• Eva Chery says:

    What about the dragon twins destiny.

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Eva. Twin Dragon’s Destiny will be out this next year. I’m working on a couple of books first, but… I’m not going to conventions for a while so I have plenty of time and energy to write! Yay!!

  • Ning says:

    Just wondering if Adelards and Samera’s story for Curizan warriors is in the works and if you have a definite release date yet?

  • Donna Dill says:

    I just finished HA’VEN’S Song and I loved it. The story line is easy to follow. I found myself crying when Emma’s mom dies. I can’t wait for The Dark Prince’s Prize…When is it coming out? What is Paul’s story???

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Ha’ven is a Curizan. The Curizan, Sarafin, and Valdier were at war at one time. That is until Creon Reykill (Valdier), Ha’ven (Curizan) and Vox d’Rojah (Sarafin) came together and discovered that the three species had been manipulated into the war in an effort to destroy the ruling families. They join and become friends. Paul Grove is a human. In book 5 Paul’s Pursuit: Dragon Lords of Valdier, Paul is brought back to Valdier to be with his daughter Trisha who was taken. Paul meets Morian Reykill, the mother of the Dragon Lords, and they fall in love. It is a beautiful story based on finding love a second time.

      • Sydney says:

        So when is the Dark Prince’s Prize coming out???? I’ve been hoping for it since I finished the first book. 🙂

        • S.E. Smith says:

          I’m finishing up Jaguin’s Love: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 8; then, starting on The Dark Prince’s Prize. So the answer is… coming very soon!

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