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Tink’s Neverland Out Now in Audiobook

Tinks Neverland

Tink’s Neverland

Tink’s Neverland, Book 1 in the Cosmos Gateway Series, is now out in audiobook!

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Jasmine “Tinker” Bell has always had a love for life, looking forward to any new adventure that happens to come along. When a friend’s experiment creates a portal to another world she finds herself swept into a faraway galaxy she thought only existed in the movies.

J’kar ‘Tag Krell Manok had given up hope of ever finding his bond mate. He is surprised when a pint-size female unlike anything he has ever seen suddenly appears on his spaceship to save the life of his brother during an attack. When she is suddenly taken from him he will do anything to get her back and claim her.

Two different worlds collide when Tink, a mechanic in a small college town, meets J’kar, a Prime warrior from a far off galaxy. When Tink’s life is in danger, only J’kar can save her. Now Tink has to decide if she is willing to give up everything she has ever known and loved to stay with the alien she has fallen in love with.

Will their worlds survive the collision or will they be torn apart?

What Readers are saying about Tink’s Neverland:

Five Stars
One of my favorites!

This started me on a fantastic series
The title caught my attention, the blurb caught my interest, and the book was so good I immediately sought out everything available by this author.

S.E. Smith is AWESOME: If your your looking for a great read this is it. Lots of action, and a kick ass leading lady.

Loved It – Laughed – Great Read

Merrick’s Maiden makes USA Today Best Sellers list

Merricks Maiden

Thank you so much to all of my readers for the honor of being on the USA Today Best Selling list for Merrick’s Maiden.

Without you…all of you…I wouldn’t be able to do what I love to do so thank you for reading my books and for keeping in touch with me here on my website, on Facebook, on Twitter and anywhere else I am. I love that I can personally answer your comments and chat with you. Your comments keep me smiling throughout the day 😀

For anyone who hasn’t yet read Merrick’s Maiden, you can find out more about Merrick and Addie here.

99c Black Friday Weekend Reading Sale

The Awesome Foursome!

Celebrate with great weekend reading this Black Friday long weekend with a 99cent sale on the first books in four of my series.

Hunter’s Claim, Tink’s Neverland, Abducting Abby and River’s Run are on sale at the special discounted price of $0.99. And only at Amazon Kindle.
**Only from Friday November 28th to Sunday November 30th 2014**

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Merrick’s Maiden: Cosmos’ Gateway Book 5

Merrick’s Maiden

Cosmos’ Gateway, Book 5

Will Addie hear the love and longing in Merrick’s voice? Can she trust and accept the new life he has to offer? Or, will a ruthless killer silence him before she gets a chance?

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Merrick Ta’Duran is the powerful leader of the Eastern Mountain Clan on the Prime world of Baade. His people, known as the Ghosts of the Forests, live high in the Eastern mountains. Merrick feels the weight of responsibility as the males within his clan become desperate to find mates among the few remaining females. When word comes that a new species has been discovered, he knows he must do what is right for his people – even if it means traveling to a strange, alien realm to do it.

Merrick’s world changes when he is injured and captured by a ruthless group of humans. Drugged and held against his will, he is the subject of experiments and testing as the humans try to discover where he came from and duplicate his strength and ability to heal quickly. After months of captivity, he fears his life will end on the strange world until one chance encounter gives him hope.

Addie Banks’ world has been one of silence since a devastating illness when she was sixteen. Determined to stand on her own two feet, she goes to school during the day and works at night to put herself through college. Her life unexpectedly changes when she stumbles across something she wasn’t supposed to see while at work. Now, she hears a voice in her head – and it is driving her crazy. Her only hope for peace is to help the creature talking to her escape from the men holding him. Merrick knows the female who helps him is his bond mate. She may deny it. She may fight it. She may even try to run from it. It won’t matter. She is his and he will do everything he can to convince her, hold her, even kidnap her if that is what it takes to make her realize that they belong together.

Will Addie hear the love and longing in Merrick’s voice? Can she trust and accept the new life he has to offer? Or, will a ruthless killer silence him before she gets a chance?


Merrick jerked awake and rolled. He barely madeit to the toilet before the contents of his stomachemptied. He didn’t know what they had pumped intohim this time, but he could feel his body rejecting it.Heaving, he gripped the bars until the nausea passed.

Several minutes later, he slowly straightened.With a softly muttered curse, he released the bars andstepped over to the sink. He twisted the knob for thecold water. Bending, he washed his mouth out beforewashing his face. It took several minutes before he feltslightly better.

Standing back straight, he rolled his shoulders.The chains around his wrists rattled as he pushed hishair back from his face. The faint memories of handson his body sent a ripple of distaste and rage throughhim. His stomach churned again, but this time for adifferent reason. He turned back to the bed andstripped the thin cover off of the mattress. Tearing athin strip from it, he dampened it and quickly wipedhis body down to get rid of the feel of Dr. Rockman’shands on it.

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Tink’s Neverland Games
Enjoy and have fun! Let us know in the comments how you went.
Hannah’s Warrior – Book Trailer
Book Trailer for Merrick’s Maiden: Cosmos’ Gateway To learn more about Merrick's Maiden, click here.

Sexy, addictive, and perfect if you are looking for unique stories filled with hot, alpha dragon-shifting alien men and strong female protagonists that will leave you cheering for more!