Twin Dragons – Teaser #1

Here’s a teaser for Twin Dragons coming out September 16:

Calo leaned back against the side of the cottage. He looked at Cree who was staring at the remains of the twin dragons. They had arrived in time to hear what Barrack told their father. They watched as he was put to death, his head severed from his shoulders. They heard the murmurs from the other villagers agreeing with Barrack.

“Do you think…?” Calo whispered, staring at the smoldering remains of the green and white dragon.

“No,” Cree answered as a grim determination filled him. “You heard him. We will die in battle, like warriors, before we let this happen to us. We will do the honorable thing before we hurt another.”

Calo turned his suddenly older gaze to his brother. He could see the tightness around Cree’s mouth. He could feel the quiet sadness that mirrored his own. For as long as he could remember, their father had told them the legends of a warrior one day earning the right to be blessed with finding his true mate. Now, he realized that was all it was… stories.

“We will die in battle,” Calo agreed, watching as their father’s symbiot healed him. “Or we will take each other’s life before we hurt another.”

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