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Interview with Deborah Cooke

Author Spotlight – Deborah Cooke

Deborah Cooke

Deborah is one of my favorite authors. I love her Dragonfire series. If you haven’t read any of them, you don’t know what you are missing! I was having a major fangirl moment when I first met her at RTC in Ottawa this past spring. She is an incredibly talented authors. My sister first introduced me to her books and I couldn’t get enough of them.

Bestselling and award-winning author Deborah Cooke has published over fifty novels and novellas, including historical romances, fantasy romances, fantasy novels with romantic elements, paranormal romances, contemporary romances, urban fantasy romances, time travel romances and paranormal young adult novels.

She writes as herself, Deborah Cooke, as Claire Delacroix, and has written as Claire Cross. She is nationally bestselling, #1 Kindle Bestselling, KOBO Bestselling, as well as a USA Today and New York Times’ Bestselling Author. Her Claire Delacroix medieval romance, The Beauty, was her first book to land on the New York Times List of Bestselling Books.

The Beauty

Deborah was the writer-in-residence at the Toronto Public Library in 2009, the first time TPL hosted a residency focused on the romance genre, and she was honored to receive the Romance Writers of America PRO Mentor of the Year Award in 2012. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and of Novelists Inc. Deborah thinks a lot about publishing and writing, and also knits too much.

Kiss of Fire

One kiss can change the course of destiny… When ace accountant Sara Keegan decides to settle down and run her quirky aunt’s New Age bookstore, she’s not looking for adventure. She doesn’t believe in fate or the magic of tarot cards, but when she’s saved from a vicious attack by a man who has the ability to turn into a fire-breathing dragon, she questions whether she’s losing her mind – or about to lose her heart.

Self-reliant loner Quinn Tyrrell has long been distrustful of his fellow Pyr. When he feels the firestorm that signals his destined mate, he’s determined to protect and possess Sara, regardless of the cost. Then Sara’s true destiny is revealed and Quinn realizes he must risk everything – even Sara’s love – to fulfill their entwined fates.

Website: http://deborahcooke.com/


Interview with Carol Van Natta

Author Spotlight – Carol Van Natta

Carol Van Natta

I am thrilled this month to shine my author spotlight on Carol Van Natta. Carol is a real sweetheart and I love her. I hope you enjoy discovering more about Carol.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been writing? What genre do you write?
    I’m an independent science fiction author and playwright. My muse’s home base is science fiction, but has vacation timeshare condos in romance, action-adventure, mystery, paranormal, and fantasy. Like most authors, I’ve been writing since I was old enough to put pen to paper and not scribble refrigerator art. I’m an independent author because my current Central Galactic Concordance series is science fiction romance (SFR), and that genre, while growing, is too small for traditional publishers. I’m also a playwright and screenwriter, mostly of comedic pieces, and have had several short plays produced.
  2. What inspired you to write your first book?
    When I was in high school, my friends and I wrote fan fiction for Star Trek. It was really dreadful, but we had fun, and the experience firmly fixed the writing bug in my brain. Fast forward a dozen years, and I co-authored a retro science fiction comedy called Hooray for Holopticon because we had a nifty idea and a free summer to write it. My first solo book, Overload Flux, came about from a Big Damn Story Arc that took over my brain one summer and wouldn’t let go. The resident Mad Scientist, my significant other, was convinced my computer had enslaved me, but he was kind enough to feed me regularly anyway. I wrote the story arc and the universe to go with it. If I’m calculating correctly, it’ll need 9 books to complete, which should keep me off the streets and out of the karaoke bars for a few years.Overload Flux
  3. Where do you get your inspiration from?
    Everywhere. I’m a big fan of science, so I read a lot of science articles. A comparative mythology article I read spawned an idea for an urban fantasy series, and a TV special on the Pacific Northwest rainforest in the U.S. and Canada spawned an idea for a fantasy romance series. I saw a gorgeous digital painting of an artist’s re-imagining the battle of Fort Sumpter (which started the American Civil War) in the steampunk style, which gave me the idea for a steampunk trilogy set in what the U.S. would be like 25 years after that. Little things inspire me, too, from the power source for interstellar spaceships to how you buy clothes in the 34th Century.
  4. Where/When do you do the most of your writing?
    On an ideal day, I’d get up really early (I’m a morning person) and write, then check in with friends on Facebook, take care of business, such as writing blurbs (a task I hate), or working with a cover artist (a task I love), then write some more. I don’t get very many ideal days, though, because I have a full-time job and life happens. I end up writing whenever and wherever I can—coffee shops, dentist’s waiting room, my car, hotel rooms, etc.
  5. What do you think has been your biggest accomplishment?
    Creating what I hope is a repeatable process for writing more books. It sounds prosaic, I know, but I really want to share the Big Damn Story Arc with readers, and to do that, I need to write a lot of books.
  6. What series/book did you write that has the biggest following.
    Readers who like action and adventure like my first book, Overload Flux, and demanded to know more, so I wrote a sequel novella, Zero Flux. Readers who like mysteries and character-driven SF respond to my second book, Minder Rising. The first book won a 2015 SFR Galaxy Award, which was a delightful surprise.
  7. Who has influenced your writing the most?
    I’m undoubtedly the product of a dozen influences, but I’ll name two. Lindsay Buroker’s Emperor’s Edge fantasy series showed me how to handle a recurring cast of characters and make them fun and interesting, while tracking a bigger plot. Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series showed me the power of romance in giving added emotional weight to an overarching plot. Both series deal with major societal change, which is what my aforementioned Big Damn Story Arc is all about.
  8. Do you have a favorite author?
    I’m fickle, I’m afraid. I have dozens of favorite authors, and because I read fast, it varies from week to week. I’ve already mentioned Buroker and Singh, so I’ll also mention S.E. Smith’s Cosmos’ Gateway series, and not because she’s having me over for virtual tea and crumpets. I’m a sucker for feisty, competent women, geeky beta males, and balanced relationships.
  9. Is there anything that you find particularly challenging in your writing?
    Not getting distracted by outside… look, a new cat video!
  10. Are the experiences of your characters based on any of your own or people that you know?
    Yes, of course. I tell my friends they’re all in my books, but they have to guess where. 😉 Honestly, I steal, uh, become inspired by bits and pieces everywhere to develop my characters, from the restaurant server with that amazingly annoying voice to the brilliant analyst I work with who can’t figure out make a pot of coffee. I love languages, so my series has a lot of multicultural characters and references.
  11. Do you have any advice for other authors?
    Write. You can’t edit what you don’t write; you can’t sell what you don’t write. Will all of it be useful, marketable, or even readable? No, but how can you get better if you don’t practice? Free bonus advice: Do your homework, and treat writing as a business. You’ll be a lot happier if you do.
  12. Is there a particular niche or direction you would like to expand your writing portfolio into?
    After I have a few more books in my current series, I’d like to start a new one, so I can be working on two series at the same time. Which of my various idea seeds will sprout when the time comes is anyone’s guess.
  13. Describe your latest WIP.
    I’m currently working on the third book in the Central Galactic Concordance series. Pico’s Crush has new lead characters and cameos by characters in the first two books, plus urban assaults by mercenaries and jack crews, a hunt for a killer, and lots of explosions. It both finishes a mini-plot arc begun in books 1 and 2, and launches the events in upcoming book 4.
  14. How can readers reach you?
    I usually check in on Facebook a couple of times a day, and I love hearing from readers there or from my website or email. People who sign up for my newsletter (http://bit.ly/CVN-news) get exclusive advance notice of new releases and sales.

Carol’s social media links:
Newsletter: http://bit.ly/CVN-news
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarolVanNattaAuthor
Website & blog: http://author.carolvannatta.com/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3980825.Carol_Van_Natta
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+CarolVanNatta

Carol’s Bio:
Carol Van Natta is an independent author of science fiction, including Overload Flux, Minder Rising, and Zero Flux in the Central Galactic Concordance series, and Hooray for Holopticon, a retro science fiction comedy. She has been a swing-shift guard, secretary, actor, voiceover talent, singing telegram performer, non-profit director, business continuity specialist, and of course, an author. She still does some of those things so she can eat regularly and sleep indoors. She shares her Fort Collins, Colorado, home with a sometime mad scientist and various cats. Any violations of the laws of physics in her books are the fault of the cats, not the mad scientist.


Interview with Pauline Gruber – Where Did She Get Inspiration

Author Spotlight – Pauline Gruber

Pauline Gruber

I am thrilled to be shining the spotlight on Pauline Gruber this month. You know how I like to ask questions! Well, here is my interview with Pauline. I’m looking forward to her new release, The Girl and The Gargoyle, coming out on June 26th.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been writing? What genre do you write?
    I’ve been writing “seriously” for five years, although I’ve been dabbling most of my life. I write paranormal romance, fantasy adventure, contemporary romance, and science fiction for young adults. Maybe it would it be easier to list what I don’t write. Dystopian, steampunk, and horror.
  2. Where do you get your inspiration from?
    The inspiration for The Girl and the Raven came while I was falling asleep one night and then it proceeded to rob me of sleep for a week. A sixteen-year-old girl from Tennessee moves to Chicago and is nearly run over by a wealthy investor barrelling down the street. Turns out a demon is coming for the man’s son and this girl is the only one who can save him. It’s an over simplified version of the story, but there it is. I loved writing that story!
    The inspiration for my vampire novel (not yet published) came from the Chateau d’Abbadie, a castle in France. I built a duplicate castle in remote Wisconsin where a group of poker playing vampires reside (they also garden at night). I had so much fun studying castles and interiors while writing that story.
  3. Where/When do you do the most of your writing?
    I write on the train while commuting to my day job. It’s fabulous because I can either plug in my earbuds and listen to one of my music mixes on my iPod or keep my ears open and eavesdrop on interesting conversations. It’s great fuel for future characters and stories. I also write at my dining room table at home.
  4. What do you think has been your biggest accomplishment?Writing and publishing my first book. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and the most rewarding.
  5. Do you have a favorite author?
    Just one? Seriously? I’ll be nice and keep it to 7. Ann Patchett, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, and Judy Blume
  6. Do you have any advice for other authors?
    The first is to put your butt in the chair and actually write. It’s been said hundreds of times before, but it bears repeating. There is a guy in my IT Department at the day job. He’s so creative and comes up with brilliant story ideas. I touch base with him periodically, to find out where he’s at with a particular story and to cheer him on. The answer is always the same. He rattles off a dozen reasons why he’s made no progress. It’s frustrating. His stories need to be told.
    Second piece of advice: persevere. That one word is mighty powerful. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to give up. Whether you suffer from writer’s block, anxiety, lack of time, lack of ideas, a ton of responsibility, the blues, lack of sleep, whatever it is, DON’T GIVE UP! Believe in yourself and your stories. I promise you, the satisfaction you will feel upon completing your book is unlike anything else. And, like one of my readers recently pointed out to me “You’ve got big time bragging rights!”
  7. Describe your latest WIP.
    The Girl and the Gargoyle, the sequel to The Girl and the Raven, is being released on June 26th. I’m so in love with this book! Here is the blurb:
    Being half-witch/half-demon and dating Marcus, a gargoyle, is complicated enough for Lucy. She can almost tolerate Jude, her demon father, implementing demon training. But when Marcus’s family arrives in Chicago, her world begins to crumble. Marcus’s mother wants him to return to the gargoyle clan where he belongs; his father wants Marcus to help him kill Jude.  There’s one very major problem with this: if Jude dies, Lucy dies.
    Marcus works with other supernaturals to help save Jude and Lucy. Meanwhile Lucy has her own plan and with the aid of a surprise newcomer, seeks help from the most unlikely—and dangerous—source.
    The Girl and The Raven is at Amazon
    The Girl and The Gargoyle will be released on June 26th.
  8. How can readers reach you?
    My website: www.paulinegruber.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paulinegruberauthor
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/PaulineGruber

The Old Dragon of the Mountain’s Christmas video

Behind the Scenes: Where do the ideas come from?

I recently started doing author videos for each of my stories as I thought it might be good to share with everyone why I write the stories and to give a little behind the scenes look of how they came about. Nothing long and drawn out, but a little insight into how the worlds came to be. Your feedback shows that it was the right decision!

Mind you, it took 17 tries before I recorded one without stumbling too badly. I was making faces and doing the blah, blah, blah thing. When I am braver and have done a few more videos, I’ll have to post all the bloopers I made! (Some of them are really good! LOL)

The Old Dragon of the Mountain's ChristmasI think you will love Edna and Christoff’s story! I dedicated it to Dulcie and Jose (both are in their 80’s). I truly believe love can come when you least expect it and that it is just as real for older couples as it is for the younger. Perhaps more so in many ways because we can appreciate how fortunate we are when we are given another chance to find it.

I cried buckets while writing The Old Dragon of the Mountain’s Christmas, but I also laughed out loud. You will need a big box of tissues for this story, but I promise, it will leave you smiling. Christoff definitely deserves his HEA!

I loved Christoff and Edna’s story. Just think what can happen when you see a Dragon fly!


Interview with Veronica Scott – Get To Know Her

Author Spotlight – Veronica Scott

Veronica Scott

Thanks for having me as your guest today! I love being the New Year’s Babe (uh, that was ‘babe’, right, not ‘baby’ LOL?) Happy 2015 at any rate and I’m honored to be here!

For those who haven’t met me, I’m a writer of science fiction romance, as well as ancient Egyptian paranormal romances; a voracious reader myself; a columnist for the USA Today Happily Ever After blog; wearer of long blingy earrings; lover of cats; mother to two and Gramma to one. Oh, and a totally addicted Twitteraholic. My day job is in the aerospace industry.

I started writing at the age of seven, a self-illustrated tale of princesses, flying cats and unicorns. Dad was a science fiction fan and gave me my first Andre Norton book at a young age, which I really think shaped my entire writing career from that moment on. Mom loved ancient history so we had all the sword and sandal novels and Time-Life books about Egypt, Greece and Rome. It seemed there were never enough SFR books to read (or novels set in ancient Egypt), so I started writing my own, but didn’t seriously pursue getting published until after my daughters were grown. I wrote PRIESTESS OF THE NILE in 2011, sent it off to the Carina Press slush pile and a few months later got The Call from Angela James. Now I self-publish both the SFR and the ancient Egyptian novels. Control freak here, love self-publishing!
I have a great support team of independent editors, cover artists and formatters, as well as a terrific audiobook narrator….

Priestess of the Nile

I like to create fully formed worlds containing their own mysteries and back story. I try to give the reader glimpses during the adventures, hopefully just enough to leave you wanting more. For the SFRs, which occur in a future galactic civilization called the Sectors, I ask myself “why this” and “how does that” and “if I lived on this planet what would I…” The novels may be science fiction, based in a technological, galactic civilization but I want there to be that element of something else, something mystical, that can’t quite be explained. By anyone!

The romance is really important to me when I’m reading a novel, and I love a strong heroine as well as an alpha male hero, so that’s what I write. Two of the heroines in my three published SFR’s to date are intergalactic businesswomen who don’t wait for anyone to rescue them, and who want to be equal partners insurmounting the danger and living the adventure. The third is a blind princess who surprises everyone with her strength in a crisis. The heroes in my books are Special Forces soldiers of the future, each with his own personal challenges, but courageous and caring – there’s nobody better to have at your back in a crisis.

WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM is a loose retelling of the Titanic, set in the far future…

ESCAPE FROM ZULAIRE is a story of a woman trapped behind enemy lines in an unexpected alien war, and the soldier charged with rescuing her…

MISSION TO MAHJUNDAR is about the blind Princess of Shadows and a soldier whose mission on her planet had nothing to do with saving her, until they fall into a forbidden love….

You can find out more about my books on my blog at http://veronicascott.wordpress.com/ They’re available as e books at all the usual online retailers and can also be ordered as paperbacks from Amazon. (Except for the two Carina Press Egyptian paranormal which are ebook only.) WRECK and ESCAPE are also available as audiobooks. The books are standalone and can be read in any order.

You can find me on:

Twitter as @vscotttheauthor

on Facebook:


Amazon Author Central: