been getting stronger and stronger until I know I will have to stop and write them. One is about a group that live in the Appalachian Mountains and are called elementals. I have additional stories for the Heaven Sent series, time travel, and a teen and children’s series in my head.

How on earth did you come up with the… um… er…blush… anatomy for the Zion warriors? Hot! Whew!
I have a very vivid imagination! LOL. I’m not really sure how I came up with the idea, truthfully. As I say, the characters tell/show me what to write. That was what Kordon looked like and who was I to argue with a man like that?! I have to admit, he was very, very hot!

How do you manage to write several novels simultaneously and not muddle them up?
I’ve always thought of my mind as a huge file cabinet, where I store stories and pull them out when I want to read them. Much like you do when you are on your Kindle or your bookshelf. Are they organized, no – much like everything else in my life I consider myself one of those that function with organized chaos. But, each world comes alive as I revisit it and everything falls into place. It was wild because there are several books that I did write at the same time, hopping from one to the other. Hannah and Gracie were two as well as Riley and Star.

How did you get started writing?
That is a great question. A long story short, the school district I work for was reorganizing. I had been with them for 15 years as both a teacher and as a TSS. One day I go in and they say, everyone is gone, you have to reapply for your job! Talk about a shock to the system! I was rehired and I do a wonderful job and enjoy what I do but it also put me into a rebellious mood of wanting to escape the ‘real’ world for a while. I began reading – a lot. Soon, I was having a difficult time finding a book that satisfied me. I wanted to read about a certain type of female who was strong, fragile, brave, scared, namely one that was real to me and I wanted to read about an alpha guy who was strong, vulnerable, willing to learn and who wasn’t afraid to admit he was in love even if he wasn’t sure what to do about it. After reading some books that were not that great and a few that I wanted to strangle the heroine/hero, I thought about all the stories in my head and decided I could always write them down for my own pleasure. I wrote Lily’s first as her story kept playing over and over in my mind. Abby’s came next followed by River. After I wrote them, I broke down and told my sister about what I had done and she asked to read them. I gave her River first and she fell in love with it and told me it was as good as the books she was reading and I needed to publish it. I sent River to a publisher and they said it was good but not what they were looking for. Depressed, thinking no one would want to read any of the stories, I just kept writing for my own curiosity to see what happened next to the characters. After sitting on the growing pile and my sister begging me to publish so she could share them with her friends, I took my courage in my hands and started researching. I found out about KDP, researched more, couldn’t find out how to do the covers, couldn’t find anyone to help with the covers, tried to learn how to the covers, while working full time in a job that was now 8 schools instead of 1. Late on a Sunday night, I put what I had together and published the books I had written. I was shocked that more than my sister and a couple of her friends bought them. Yes, I almost quit when I was slammed for grammar/spelling but instead, I went back through the books and did more research. It has been a huge learning curve as I was doing all this on nights and weekends. After three months and a growing number of readers, I finally told my husband what I was doing. (He thought I was either reading or writing a lot of emails, he had no idea I was writing books). You know the rest! – )

What do you love most about writing?  And on an opposite note, what do you hate?
Seeing the characters, their worlds, and what happens to them. It is almost like a relief to let them out of my head. I get a little down after each book because it is almost like saying goodbye (I guess it is like having a dragon and symbiot with me all the time and suddenly losing that feeling). I won’t say I hate the paperwork involved, it is just overwhelming at times. There is a lot to being an indie author. I love the freedom of not having someone telling me what to write, when to write, and how it should be done but there is a lot to coordinate on the publishing side.

Just want to say how much I am enjoying your books – not really any questions.
That is what gives me the strength to keep writing. If it gives someone else the same pleasure and a way to escape from this world for a little while than it is worth the hours it takes to write out one of my stories.

Will we see more of the Eastern Mointain Clan? (Cosmos´Gateway)
Yes, Merrick, Core and the others will have stories as well as Lan, Brock, and Derik.

Do you have some new series in the works?
The Elementals. I can’t wait to write about them. I also have a teen book and a children’s series I want to write.

If you were given an opportunity to change a personality of any character(s) in any of your books who would it be and why?
That is a tough question. Each of my characters talk to me and even the ones I would change I don’t think they would. The only character that I didn’t really like his personality at first was Jonathan Tucker. He was a bit too arrogant for me. But, he turned out to be an okay guy. Then, I had to think of the time period he was living in. As far as the women, I like all my heroines. I was a bit worried about Star at first. I was afraid she would be a whiny wimp but she proved me wrong. This goes to show I don’t know the characters any better until they are written down.

When will the blue guy from star’s story be out?
Risteard and Ricki will be out either later this fall or spring of 2014. I have a lot of stories going on right now.

What other characters will get their story told?
Jarmen, Kev Mul Lar, Ajaska and more as the characters come alive. I even might write a short story for the Frenchmen! – ) Oh, and Madas and Gril!

Out of all your books who is your favorite male character and why?
Kordon was the first name that came to mind. I think there is just something special about him. He is this tough guy and in tight control but the way he reacted and treated Gracie was awesome. His love for her came through but also his willingness to learn and grow and accept the deep feelings he had for her. Plus, I loved the way he handled Violet at the end. LOL. He was her hero!


  • Denise S says:

    I have just finished re-reading the “Valdier” series. Has the book “Waking a Golden Goddess been published yet? I really enjoy this series, and I’m hoping more books are coming. I also love the Sarafin and Curizan series.

  • Patricia Concannon says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Project Gleise 581g books very much but I wanted to see the stories of the women. Please tell me that there are more coming.

    • admin says:

      Susan has a few other stories to write first as her series worlds come together but there are more Project Gliese 581g stories coming.
      Cheers Narelle

  • Joyce Foster says:

    Have you written ‘Waking the Goddess’ yet? I have looked for it and cannot find it. I am so hoping you will if you haven’t. I love the Valdier and all their adventures. I also love the Curizan and the Sarafin. I haven’t read your other books yet, but am going to read about Gracie next. I love your books so much that the ones I have read, I read over and over again.

    • admin says:

      Joyce, you have made Susan’s day! She loves hearing from readers about how they read and re-read her stories! Susan is currently head down writing a story and as soon as she comes up for air, she will see your comment. Susan’s next books on her writing list after The Monster’s Caress are:
      * Dark Prince’s Prize: Curizan Warriors Book 2 (Adalard)
      * Rorrak’s Revenge: Zion Warriors Book 3
      * Jarmin’s Jane Doe: Lords of Kassis Book 5
      * Waking a Golden Goddess: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 12 (Aikaterina)
      Cheers, Narelle

      PS Gracie’s Touch is my favorite S.E. Smith book 😀

      • Christine says:

        Hi… Gracie’s Touch is my favorite book too. I’ve read and listened to it several times. I really hope Gracie features heavily. I’m dying to know how a return to Earth goes. I’m from NYC and I’m convinced those subway tunnels would have survived 800 years. It’d be cool if Gracie left behind a hidden buried time capsule.

        Please thank Susan for keeping us entertained during quarantine!

        • S.E. Smith says:

          Hi Christine. I think you are right about the subway tunnels. I think of the old Roman waterways and have to believe the tunnels would still be there. Gracie will be back. I’m writing Adalard’s story and then I’m back to Gracie’s world with Rorrak!

  • Rachel says:

    What happened to the dragonling short story set at the beach? Between it and the Valentine’s story, I couldn’t choose a favorite.

  • Sandra says:

    I am anxious for the audiobook for Saving Runt, do we have a release date?

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Sandra. Not much longer!
      Saving Runt- 3/18/2020 for the audiobook. Paperback and ebook have already been released.
      Rescuing Matting- 3/31/2020

  • Jeraldine lewis says:

    We’re is jarmen,s story

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Jeraldine, Jarmen’s story is two books out. <3 Not long in the grand scale of things. I may have to hid in your closet to escape the distractions though. LOL. You can toss me scrapes when I growl.

  • Justine says:

    Hi there!
    Just finished reading Kordan and Gracie’s story Yet Again lol! Re-read Krac’s and Skeeter’s book again too. They are definitely in my top 10 re-read. My question is, when is the next one being written? Am desperate!

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Justine. I’m finishing up the Seven Kingdoms series (I have this one and one more), then I’m writing Adalard’s story then Rorrak’s. So three and a half books. Expect it this coming year.I’m excited to get back to Gracie’s world!

  • Melitta Dickinson says:

    Dear Susan after a couple of years I read Zion Warriors and Lord of Kassis again what happen withJarmen’s Jane Doe and Rorrok’s Revenge ?Please Please Finish the Books I hate cliffhanger I love your Books and have all of them .Thank you Melitta Dickinson PS I will be 80 years old in 2 Month

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Melitta. I will be working on both very, very soon. I have two more book in the Seven Kingdoms to finish then I’m on them. If I drag it out, does that mean you can’t go anywhere? If that is the case, expect a LOT more stories so you’ll have to stick around!

  • AlBertha says:

    Will you be writing anything else about the Curizans?

  • Erin B. says:

    Sorry, I meant to say Jarek, the chief of security for Kalen’s ship.

  • Erin B. says:

    I am loving the Dragon Lords of Valdier series. I am on the fourth book, Ariel and Mandra. I must say they’re addictive. Which characters’ stories will you write next in the series? I would love to see a story about Tarek (Chief of Security for Kelan’s ship) as well as more stories about the trackers. I’ve really fallen in love with this world and these characters.

    • S.E. Smith says:

      LOL. You are in for a delight — especially when you start getting into the Dragonlings’ stories as well. Aikaterina’s story is going to be next, but you still have a ways to go! Also, don’t forget the Sarafin, Curizan, and Marastin Dow stories that go with it.

  • Gena says:

    My favorite book is Gracie’s Touch. Will there be more in the series and will Gracie return to Earth?

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Gena. Thank you. Gracie’s story is probably my favorite story I’ve written, but don’t tell the others that. LOL. I’m not sure if she will return. It depends on if she tells me she should. I do know there are many more books to come in the series and I plan on writing the prequels of what happened to Adam, Chance, and the other two men in the Freedom Five.

  • MJ says:

    Hello! I have read some of your books and recently fell in love with the project Gliese series. I see book three was published in May of 2018. Does that mean Julia and mei will be out soon? Thank you for your wonderful work!

    • admin says:

      Susan does not have release dates for the two remaining Project Gliese 581g books however they are on her list of books to write.
      Cheers Narelle

  • K.Smith says:

    I love all the series but I am curious about if you will have any more Ella and the Beast books?

  • Kathy Perrin says:

    In Dagger’s book the couple have to land on a world and they meet the French men and the mystery captain. He is searching for a female. Will we have his story?

  • Deb says:

    When will we see Roarrk’s Revenge from the Zion Warriors series?

  • F. Marie Fierro-Meier says:

    Dear Mrs Smith,
    You have had me hooked since I’ve read your first book I now know every book that you have it written including your Magic series but I’m kind of curious why can’t I find my copy of the second Great Bunny Hunt Easter version of the baby dragons I had purchased it got a new phone and when I re-downloaded it I could not find it I actually cannot find it anywhere not even on Amazon or any other ebooks I know I’ve read it I know I owned it you wouldn’t happen to know why I can’t find it would you also what happened to the 1.2 Tia’s Brothers book I just can’t say it email me back and let me know how to find it.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Hi i would like to thank you for the many hours of enjoyment i got from reading your books but i would like to know when waking the golden goddess comes out ?
    I am so looking forward to it

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Waking the Golden Goddess will be the next book in the Dragon Lords series for those that read this and what to know. Expect Aikaterina’s story the first part of next year.

  • Rosemarie White says:

    S E, please take Care of your self.

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Thank you, Rosemarie. I keep trying, but I’m not very good at it. It is currently 5:30am and I’m awake with the birds. LOL. Still, it is a beautiful morning so I can’t complain!

  • Donna says:

    I hope that u get to feeling better. I love all of your books and can’t wait til u have another out. I have read all of your books that I have multiple times I enjoy them so much. Be healthy and safe

  • Ash says:

    I really enjoyed the story and can’t wait for the rest. I have been hooked on these book as well as the Magic of New Mexico. When is freedom of the defiance and Maikoda’s Gift coming out?

  • Donna says:

    Hello I had preordered saving runt from amazon but they cancelled my order say it was not available do u know when it will be released so I can order it I have been waiting for it I know you have a lot of things going on I don’t want to miss the release date

    • admin says:

      I have not yet released Saving Runt as I am still working on it. My health is not 100% and I am not writing as fast as I used to.

  • michelle says:

    Hi I just finished reading the alliance series . I can honestly say I am addicted to the trivators. LOL I would like to know when is jags story coming out.

  • Shannon says:

    Is there a book about the Goddess from the Dragons of Valdier on Earth?

  • jenny says:

    I love the gliese 581 series. Where can I get Honor Bound? I

    • admin says:

      I am so glad you are enjoying my Project Gliese series. I love all the characters in them. Honor Bound is not out yet and I do not have a release date for it, I’m sorry.

  • M. says:

    Hi. Just finished Heart of the Cat. Loved it! I am somewhat addicted to all your books. My favorite series is cosmos’ gateway.

    Would like to mention…no white siberian tigers. White tigers are bengal tigers. The only known white “siberian” tigers are actually siberians crossed with bengals. There are stories claiming that true siberian white tigers have been spotted in the wild but they’ve never been corroborated. At least so far. I learned this from some random “did you know” type thing and not believing it i looked it up. Wikipedia was my first source as it is usually the first thing to pop up on google but i also found info from wild cat sanctuary and a few scientific journals online. And maybe something from discovery channel? I don’t remember for sure.

    Ok done with the random information spew. Can’t wait to read more of your books. You are a fabulous writer.

  • Dionne says:

    Any idea when the next book in the More Than Human Series is going to come out? I recently reread Ella and the Beast and I’d really like to see how the rest of the story continues.

  • Donna says:

    Do u know when saving runt will be released I can’t wait

    • admin says:

      I do not have a release date yet, Donna, as I am trying to not put so much pressure on myself. I am still writing on it and polishing it so it is not far away.

  • lena says:

    I would like to know when the book 1 of the series “Lords of kassis” will be available in french ?

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Annesophie. As soon as the translators are finished with the Alliance series they will begin working on the Lords of Kassis series. I have a lot of books for them. LOL.

  • Lily says:

    Is there a book about Tandor, the healer?

  • Michelle says:

    I was wondering if you were going to write a story about Addalard and Zebulon. I am rereading Ariel’s story and she mentioned possible mates for them.

  • Annamarie Balog says:

    I love all of your books. I own everyone of them. When i first started reading i would often fall asleep and miss alot, so i decided to reread the entire collection from start to finish. I’m glad i did, i did miss alot. Now i’m caught up and enjoy your writting even more. I love
    1st The Dragon Shifters then the Sarafin and then the Curizon. But like i said, i love your entire collection of your writtings. But by far i love the Dragonlings, most of all. Their antics, behavior and their love for each other pulls at my heart strings, at a time when i needed the distraction, with the loss of my Father. Thank You S. E. Smith, you are very talented writer.

    • admin says:

      I’m so sorry about your Dad passing, Annamarie. Big hugs 🤗. I am so glad my books have been there for you. I love the dragonlings too. There’s just something about them that makes the world smile.

  • Dionne says:

    Hi, I have fallen in love with the Dragon Lords of Valdier series which has lead me to read the Curizan and the Sarafin series. I’ve started reading the Dragonlings series as well and I see how connected they are. I’m person who loves to read books in order so that the stories flow. I was just wondering if you planned on doing some sort of timeline so that the readers can see where the Curizan, Sarafin and Dragonlings book fall inbetween?

  • Jackie says:

    Are you working on the next book(s) for your “More Than Human” series? Do you have an idea of when you will release them?

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Jackie, I’ll be working on Mitchell’s Untamed Mate this next year. I fell behind this year, but I’m hoping to catch up this next one!

  • Dani Lane says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your books… If I don’t currently have them all, I’m sure I soon will! lol I just finished Edge of Insanity and can’t find the book that was supposed to follow… If it’s not finished yet, when do you anticipate Jag’s Target being published?

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Dani, Jag’s story isn’t out yet, expect it this next year. I am one of those writers that goes with the characters. LOL. It drives readers crazy, but it helps ensure the stories are original and never dull!

  • Lily says:

    Will The Prince’s Prize ever come out?

  • Joanne says:

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    Hi S.E. Smith, I purchased your last Drangonlings book and only see one chapter or so of the Dragonlings Very Special Valentine. When I go to your site and click on that book that is listed separately, it says I already purchased it. How do I get the entire story?

  • Florence says:

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    I love your books , but I have been waiting impatiently for Core’s Attack and Jarmen’s Jane Doe, please can you give an update when these books will be released.

    • admin says:

      Core’s Attack is out July 10th and Saving Runt is out July 31st. There is no preorder for either ebook yet though. Jarmen’s Jane Doe will be out in November/December 2018.
      ~ Narelle

  • Valerie says:

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    This is for all your Canadian Fans who are unable to get the Magic New Mexico eBooks on I have contacted their Customer Service about this and they are supposed to be looking into it.
    It would help if everyone would contact them to request this as well as they need to realize how popular your books are and most importantly to them the financial aspects.
    We shouldn’t have to go through the drawn-out process described for getting them.

    Thanks Valerie

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Valerie. I totally agree! I have been after the Kindle World rep for over a year to be able to get the books. It is frustrating for me as well because I know it would not only help the authors that wrote in the world, but readers like you would love to read them!

  • Kim Samuel says:

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    Hi, I first discovered your writing last year. My first book was Hunters Claim. I fell in love with your style of writing. I got all the books in the alliance series and then moved to the dragon lords. I was listening to your books so fast i jaf to put myself on a budget. I love how you write with some humour there are times i find myself laughing out loud. I have all your series exspect spirit pass. I love them all, can’t wait for the next book in each series. I read a lot of books and you are my best writer by far. Thank you for taking me worlds away amd helping to relieve my stress.

  • Kim Samuel says:

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    Hi, I first discovered your writing last year. My first book was Hunters Claim. I fell in love with your style of writing. I got all the books in the alliance series and then moved to the dragon lords. I was listening to your books so fast i jaf to put myself on a budget. I love how you write with some humour there are times i find myself laughing out loud. I have all your series exspect spirit pass. I love them all, can’t wait for the next book in each series. I read a lot of books and you are my best writer by far. Thank you for taking me worlds away amd helping to relieve my stress.

  • Barbara Sherry says:

    I copied your free reads and when I realized that I had fouled up the # of pages, I went on your site to be able to find out where I made a mistake. Where are you keeping your Sea Witch Redemption hidden?
    I have enjoyed all your books so far and am trying to get into the witch one.
    Best wishes for your future writing.

  • Barbara says:

    When will Twin Dragon’s Destiny be out. You gave a hint at the end of Twin Dragons and I have been looking to see if it has been released yet.

  • Marlene Martínez says:

    Hello mrs smith. Let me tell you I’m gonna your fans and I like all your characters so far but I have to say and ask when it is going to be the next book for the spirit pass series is been a little over a year and I’m dying to know the storie of aleaha and maybe Taylor he sounds like a interesting characters to write about and of course the next book for the Cosmo’s gateway series

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Marlene. Thank you for your post! 🙂 I do know that Core’s Attack will be out this year. I’m not sure about the next Spirit Pass story, though. I really love that series and what to write another book in it and in my Second Chance series. I’m trying to finish up a few stories that I have partially written before I start any more. If all goes well, I plan to get caught up by this summer which will leave me time to get back to some of my other series.

  • ericka says:

    I have read books of Magic, New Mexico. Do you plan on writing another book based on Joanna and the director in black? I just can’t help but feel there is something going on with them. So in the meantime I will enjoy reading your other books.

    • admin says:

      Yes, there will be more books in that series, as well as, a novella for Tory’s brother who has been cast to far, far away. LOL. The poor guy is still there.

  • emma says:


    I just listened to Hunter, razor and read dagger they are so cool I so can’t wait for saber the fourth book to come out. I going to download some more of you book to hold me over till the saber book come out

    • admin says:

      Hi Emma, Thank you so much for your lovely post! Dagger’s is headed for production for audiobook and I will be working on Saber and Taylor’s story as soon as I finish my next book so it won’t be much longer!

  • Alice Addie says:

    Put subject (Alice) on e-mail as it’s my husband’s. I love all your books and get them as fast as come out on the kindle. I buy a lot of books of all kinds, but there are some have to go back and read again before I even get to my new ones. I read all of your series over and over again the most. I just read 2 of your series last night and was wondering what would happen if Magic,N.M. we’re to meet Cosmo R. and friends. They might find mates on Frost,s world too. Can’t wait for your next book,hope it’s soon. Alice

    • admin says:

      LOL. There will be more of each series. Where they go, only the characters know until they share it with me. That is what I love about writing their stories. I never know what is going to happen next so it is just as exciting to me as it is to everyone else!

  • natalie jeffersin says:

    Thanks so much for the updates. I can’t wait for the next installments.

    • admin says:

      My pleasure. I’m working on a story that is dear to my heart, which has been one reason I’m a little behind. I’m really excited about it though.

  • natalie jeffersin says:

    ? Thanks so much for the update. Can’t wait to read the next installments.

  • natalie jefferson says:

    Ok, I’m stuck on both the Princes Prize and the Heart of the Cat; third book in the Sarafin Warriors set. Do you have release dates for either yet? I love your books.

  • kathy says:

    I will say it again you are a wonderful story teller. I have enjoyed each one of your stories. Your new book was fantastic I cant wait for more of that series

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Kathy for taking the time to share with me. Your support means everything to me. I hope you enjoy Twin Dragons which is out September 20.

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