Carysa Locke on Why Pets in Space is a Project Close to Her Heart

Pets In Space 600x900I am thrilled to be one of nine authors in the anthology, Pets in Space, combining two of my big loves, space and pets. A portion of proceeds are being donated to who raise and train service dogs for US veterans.

I am delighted that each author in Pets in Space has agreed to share with us an insight into their story in the anthology and a little bit about why they decided to write for the anthology. Today’s guest is Carysa Locke :

Pets are not always the easiest thing on a writer. Sure, they can be inspiring. I drew more than a little inspiration for Ember, the fox-like kith in my story, Escape Run, from both my dogs and my cats. But sometimes they can also be the opposite of inspiring.

Once, our puppy Maya hit the table my laptop was sitting on so hard, it flew into the air and landed face down on our hardwood floor. The flash drive plugged into the side of it broke, and after a few flickers, the screen on my laptop turned black and wouldn’t come back on. I had to take it in to the Mac store, where the nice technician reconnected the cable that sends picture to the screen. Since I was busy trying not to hyperventilate at the thought of having to buy a new laptop, I was very grateful the actual issue proved so small.

My cats also have to get in on the fun. Here is one of them, Nimue. She likes to lay on my arm and sleep. It makes it very challenging to type while a (cough) twelve pound cat is attached to one’s arm. My other puppy, Sophia, will lay her head across my entire keyboard sometimes. I think she does it when she thinks I’ve ignored her for too long. It’s a bit nerve wracking, suddenly having this dog head land on the keyboard in the middle of a scene. I’m always hoping she doesn’t accidentally hit the power button when I haven’t saved in awhile.

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Still, I wouldn’t trade any of these little foibles for anything. My pets are part of my family. Especially when it comes to writing science fiction, I think it is important to think about things other than human. Interacting with pets gives me insight into a different perspective, one that is the closest thing to alien we are currently going to find here on Earth.

When the opportunity for Pets in Space came my way, I was instantly interested. How better to share my love of animals than through writing? I’m so grateful to be here with such an amazing group of authors. I hope readers will enjoy what we’ve come up with.

Anything that can be done to raise awareness for rescue animals, or to aid organizations that train animals to be companions for humans in need, is a great thing to be a part of. I’m proud to be involved with Pets in Space, and so excited to share my story, Escape Run.

Here is a small teaser:

Cole Madras was a big man, tall and broad, with the muscular look of a soldier. His hair was dark and long enough to brush his shoulders. A few strands of gray threaded through it, catching the light. Cole wasn’t the sort to use nanites or dye to hide the changing color. His face was more arresting than handsome, strong and square with a few lines around his expressive mouth, and at the corners of his eyes. Hazel, his eyes had always reminded Teegan of the forest. Green and brown and full of secrets. His skin was lighter than her own, browned by the sun.

Emotions too complicated to untangle closed her throat and held her frozen for an endless moment. Funny, how the mind created physical responses in a completely mental environment.

To find out more about Carysa Locke, please click here.


  1. Carysa Locke says:

    Thanks for having me as a guest! I am SO excited about this anthology. 🙂

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Thank you for being a part of it! I loved your story and can’t wait to share it with everyone else! <#

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