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Dust : Avant et Après

Dust : Avant et Après

Après qu’une planète a frappé la Terre, un garçon découvre qu’il a des pouvoirs étranges qui l’aideront, ainsi que ceux qu’il rencontre en route, à trouver une ville qu’ils espèrent a survécu.

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Gagnant d’or 2016 du Wishing Shelf Book Awards !

Dust se réveille pour découvrir que le monde tel qu’il l’a connu n’existe plus après que des fragments d’une comète aient frappé la Terre. Mais ce n’est pas la seule chose qui est différente, Dust l’est aussi… Il possède à présent des pouvoirs qui continuent de croître, mais qui ont aussi un prix.

Après avoir quitté sa maison, une rencontre dangereuse le mène à une nouvelle découverte : d’autres survivants et une créature qui s’est relevée des cendres, et elle est déterminée à obtenir ses pouvoirs.

Suivez un nouveau groupe de héros improbables dans leur lutte pour faire de la Terre un monde meilleur et plus sûr ! 


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Dust 2
Dust 2 - A New World Order Dust Those that have been changed face the humans who have not in[...]
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Dust 2

Dust 2 - A New World Order


Those that have been changed face the humans who have not in a new world order that will test the line between monsters and humanity.

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It can always get worse…

New dangers, old enemies, and more follow Dust as a new world order is established, one that will pit one species against another. Life is about to become very hazardous—for anyone who gets in his way.

Dust's increasing uncertainty of the changes inside him, the treacherous journey to Portland, Oregon in search of his aunt and uncle, and his growing feelings for Sammy have him on edge. He is reluctant to tell his adopted family that the power inside him is growing again and that he isn’t sure when—or if—it will ever stop. When they reach Portland, Dust discovers a line has been drawn between those who have been changed and the unchanged ones who want to control them.

Can Dust protect his new family from being used or will the power growing inside him become a force that will not only destroy his enemies, but also the ones he loves?


“We have room for one more if you need a lift,” Josie invited with a smug tone of satisfaction.

Dust shoved his hands into his front pockets and looked down at the road. “I’m good,” he replied, running the toe of his tennis shoe along the rough pavement.

There was no mistaking Josie’s unladylike snort. “Yeah, well, I’m sure as hell not. Do you have any idea how many back roads and potholes I’ve driven over the last three weeks? I’m surprised this thing is still running. Besides, we could always use a good mechanic on board. Randolph doesn’t know shit about working on engines,” Josie retorted.

Behind Josie, Dust heard Randolph’s sarcastic response to the jab. “Ha-ha, Josie. I don’t see you fighting us to get under the hood,” Randolph replied.

“Uh, Randolph, you might want to watch it or Josie might follow through with her threat to leave you behind,” Denise warned him with a pointed look.

Also in the series:

Dust is out now in audiobook
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Dust – The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2016 Gold Winner
Absolutely thrilled!! Dust has won the 2016 Gold Winner in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This premier award is judged[...]
2016 Finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards for Books for Teenagers
I am thrilled to be a 2016 Finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards for Books for Teenagers. Two of[...]

Sexy, addictive, and perfect if you are looking for unique stories filled with hot, alpha dragon-shifting alien men and strong female protagonists that will leave you cheering for more!