Viper’s Defiant Mate

Viper’s Defiant Mate

Sarafin Warriors, Book 2

One Alien discovers not all missions are the same when he encounters his human mate.

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Prince Viper d’Rojah, a warrior from the Sarafin cat shifter species, is not happy when he is sent on a special mission by his older brother Vox, King of the Sarafin. The mission is to deliver important documents to the human authorities before kidnapping the sister and grandmother of Vox’s mate, Riley. He has handled tougher assignments in his sleep and just wants to get back to finding the traitors trying to kill him and his family!

Tina St. Claire was finally happy with her life until her big sister, Riley, suddenly disappeared. Even Grandma Pearl suspected that Riley’s ex-employer was hiding something. Determined to find Riley, Tina’s research unwittingly leads the danger to her and Grandma Pearl. The unexpected arrival of a strange man causes things to go from bad to worse when he gives her and Grandma Pearl a packet of material he claims is from Riley.

Riley had warned Viper that neither her sister nor Grandma Pearl would willingly come with him. Viper could care less whether the females wanted to come or not, he had never failed a mission and wasn’t about to start now.

Viper soon discovers this mission has turned into the most important one of his life when both he and his cat recognize that Tina is their mate. Now, he has to keep Tina and her gun toting Grandmother alive. The question is, who is going to save him when both women discover his plans to kidnap them?


Drawing in a deep breath, she leaned forward and looked Viper in the eye. She couldn’t guarantee she could help him clean up the mess he had made, but she would try. The first thing he would need to do is get close enough to apologize for being an idiot. The second thing would be to not to prove that he was still one.

“Okay, I’m not making any promises, but if you try what I’m about to tell you, you have a fifty-fifty chance of at least telling them that they are invited to a wedding without getting shot again,” Carmen chuckled. “After that, you are on your own.”

“Well,” Bahadur interrupted, holding up his drink toward Viper. “That means he has a hundred percent chance of messing up.”

Viper’s eyes narrowed on Bahadur. “If I do, I’ll be using you as a shield again,” he bit out before turning back to Carmen. “Now, what do I have to do?”

Viper shrugged and watched Carmen as she gracefully sank down into the chair next to Bahadur. She studied him for several long seconds before she shook her head and leaned back in her seat, folding her arms across her chest.

“What?” Viper demanded before he took a sip from his glass. “You said you could help, so help. Why are the females behaving irrationally? I can’t even get close to them without ending up with an ass full of salt.”

Carmen’s lips twitched at his disgruntled admission. The movement, combined with the amusement in her eyes and the exasperated expression didn’t help his disposition. If anything, his frustration grew.

“What did you tell them about Riley?” She inquired politely.

Viper shrugged again and looked down at his glass. He frowned as he tried to remember exactly what he had said. All he could think about what Tina’s soft lips against his, her sweet taste, and the silky feel of her skin against his palm.

“I told her that she had been kidnapped by a trader and sold to the Antrox and had to choose a mate. That she chose five, one of which was Vox,” he muttered. “I told her Vox had taken Riley as his mate and given her a cub.”

Carmen raised her slender hands and made a steeple with her fingers. She rested her chin on them as she listened to him. Viper reluctantly admitted he was thankful that she was at least listening to him.

“Did you tell Tina and Pearl that Riley loves Vox and wanted to be with him? Did you explain that she could now shift like Vox and you can?” She asked in a quiet voice. Viper frowned. “Of course not! Why would I say that? Of course Riley has feelings for my brother,” Viper said. “That is why she insists her family be brought back, so he can complete this human ceremony with her.”

Carmen raised an eyebrow and looked at Viper. “And did you happen to mention that they were getting married?” She asked pointedly.

“Married?” Viper asked, looking at Carmen with a blank expression before it cleared with understanding. “That is the word I could not remember. I told her they are mated. That Vox chose Riley and Riley had no choice, but to accept. That is like your human ceremony, yes?”

Carmen tilted her head back and burst out into laughter. It took several long minutes before she looked at Viper with a look of such pity, he could feel his face flush.

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  1. Tracy says:

    Can’t wait. When can I pre-order at amazon?

    1. admin says:

      Probably not available until May, Tracy. I’ll announce it here and in my newsletter.

  2. sokkim says:

    Yay! Awesome, I can’t wait! I swear when your books come out I just can’t put it down. Seriously your books rock.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much, Sokkim. It means a lot to me.

  3. Jacqui says:

    Looking forward to another of your releases….. Yeah!! I’ve gotten all your books to date. Your one of my favourite authors keep up the good work. Your an awesome author

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much Jacqui for kind words. I love writing and am thrilled that you enjoy my books which of course means I get to keep writing.

      1. Jacqui says:

        Not only your written books I’ve gotten all of your audio books released so far. I’ve currently just finished listening to abducting abby and can wait for the rest of the Dragon Lords of Valdier to be released as well as Dagger’s Hope. So long as you keep writing I’ll keep buying them.

  4. Robin says:

    Omg!! I can’t wait until viper’s defiant mate is released! I have read all of ur books multiple times… Thanks for keeping us entertained :). When can we expect it’s release?

  5. Arabella says:

    Omg! I can’t wait! I loved Choosing Riley! I can’t wait for Vipers Defiant Mate! I bet it is going to be as amazing as Riley’s! PLEASE say it in the beginning of MAY!!!

    1. admin says:

      LOL. Sorry, Arabella, it will be at least the end of May before Viper is ready. <3

  6. Carolyn Guzman says:

    I have all of your books and when a new one comes out just before it comes out I start reading that series all over again. I’ll ready the new book in one day. But I’ll read again real quick because I may have missed something. I hope u keep writing for a long time. Love all of your books. I tell everyone

    1. admin says:

      Hi Carolyn. Thank you for your lovely comment! I have so many stories in my head, I hope to keep writing for a long, long time as it will take that long to get them all out! I hope you have a wonderful day and keep spreading the word! That is the highest form of compliment an author can receive!

  7. Ipsita says:

    When the is release scheduled for Viper’s defiant mate ? Has a date been decided? Really looking forward to this book and the next installment of Curizan Warriors

    1. admin says:

      My goal is May 26th! Let’s see if I can do it. LOL. Life has been slightly crazy lately.

  8. Lena says:

    You have so many amazing books, I honestly can’t choose a favorite, I love them all! You have become one of my favorite authors and now all my reading friends are just as addicted to your books as I am. Viper is next and I can’t wait for his story, but can you tell us what you have in the works after him? Or what series it is from? I honestly just discovered your books last month, and I started with Hunter’s claim and fell instantly in love and snapped up the rest of your books as fast as I could. I love that you did the short stories for the Dragonlings’ they were so cute! Do you think you will be doing any other stories about them in the future? Thank you so much for writing such wonderful books and hopefully there are many many more coming! 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Hi Lena! Thank you for sharing! That is the best compliment an author can receive. Roarrk’s Revenge: Zion Warriors Book 3 will be after Viper; then, it is back to the Dragonlings for A Dragonlings’ Magical Christmas (for a Christmas in July feel); then, a box set of just my stories based on characters from different series followed by The Dark Prince’s Prize: Curizan Warrior Book 2. I’m excited about the line up and can’t wait to share all the wonderful adventures.

    2. Stephany says:

      What about Toni???? “we” can’t leave her on Earth with her father getting out of prison and the “family” wanting revenge/marriage to a creep/

      1. S.E. Smith says:

        Toni won’t get left behind! <3

  9. Jennydee says:

    I love your stories!!
    I finish one, then check your website to see when the next one is coming.
    I cannot wait for Viper’s story, I have been dying for another Sarafin story.
    Keep up the good work… You’re amazing

  10. Aira says:

    i just discovered your books a few days ago and I powered through most of them. I am looking forward to this new release!

  11. Carafan says:

    I can’t wait to read more about Riley’s sister and grandma and quote the best moments to my mother. I expect Viper’s case will be worst (and more fun) than his brother (or even Trelon with any luck) for what I recall of the previous one 🙂

    1. admin says:

      This story is a little different to Choosing Riley. Riley is the extrovert of the family whilst Tina is more introverted and the story reflects the different personalities of the sisters. Of course, Grandma Pearl is in this one and we learn her Rules of Life. She’s a hoot!

  12. Jennydee says:

    I have just finished Viper and Tina’s story and I loved it! Pearl was amazing too.
    I’m excited to see how the story goes with the Heart of the Cat, the more new characters you introduce the more excited I get for new stories!!!
    Keep up your amazing stories!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you, Jen, your words mean so much to me and my release day nerves. If you haven’t already, would you please leave a review.

  13. Ipsita Nayak says:


    Congratulations on another successful release. But I have to say, I am a little dissapointed with Viper’s story. In the previous book, i.e Choosing Riley, Tina is described as petite. While Pearl and Riley are similar in build, Tina was supposed have taken after her father’s side of the family. Whereas in this book, Tina is 5.9 and buxom like Riley. Also, her temperament doesn’t seem very different from Rileys. The disconnects were so obvious that it took some of the joy away for me. I was looking forward to the story.

    1. admin says:

      When you are the size of a Sarafin Warrior, 5’9″ is petite and Tina was a size 14 where Riley was more of an 18. A bit of a difference. It was funny because a friend of mine was just commenting when she wanted to feel delicate and petite, she would go work out with the guys at the gym, they always made her ‘feel’ smaller. When I am around my boys, it is the same thing. LOL. They are all 6’5″ and tower over me. Each story is different, just as the characters are. Tina was different from Riley in many, many ways, but she was still part of that family/genetics. Just like my big sister and I… My sister is more logical, analytical, and quick-witted verbally. I can be all of those things, but I’m also more of a dreamer, tend to shy away from confrontation, and can write quick-witted stuff, but stumble at snappy comebacks verbally. Still, if you corner us, both my sister and I will come out fighting… I think we get that from our mom. I like watching people and see the same characteristics in other families. I even see it in other species such as dogs, cats, horses, and such. I love that you posted this, as that is part of reading a story, looking at it from different POV. That is what makes life so interesting! 🙂

  14. Carla says:

    I recently discovered you as an author. I love Viper and Tina’s story. I love all your book on Valdier, Sarafin and Curizan. I can’t wait to read about these races an each of their respective children especially Alice and Phoenix’s story.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Carla. Welcome to my crazy, but wonderful world. I’m excited about the stories to come, including Alice and Phoenix’s. It will be interesting to see how their dad’s handle them finding a mate!

  15. mlee says:

    Hi! Don’t get me wrong, I love all your books. Can’t wait for the rest. I’m a bit confused after reading this book though. The timeline is off. I know I’m jumping ahead, but how come Bahadur has already met Toni and Adalard has already met Samara. Yet Ha’ven has not met Emma yet. Then when you get to Ha’ven and Emma’s book; Bahadur and Adalard seems to know nothing about their mates. Can you please clarify this for me?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Mlee, I write in parallel timelines where different things are happening at the same time. Just as in real life, things are occurring at the same time as I am living my life (ie. I’m writing to you, yet my hubby is doing something else). Life, and my worlds, often interconnect, move through each other, separate, come back again and move off in a different direction. I’m not sure I explained that super clear, but think parallel and serial timelines at the same time.

      1. mlee says:

        Spoiler alert if you have not read these books.

        I get parallel timelines and the interconnecting of all the stories at the same time. That’s why I loves all your books so much. I’m even hoping that the Valdier, Curizan, and Sarafin will meet the Lords of Kassis and Trivators really soon. The universe may scary but not with all of them in it.
        Anyways, going back to Viper’s story. His interconnects with Creon and Carmen’s story because Creon is taking Carmen back to Earth for closure. Viper is tagging along. As is many others including Bahadur and Alalard. Which is awesome! When they depart from Earth though; it is implied that Samara is on board the ship. Creon and Carmen also have Ha’ven’s mate on board. Then we go to Ha’ven story (Ha’ven’s Song). His story cannot begin until Emma is on Valdier. Ha’ven arrive on Valdier with Adalard. Adalard mentions Bahadur wanting to go to Earth and he himself wants to go find Samara. Yet Adalard is interested in the human girls that Creon mentions he brought back. I mean shouldn’t he already have Samara? He did go to Earth with Creon. If he is like all the other guys who found their true mate. He would not have left her back on Earth. He would have done what Bahadur did and that was stay on Earth. Then towards the end, Adalard goes to Earth with Ha’ven and Emma. He goes to Paul’s ranch to handle business and to meet Samara. The end of the book Samara is on Curizan. So unless you are talking about parallel dimensions. This is what was so confusing to me. I’m hoping their (Adalard and Bahadur) books come out soon. So it can be explained. Please say it is….

        1. admin says:

          LOL. Okay, my head hurts. Vox has sent Viper to get Tina and Pearl. Carmen and Creon have already met and are on their way back to Earth which is where they will pick up Emma. Also board are also Adalard and Bahadur. In their stories you will discover what happens. Adalard is pulled away before he has a chance to meet Samara. Bahadur must leave (not because he wants to) but will return. It will come out in their stories! 🙂

  16. Gill says:

    I just had to write and tell you I loved the Sarafin Warriors series. They made me chuckle and I loved the characters. I look forward to reading the next book in the series

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Thank you, Gill! xoxox Heart of the Cat will be coming up with another twist and a cat by the tail. LOL.

      1. Rebecca says:

        When is your next Sarafin book coming out? And Lords of Kassis? And Cosmo’s gateway? And Dragon Lords??? Please please please tell me soon…. I’ve re-read every book I have by you (which is every book in all the above listed series and then some lol) and I am in serious NEED of a new book!!!! Your work is amazing and I can’t put them down once I start please tell me it’s soon?

        1. S.E. Smith says:

          Hi Rebecca. Thank you so much for giving me a laugh! LOL. Okay, where to begin? Sarafin – Heart of the Cat will hopefully be out later this year. I’m excited as it has a really good twist to it. Jarmen’s Jane Doe and Core’s Attack will be out before Heart of the Cat. I need to write the next Curizan first as you will see more of the original Twin Dragons, Jaguin, and Sara in the story. So, expect a lot of stories coming out this year. 🙂

        2. S.E. Smith says:

          LOL. I’m writing, really, I am! Jarmen’s will be out later this year, along with several more. Curizan first, then Zion, then Kassis. I have Pearl’s story coming as well from the Dragon Lords. So many to write! Did I mention I also fractured my right arm?

          1. Rebecca says:

            [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
            Yay!!! I saw that Pearl’s story is coming out next I’m excited I love her and I can’t wait to see what trouble she causes this time lol
            I’m sorry, I just Love all your books and I really want All the characters to have a happy ending lol
            Yes I read that in your newsletter, owie!!!!! Please get well soon! Book writing is no where near as important as healing so rest up!!!!! 🙂

          2. S.E. Smith says:

            Hi Rebecca. I’m doing better and getting back on track. I think you’ll love the series/stories I’m working at the moment. I’m looking forward to writing Pearl’s story. She reminds me so much of my grandmother who was a free spirit!

        3. S.E. Smith says:

          Okay, here is the plan: I’m finishing up a series I had already started. Once it is done – Adarlard and Samara’s story (Curizan), then Roarrk’s Revenge (Zion), then Jarmen’s Jane Doe (Kassis), then I have a couple of stories (Pearl’s and a Thanksgiving book), then Core’s Attack (Cosmos), then Mitchell and Tracy’s story (More than Human).

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