Heart of the Cat

Sarafin Warriors, Book 3

Please note: Heart of the Cat was my story in the Pets in Space 3 anthology. It is now released as a stand alone ebook as well as audiobook and paperback.

***This version includes  an extended epilogue that was not  in PISA3**

Download here:

Prince Walkyr d’Rojah’s mission is to find an ancient artifact known as the Heart of the Cat, a revered gem that holds the mystical power that connects his people with their cat-form. He isn’t the only one searching for the Heart. A secret sect determined to overthrow the royal families wants the power contained in the gem, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to obtain it.

Trescina Bukov’s affinity and ability to care for large cats has taken her all over the world. A frantic call from a rescue group compels her to fly to Wyoming in the western part of the United States. She is stunned when she discovers the injured leopard is more than he seems.

Walkyr is shocked when the human female caring for him connects with his leopard—and recognizes who he is. Now, he has to contend with the assassins who followed him, his leopard who wants to claim the woman, and find out why all the clues in his search for the Heart of the Cat are pointing to a planet so far from home.

When Walkyr discovers the secret that Trescina has been hiding, he is forced to make a difficult decision: let her go, or kidnap her and return with her to his world. Can Walkyr convince Trescina that their lives are bound in more ways than one or will she flee, taking her secret—and the future of the Sarafin species—with her?

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