An Intimate Chat with Abby Tanner

Abducting Abby

Me (intro): Hello, everyone. I met Abby almost five years ago. She was in my head and later touched my heart with her story. It was the start of a beautiful friendship that continues to grow and change as she and her family mature.

Many people say that I talk about my characters as if they are real. If you talk to most authors, I think they will tell you the same – they are to us! I remember when I first met Abby, the image of her was very clear. She was slightly taller than me, young in age, but old in soul, quiet and reflective, but most of all compassionate. She poured her heart into her music and her artwork and it showed. That was what made her unique, different and what made me want to write her story.

Abby (laughing and shaking her head): You are going to make me self-conscious, you know?

Me: It’s true. I was fascinated with you, your artwork and Zoran from the first time I imagined you. Let’s start with your artwork.

Abby (fanning herself): Thank goodness for that. What would you like to know?

Me: Tell the readers about your artwork.

Abby: My grandparents were always very talented. I inherited my love of music from them. Both of them worked for years in the entertainment field, both in the movies and recording studios. When I was a little girl, they took me to the local Fair and I saw a man doing blown glass. I swear I could have stood there all day watching him make all of these incredible little animals. When I was about fourteen, I talked my grandfather into converting an old barn on the property into a workshop and we started learning how to do it. I had a natural talent and many of my pieces are in studios around the world.

Me: The work you’ve done is gorgeous! Now, I know that all the readers are fascinated with Zoran. Tell us a little about him.

Abby (blushing and smiling): Zoran is the King of Valdier. He has a good heart under his rough and tough exterior. As you know, he is a dragon-shifter. It took me a bit to get used to, especially when I discovered that I could shift as well after he… Well, it is part of the process of being a Valdier Warriors’ true mate. I don’t really understand it, I’m just thankful he was there.

Me: I know you met Zoran under some unusual circumstances, can you tell us about it?

Abby (sighing): Zoran had been captured by a group of traitors working alongside his uncle. They were trying to overthrow the royal families of Valdier, Sarafin, and the Curizans. He escaped and his symbiot inadvertently landed on Earth. If he hadn’t… Well, I wouldn’t be here today.

Me (smiling in understanding of Abby’s upset expression): You and Zoran have a son now.

Abby (face glowing): Yes, Zohar. He is a lot like his father. (She chuckles) He is smart, funny, loving, and very protective. He is also a natural born leader.

Me: I’d like to thank you for coming out today and sharing a little bit of your life with us. Is there anything else you’d like to share before we go?

Abby (laughing): If you get a chance to interview Cara just nail everything down first or she might take it and rebuild it into something incredible. Of course, you’ll have to tie her down to the chair to get her to sit still long enough, first!

Me: I’d like to say thank you again to Abby Tanner for joining us today. If you haven’t had a chance to read her and Zoran’s story, Abducting Abby: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 1, I hope you take the time. It is available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats at all major distributors. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I’ll see you soon. Goodbye for now.

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