Gracie’s Touch Contest – It’s Invasion Day!!

The Alluthans Are Coming!!!!

June 14th is when it all changed for Earth. The Alluthans landed and nothing was the same since.

Gracie and the Freedom Five kicked alien butt in Gracie’s Touch and to celebrate their warrior spirit, I am holding a giveaway for three fans to win an exclusive, can’t be purchased even on my store, Gracie’s Touch t-shirt.

Gracie's Touch Tshirt

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Enter as many times as you like and the more you share, the more entries you get. Remember to confirm your entry to go in the draw.
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Haven’t read Gracie’s Touch yet? Here you go:

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  1. Jan says:

    I really enjoyed it the first time I read it. And, the second time. I am working on the third time. It’s about who we are.

    Americans just don’t, won’t stop until they kill us. Then we just sit back up and say, “it’s gonna take more them that to keep us down.” Especially once more we hear the freedom bell. ”

    Cracked it might be but, we still hear it. Deep in our souls… Then we fight some more…

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