Update on Core’s Attack and Saving Runt

Hi everyone,
As you can probably tell, I’m running—okay, more like crawling—behind on Core and Runt. The good news is that Dust 2: A New World Order has been released, Core is smoking up my computer which means Runt is going to be even better. I promise both stories are coming and will be worth the wait.
I’m hoping to have Core’s Attack done by the end of August and Saving Runt has been moved to October to give me some time to rest and get my strength back. I struggle with Vitamin D deficiency which is a royal pain considering I live in the Sunshine State. It often leaves me tired. Anyway, I’m trying to push through but it has slowed me down a bit so please bear with me as I get back up to full speed again.
It has been a brutal summer as far as temperatures and the heat and humidity are draining! My thoughts and tons of hugs go out to those who have been suffering from the fires. Even my UK readers have had a fierce time with wildfires—something you don’t expect, then the floods on the upper east coast. I am so looking forward to the cooler weather. Maybe we should all become Australian Snowbirds! LOL. Who’s in with me?
Hugs to everyone,
  • Hi. Is there a date for Roarrk’s Revenge & the rest of the series? It was such a cliffhanger ending in book#2 & so long ago. I kept expecting poor Froget to pop up somehow along the way.

    Hoping for more Gracie & Krac & little Violet (or maybe Adam). Was there a story about Gracie’s sister that I missed?

  • Love your stories and can read Dragon Lords of Valdier, Dragonlings of Valdier, Zion Warriors, , Lords of Kassis, Sarafin Warriors, Curizan Warriors, Alliance, Marastin Dow Warriors, and Cosmos’ Gateway series over and over. Thank you for sharing such great stories.

    • Thank you so much, Mary. I’m running a touch behind on some of them, but they are definitely coming! LOL. The characters won’t give me peace until I’ve shared their stories. Hugs!

  • Ms. Smith, hope you are feeling better! However, you might want to update your Amazon listing for both Core’s Attack and Saving Runt. Please are NOT being very understanding and are leaving you bad reviews because Amazon still has it listed as being released today and only in paperback (well Saving Runt anyways).

    • Thanks DS. We have let Amazon know there has been a delay and now we can only wait for them to update the book pages. Hopefully it will be soon.

    • Hi Karen, Susan is running behind on Core’s Attack and Saving Runt. The good news is that Dust 2: A New World Order has been released, Core is smoking up her computer which means Runt is going to be even better. Susan promises both stories are coming and will be worth the wait. She is hoping to have Core’s Attack done by the end of August and Runt has been moved to October to give her some time to rest and get her strength back.

    • Hi Gloria. Thank you so much. I’m trying. I’ve done pretty good since I broke my arms last year, but this is kicking my butt. I’m focusing on trying to get enough rest and taking better care of myself. I’m still working, just at a slower pace. 😛 Yes, the squirrels are pouting.

  • I’m in Cali too and I hate the fires (and the expensive living) been thinking about moving up a state or two (or Canada, free healthcare vs. snow hard choice). If you haven’t tried it try Magnesium. For years I was so low energy it wasn’t funny and everyone said I needed B vitamins, then D but no matter how much I took it had almost no effect. Then one day I picked up a calcium with magnesium, just wanted a calcium that was more natural. OMG what a difference. Then I started reading about what Magnesium does, you pretty much need it for everything oh and it also helps your body process the other vitamins. I can’t recommend it enough. Also if you have issues with muscle cramps grab some Magnesium oil, it will stop a cramp dead. You can also spray it on the bottom of your feet before bed to up your magnesium levels quicker. Just be warned oil is a misname it is not oil like if anything it will actually dry your skin (follow up with lotion recommended). Hope you feel better.

    • Hi Jenn. Thank you for your suggestion! I’ve never taken the Magnesium. The Vitamin D is helping a little, but I’m still not functioning right. I’m going to try the Magnesium. Another reader read your post and said you were right—the magnesium really helps. I will let you know if it works. Fingers crossed!!

      • Women, in particular, need magnesium, it’s why we have chocolate cravings!

        The other thing that could be causing tiredness is a gluten intolerance. A friend of mine was treated for anaemia for over a year before being diagnosed as having Celiac disease. It affects people differently, so not always easy to spot.
        I’ve recently lowered my gluten intake, especially processed (ie supermarket bread, frozen pizza etc) and have been feeling MUCH better. Last year I felt like I had the flu ALL the time. I’m no expert and haven’t be diagnosed, but there is something in wheat products that definitely affects me. Homemade is mostly OK, but store bought, not so much.

        • Hi Marlowe. I haven’t heard about the Magnesium before but since I read your comment I am taking it. I’m feeling a little better. It is taking time—probably because I have so far to go to get back on track—but at least I’m feeling a little better! One step at a time.

  • I have completely loved the series that I have been reading… started with Dragon Lords of Valdier then the Sarafin and Curizan Warriors and the Dragonlings short stories. Once I went through all of those I went into the Cosmos’ Gateway and The Alliance and Zion Warriors. Your books have been so enjoyable and well written I cannot wait for the next ones to come out. I am looking forward to the release of the new books as soon as they come out. I have already pre-ordered Runt, since Core’s Attack is not even showing available to order yet. I hope you get to feeling better soon and don’t get too hot. It has been over 110 here in Vegas.

    • 110! Okay, I’m melting into a spot (and evaporating into that stain) just thinking about it being that hot out. It was 96 degrees here yesterday and within minutes you are soaked to the skin because the humidity is so bad. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m working on feeling better. As my hubby would say, I’m being kinder to me for once (or at least trying to be).

  • I’m addicted to your books!! Read them over and over. Waiting patiently for new releases. Wishing you blessings for a quick recovery.

    • Thank you, Joyce. It is slow, but I’m working on taking care of myself. I just need to listen to my body when it tells me things are wonky.

  • Hi Susan,
    Pray that you are taking care of you first. Looking forward to new releases whenever they come out. I moved from the sunshine states some years ago and I can say I do not miss the heat. It does take a lot out of you. Take care and praying for good health for you.

    A Fan

    • You are soooo right about the heat drain. I’m working on getting back up to speed. It is taking longer than I thought it would.