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Introducing New Range of S.E. Smith Trading Cards, Bookmarks and Posters

I am so excited (and terrified) to be going to RomCon in just over a week’s time. I have never been to a Convention before so this is a first for me. Plus I am also speaking so that has my heart beating quick. Wish me luck I remember how to talk when I stand up in front of my group.

I will be introducing a new range at RomCon – posters, trading cards for Dragon Lords of Valdier, and bookmarks.

Swag Collage watermarked

The trading cards are of the Dragon Lords of Valdier series and I think they look fantastic. There is a sneak peak above of the trading cards and I will release the range on June 20-22 so stay tuned for the complete range.

I will also be signing books and posters at RomCon so please feel free to drop by and get your book signed or get a picture with me.

My book jewelry range is over at Etsy and you can pick up an item right now.

Jewelry Collage link

I would so love to meet you and I hope you stop by my table at RomCon and say hello and have a look at my range and let me know what you think.