Tangling With Topper

Tangling with Topper by Donna McDonald

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What was a witch to do? She had no power to fight the sexy alien and couldn’t fight his power over her.

Topper didn’t like it, but as the head witch in Magic, she had to be responsible and do the right things. That meant there would be no safaris or white river rafting until this latest fiasco was over. Last time they opened the space portal, it was to reunite Lacey and Frost. This time? It was to let some alien animal catcher come through to help them round up the green meanies that had snuck through on them when Frost had returned.

But nothing explained why the older Glacierian male chose to show up naked. It was just incredibly rude, no matter how impressive the package he was sporting. On top of not caring one whit that he’d embarrassed them, Stark was also more arrogant than anyone she’d ever met. This included the Fates who took her powers away and then wouldn’t tell her why.

When the men in black and a nosy scientist arrived, it just capped off the worst week Topper could ever remember having in her entire witchy life. The troublemakers would have to be stashed until her powers returned. The only bright spot was that Stark was a sleek alien animal in bed and the most talented lover she’d ever come across. And she wouldn’t have to wipe his memory when it over because Stark was leaving anyway.

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