Teaser for A Dragonlings’ Magical Christmas

A Dragonlings' Magical Christmas Christmas in July is fast approaching with A Dragonlings’ Magical Christmas releasing on July 14th.

Here’s a teaser just for you:

Ha’ven quietly entered his and Emma’s living quarters and shut the door behind him. He could hear Emma talking to Alice. The sweet sound of Alice’s giggle answered whatever Emma had told their tiny daughter. He paused at the entrance to the living area to silently watch them. Emma was holding up different blocks and calling out their colors. “Red,” Alice giggled and clapped her hands. “Red, red, red, red, red.” Emma’s delighted laughter echoed through the room. “Yes, red,” she replied, bending to give Alice a quick peck on the cheek. “Now, what color is this?” Ha’ven grinned when Alice touched the blue block and it changed to red. “Red,” Alice replied with a grin before turning her head toward him with a happy squeal. “Daddy!” Ha’ven opened his arms, knowing from experience what was about to happen. Sure enough, a second later, Alice appeared in them. Her tiny arms wrapped around his neck and a very wet kiss was pressed to his lips. He tried not to wince when the wooden block caught him upside the head. “Dada, red!” Alice proclaimed with a proud grin. “I like red.”

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