The Sea Witch’s Redemption Audio

The Sea Witch’s Redemption Audiobook

A Seven Kingdoms Tale, Book 4

Expecting to die, the Sea Witch wakes in a new realm where love is possible and danger threatens the two men she will do anything to protect. Available in audiobook!

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She expected to die saving her world… Magna’s existence was once filled with laughter, love and joy. Her life changes in a single night when a mysterious object falls from the sky into the ocean and she wakes to find herself held captive in her own body. As the centuries pass, she becomes known as the Sea Witch—a creature who is feared and reviled. Her efforts to save the Seven Kingdoms and destroy the alien creature living inside her should have ended both their lives—instead, Magna wakes to find herself in a strange, new realm.

Gabe Lightfoot and his best friend, Kane Field, have stood side by side through thick and thin. Brothers by circumstance, they have seen the darker side of life and lived to remember it. When Gabe rescues a wounded woman in the waters off the coast of Oregon, they have no idea what’s in store for them.

It doesn’t take long for Magna to learn that she is no safer in this new world than she was in her own. Fearful of endangering the two men who have taken her under their wing, Magna is torn between trying to return to her world or staying in this one.

The choice may be decided for her when strangers come to town searching for clues regarding a series of strange disappearances. Can Gabe and Kane protect her from those who would lock her up to study her, or will the curse of the Sea Witch destroy them as well?


“This is Kane,” a distracted voice said on the other end.

“I need help,” Gabe bit out in a sharp voice.

There was a slight pause before Kane spoke again. “How bad?” Kane asked.

“Gunshot to the left shoulder,” Gabe replied.

This time the pause was filled with a low hiss. “Who’d you piss off this time?” Kane asked sharply. “You know I’m supposed to report anything like this.”

“Yeah, I know,” Gabe said in a low voice. “It’s not me this time. Just be at my house in an hour. I’ll be coming in from the dock.”

“I’ll be there,” Kane responded in a tense voice. “You sure you don’t want to come to the clinic?”

Gabe’s lips twisted in a sardonic grin. “Naw,” he said. “Then you’d really feel like you had to report it.”

The sound of a frustrated sigh made Gabe thankful he wasn’t onshore yet. Kane wasn’t above bending the rules or looking the other way when he felt it was necessary, but Gabe wouldn’t ask his friend to jeopardize his practice or his medical license by having to cover for him there. Now, coming to his house… What happened there, stayed there.

“One of these days I’m going to ignore it when you call,” Kane threatened. “I’ll be at the dock.”

“Thanks, man,” Gabe replied in a soft voice. “Something tells me that this should be kept quiet.”

“You can explain when we’re together,” Kane retorted.

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