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RomCon Reader is out

handdrawn-coffee_1b-021114-ykwv2RomCon have launched a new emagazine, RomCon Reader, and it looks fantastic. It is one of those richly visual mags that are best read online. It gives the illusion of turning the pages of physical magazine without the hassle of what to do with the mag when you are done reading. Who wants more work, right?! There’s reading to be done! LOL

You’ll find great articles by romance authors of all genres – Michele Callahan, Cynthia Woolf, Jennifer Zane, Sharon Cramer, Shannon K. Butcher, K.L. Docter, Eliza Gayle, Elizabeth Essex, Angela Payne and Victoria Blue.

And you will also find me on pages 12 – 15 where I talk about how I got my start writing sci fi romance.

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and take a few moments to yourself and enjoy this great magazine:


USA Today’s Happy Ever After starts science fiction romance column

I’m thrilled to be chatting with Veronica Scott in the USA Today’s Happy Ever After column about the buzz around sci-fi and fantasy romance. And of course, Hunter photo bombs the interview. The things some aliens will do! LOL

Click on the link below to go to the interview: