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Links to more great Authors who can take you away!  Click on the book covers below to visit the Author’s websites! Enjoy!

J. B. Robb/Nora Roberts

Laurann Dohner

Laura Jo Phillips

Eve Langlais

Greta Van der Rol

Michelle Pillow

Linnea Sinclaire

Lucy Kelly

D’Elen McClain

Angela Castle

Sharon Hannaford



Some of my readers have an abundance of talent. Check out Denise F. wonderful artwork based on stories by different authors. She did a marvelous job on capturing Trelon and Cara in their dragon form.

Click HERE to go to her Deviantart website.




This is a scene where Trisha’s dragon tags Kelan’s. Her dragon was determined to show Kelan that she wasn’t about to roll over and just raise her tail!



Denise describes this scene better than I ever could. Here Trisha is shown waiting to ‘tag’ Kelan who is looking for her.



I love this scene Denise created from Abducting Abby. Abby was watching Zoran and Bo playing and she was singing. Zoran was trying to share his ‘mountains’ with Abby.



Abby and Zoran as recreated through fan-based art.



Trelon and Cara from a scene from Capturing Cara: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 2 as depicted through fan-based art.