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Author Spotlight – Bevan Greer

Fenturi Fate

I love finding ‘new-to-me’ authors and some months back a friend shared a link to Bevan’s books with the words, “You have to read this!” I was thrilled when Bevan said yes to an interview and I hope you get the opportunity to discover Bevan’s books for yourself.

Susan: What inspired you to write your first book?
Bevan: I’ve always loved futuristic romance. But for a long time you could barely find them in the bookstores. Usually at the used books stores I’d grab them up. But there were still never enough around. So I decided to write the stories I wanted to read.

Susan: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Bevan: Everything. I’m a scifi, fantasy, and romance junkie. Movies, TV, books, you name it, I’m inspired from it. From nature especially, because there are so many creatures on Earth that are so fascinating. And many of them appear alien-like because they’re so small or buried deep in the ocean, far from us.

Susan: What do you think has been your biggest accomplishment?
Bevan: Not letting fear rule me and writing for my pleasure. It’s really personal to put yourself out there, then hear criticism about it. But you know, everyone’s different, and some books I love, others can’t stand. So I take any praise or criticism with a grain of salt. If I like the book I wrote, that’s really all that matters to me. But when someone else gets enjoyment out of it, my whole day is brighter.

Susan: Do you have a favorite author?
Bevan: I really, really, really like Nalini Singh. The world building, characters, and sexual tension in her stories are top-notch. I’m also a huge fan of Jayne Castle’s futuristics.

Susan: Is there anything that you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Bevan: Correcting past mistakes! I’m constantly learning, and I’m getting better as I go. I already sometimes cringe when I read my first books and see errors. Ack!

Susan: Are the experiences of your characters based on any of your own or people that you know?
Bevan: Ha. I wish. I’m still looking for my own alien hero to come to Earth and take me away. Oh yeah, and make me his queen on a land with chocolate mountains. *grin*

Susan: Is there a particular niche or direction you would like to expand your writing portfolio into?
Bevan: I’d like to do some erotic as well as some male/male scifi romance. I already have a series I’d like to do. But it’s very different from my more mainstream futuristic/scifi romance.

Susan: Describe your latest WIP.
Bevan: A new series about a human who gets in way over her head when she encounters creatures of myth that are all too real, and all too alien. The Bermuda Triangle is hiding extraterrestrial life, and they have a plan…

Susan: How can readers reach you?
Bevan: At my website, there’s a contact form:

You can also find out more about Bevan at:

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