Welcome! It’s great to see you here. I’m Susan Smith, aka S.E. Smith.  On my website you will find information about my books, news about upcoming books and updates on what I am working on.

When I write a story, I hope to take you to a new world. My stories focus on the affirmation of love and family. Each and every character, no matter how small a part they play, is important. As in real life, there are those around you that you share your joys, your hopes and dreams, your laughter and your tears with. My stories are about the journeys that these characters take. It is about the people they meet, the diversity that they encounter, and the never-ending belief that there is someone, somewhere out there for everyone.

My characters are strong, willing to learn and do what is necessary in times of great trials, but most of all they fight for what they believe in with a passion that will suck you into the action and adventure right along with them.

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I write more than Science Fiction and Paranormal Romance. I write stories that will take you away. I write worlds where you laugh, cry, cheer and get mad right alongside the characters. I write Romance that takes you to new worlds. Come join me and thousands of others as we take a journey that will make you feel good and want more.

Come on over to my Facebook page and my Forum where we all get together and discuss my books and characters and what sexy alien warrior we would most like to get to know.

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