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Razor’s Traitorous Heart and Hunter’s Claim

“Lovers of strong female characters take note: Razor’s Traitorous Heart by S. E. Smith” – Charlee from Smart Girls Love SciFi

Razor's Traitorous Heart 4As I am coming to the end of my blog tour for Razor’s Traitorous Heart, I thought I would pull together the reviews that different blogs have done on Razor and in some cases, on Hunter’s Claim too.

Thank you to all the blogs who have hosted me and Razor’s Traitorous Heart over the last four weeks. It’s been fantastic!

I loved this book even more that the first Alliance book. The conflict is convincing, the hero is strong, smart, swoon worthy and facing tough decisions.  The heroine is a kick-ass, smart, and determined; but not at all hard or jaded.

 “One of the things that I appreciate about this series is that Smith is able to deliver a complete and satisfying book centered around one couple while pulling the threads of the secondary characters further out to tempt the reader into the next book in the series.”

5* rating

“Prepare to race at warp speed along a journey filled with danger, deceit, turmoil and death, where two people find a quiet oasis of love in each other’s arms. Razor’s Traitorous Heart by S. E. Smith showcases this author’s ability to write and write well! From soft romantic scenes to steamy and passionate moments, a hero that fumbles through the learning process of tenderness and caring, and a heroine who denies she wants or needs to be loved, S. E. Smith had me devouring every word, every page.”

“The romance sticks out with its fresh sweetness and that simmering pot-about-to- boil-over feel. S. E. Smith has created a world full f strife and characters that are both memorable and alive.”

“Bless you, S. E. Smith for creating two strong characters who can butt heads and hearts, but learn to accept each other the way they are as their love grows throughout this fabulous addition to The Alliance Series.”

“This series is proving to be one step apart from others with heroes with heart and loyalty and heroines with backbones and the wisdom to eventually realize when their future is standing in front of them.” 

On Hunter’s Claim –

“It began with excitement and it was paced really well throughout. The writing was smooth with lots of action, some surprises, a strong and determined heroine, a male with honor and alpha male characteristics, some romance, and a setting that is partially out of this world!”

“This is one alien series that is easy to get wrapped up in. I lost track of time and in what seemed like warp speed, I was finished and wanting to read more.”

On Razor’s Traitorous Heart

“I loved the characters in both books, especially the women. This book had more devastation and twists in the plot as well as suspense, and angst too. There was still romance, and the plot of Razor’s book had an even more out of this world setting!”

“The bottom line is, if you like aliens or strong heroines, you will want to put these books at the top of your tbr list. Both books were easy to dive into and hard to put down. Razor’s book could easily stand alone but I’d read them in order.”

“At some points you will laugh so hard it hurts and others you will want to cry, get ready for a rollercoaster of fun.”


Touch of Frost: Magic, New Mexico Book 1

Touch of Frost

Magic, New Mexico, Book 1

Lacey Adams lives in the small town of Magic, New Mexico. Frost is a Star Ranger. He travels the star systems bringing intergalactic fugitives to justice. When a maximum-security fugitive escapes, he is sent after him to a distant forbidden planet called Earth. Things become complicated when Frost discovers his heart is not as frozen as he thought when Lacey is taken hostage by the fugitive he seeks. What he doesn’t anticipate is her unexpected resistance – both with the fugitive and with him.

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Lacey Adams lives in the small town of Magic, New Mexico where she devotes herself to the animals at her Touch of Magic Animal Shelter. The strange assortment of animals helps heal the pain and loneliness inside her since the death of her husband three years before.

Frost is a Star Ranger. He travels the star systems bringing intergalactic fugitives to justice. When a maximum-security fugitive escapes from the mining prison, he is sent after him. Only this time, the fugitive has violated a major law… he has traveled to a distant forbidden planet inhabited by a race that has not mastered space travel yet.

Now, he is in a race to find the fugitive before those on the planet known as Earth discover there are not one, but two aliens on their world. Things become complicated when Frost discovers his heart is not as frozen as he thought when a young human female is taken hostage by the fugitive. What he doesn’t anticipate is her unexpected resistance – both with the fugitive and with him.

Frost is forced to make a decision that is guaranteed to put him on the most wanted list when he follows his heart and kidnaps Lacey. He knows that some things are worth the risk. What he doesn’t know is that Lacey has a few secrets of her own.


Frost stood frozen in disbelief watching as the woman lowered the golden mammal in her arms to the ground before she grabbed a small, clear container off the floor. With another series of mumbled words, the contents of the container disappeared. When she finally stood straight again, she was holding the container between the palms of her hands with a look of disgust on her face. Inside was a miniature replica of Taar, now only about five inches high.

His throat worked up and down as the female turned her heated gaze on him. He started to stumble backwards when she took a step toward him, her eyes glittering in determination. His vision blurred as she waved her hand at him. Panic gripped him as the world began to grow around him. He tried to turn on his heel, but found he was unable to move as trillions of sparkling lights danced around him for several long, eternal seconds.

His eyes closed as he fought with his frozen muscles, trying to get them to obey him. When he opened his eyes, the golden mammal was looking at him, nose to nose. He grimaced when a pink tongue swept out to lick the fur covering his face.

Fur! I don’t have… Frost thought for a brief moment before his eyes lit on the reflection in the smoky glass of what looked like a cooking device. With a tentative hop forward, he gazed at his reflection. I… I… His brain rebelled at the same time as he felt a firm, but gentle hand, grab him by the back of his neck and lift him. I have long ears! He thought before his mind shut down and he slipped into an exhausted slumber as soothing words washed over him.

“Lacey, what the hell do you want me to do with a rabbit?” Theo asked in exasperation as he studied the slumbering bunny. “Make a stew out of it?”

Lacey sighed. She didn’t know what to do. Technically, the rabbit, aka male intruder, hadn’t been the one to threaten her. In fact, it was as if he was trying to protect her, which was totally ridiculous as she could protect herself from most things not that the man would have known that.

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Sexy, addictive, and perfect if you are looking for unique stories filled with hot, alpha dragon-shifting alien men and strong female protagonists that will leave you cheering for more! 

Razors Traitorous Heart: The Alliance Book 2

Razors Traitorous Heart The Alliance Book 2

Amazon Best Seller sci fi romance

Razor’s Traitorous Heart: The Alliance Book 2

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Kali Parks is a shadow in the war between two factions that are fighting to gain control of Chicago. Born and raised on the streets, she stands as a silent sentinel at her brother’s side as he battles to gain control. She will do whatever it takes to bring peace to those she has pledged her life to protect, including fighting against the creatures that came to their world almost six years before. Razor, a councilman for the Alliance, has been sent to oversee the remaining Trivator troops on Earth and make sure the transition for the induction of Earth into the Alliance goes smoothly. He is the one the Alliance calls when they have a situation that needs to be resolved once and for all. His reputation for dealing with difficult rebels is renowned. He asks no questions and takes no prisoners. His job is to eliminate all threats to the Alliance. He finds himself torn between duty and something he is unfamiliar with, his heart. When a shadow warrior saves his life and disappears, he discovers his world is no longer as cut and dry as he thought. The more he learns, the more he discovers he is not immune to the warrior’s passionate desire to fight to protect her people. Forced by duty to settle the conflict, he must decide between the Alliance and his own desire to claim the unwilling warrior. When the conflict escalates, he does the only thing he can; he makes a pact with one of the factions in exchange for a prize that will surely cause a battle of a different kind – the one for his traitorous heart. Will he be able to claim her before she escapes from him again? Or worse, will she sacrifice her life to protect those she loves before he can?


Teaser #3 for Razor’s Traitorous Heart

Razor's Traitorous Heart 4Determined to start fresh, he had ordered a new home be built on property he owned along the beautiful cliffs overlooking the vast emerald green waters of their ocean. It had been difficult but the final construction had been completed this morning.

“We must be going,” Razor called out. “Kali is tired and I wish to get her home before dark.”

“Oh, you’re leaving, Kali?” Taylor said pausing as the comlink pinged on her collar. “Yes? Sure, ten minutes? Great, see you then. Buzz is coming to pick me up. We’ll be back before it gets dark. I want to be here when Jordan and Dagger arrive.”

“Where are you going?” Saber demanded.

Taylor looked at him with a raised eyebrow. For the past two years, he had treated her like she was a child. She wasn’t a child any longer. She was studying Physical Therapy and working at the local medical clinic. Her eyes moved to the cane that he was leaning heavily on. He still refused to do the Physical Therapy that would help him.

A low growl drew her attention back to his face which had turned darker. She could see the rage that always seemed to be simmering under the surface. She missed the Saber of old who used to joke and tease her and the others.

“Buzz is taking me out,” she replied with a shrug as she grabbed her jacket off the back of the kitchen chair and started to walk by him. “We’ve been hanging out on and off.”

Saber put his hand out to stop Taylor from walking past him. He was breathing heavily and a dark regret burned in his eyes. He stared down into Taylor’s flushed upturned face. There was so much he wanted to do and say but he was not the male for her. She deserved a male who was whole. A male could protect her the way she deserved to be protected.

“It is probably the way it should be,” he muttered.

“Why?” Taylor asked softly, ignoring everyone else in the room.

“Because you deserve a male who is whole,” Saber bit out, dropping his arm so she could pass.

Anger glittered in Taylor’s eyes for a moment before it was replaced with a sly grin. She reached down and cupped the front of Saber, ignoring the shocked gasp from her sister and the smothered choked chuckle from Hunter’s mom and dad. She squeezed Saber, empowered by the quick swelling of his cock at her touch.

“I don’t know,” Taylor said thoughtfully, “you feel pretty damn whole to me.”

Without another word, Taylor ran her hand across the bulge in Saber’s pants one more time before she turned and walked out of the front of the house. A feeling of triumph flooded her. He wasn’t immune to her touch and she damn well planned on touching him a lot more.

“Did she just…?” Jesse asked in a choked whispered.

“I think it is time for us to leave,” Razor muttered.

Kali’s eyes glittered with a touch of mischief as she brushed her hand across the front of Razor. Yep, he wasn’t immune to her touch either.

Razor’s Traitorous Heart out June 12th 2014

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