Jo’s Journey: Lords of Kassis Out In Audiobook

Jo's Journey

Jo’s Journey Audiobook

Lords of Kassis, Book 3

Manota Ja Kel Coradon, legendary dark warrior of Kassis, is in total control of his world until one feisty Earth female crashes through the shields he has placed around his heart. Jo is just as much a warrior as he is and comes with backup when an old enemy attacks!

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Jo Strauss was committed to two things in her life – her family and her life as an acrobat/high-wire performer. She takes both very serious. Her life was orderly, in control, and she was finally settling down in one place so she could spend more time with her parents instead of moving all over the world every few weeks. To celebrate her and younger sister, Star’s, one year anniversary away from the circus they had grown up with, she and Star were meeting River Knight, their childhood friend and sister of the heart, for a vacation in the mountains in North Carolina.

Everything goes as planned until she and her sisters are kidnapped. Now, she finds herself transported to another world. Aliens, warships, battles, and a certain male were not in the carefully detailed plans she had mapped out for her life.

Manota Ja Kel Coradon is the second son of the ruling House of Kassis. He is known as the dark brother, a reputation that he lives up to. He has fought hard to protect his family and the people of Kassis, sometimes sacrificing parts of his soul to do so. His knowledge, skills, and development of weaponry are legendary. His skill as a warrior bring shivers of fear to his opponents who know he never gives mercy to any who stand in his way.

Manota is in total control of his world until one slender, feisty alien female crashes through the shields he has placed around his heart. She is fearless, determined and stubborn. She absolutely refuses to cower before him, no matter how much he growls! He is determined to protect her and claim her as his own but there is one little problem – she will not agree to accept his claim unless he returns for her parents.

Now, he has even bigger problems – that come in all different shapes, sizes, and species! The return trip is fraught with enough dangers but Jo and Star’s parents aren’t the only ones coming back to Kassis – so is the circus family who had gathered to help look for their missing family members.

Traitors, pirates, and Mimes are just the tip of the iceberg of trouble gliding through warp speed to his home world. Manota is about to learn that the prophesy that was foretold centuries before is true. His mate is just as much of a warrior as he is and she comes with backup when an old enemy attacks!


Jo paused as they reached the eleventh floor. She and Star had a corner apartment not far from the stairwell. She pushed the door open and peeked into the hallway.

She turned back and placed her hand on Manota’s chest. He wasn’t going to like this part, but she needed to get the door open to her condo and since she didn’t have her key with her, she was going to have to use the spare they had hidden in the huge potted plant near the elevator. The last thing she wanted was for him to use his ‘toy’ on her condo door. That would scream ‘break in’ and someone would call the police.

“I have to get the key we hid,” she explained quietly. “I need you to stay here and wait for me to open the condo door. It is right across the hall from here. I’ll be right back,” she whispered.

“Why can I not go with you?” he demanded, frowning down at her.

Jo took a step back and looked at Manota. She saw a huge ass male bigger than any human, black leather, short military haircut, dark skin with muscles on top of muscles, a laser sword strapped to his hip, knives strapped to each massive forearm, more across his chest, a laser pistol on his other hip, and dark burning eyes that screamed alien!

No, he was not going with her. The first neighbor to see him would be calling the Army, Air Force, National Guard, and God forbid, the NSA. No, it was safer for her to go alone.

“Just – stay!” she said in exasperation, knowing he would not be happy either way. “I’ll be back in a flash.”

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