The Magic Shell Audio

The Magic Shell Audio

A Seven Kingdoms Tale, Book 6

A fisherman makes the discovery of a lifetime only to be transported to a magical world where he joins forces with a powerful princess to save not only her kingdom, but the entire Seven Kingdoms.

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Ross Galloway is ready for a new life away from Yachats, Oregon. All he needs for his plans to fall into place is a little money and a lot of luck. He gets his break when he discovers something out of this world on one of his dives – a real live mermaid. His plans to cash in on his discovery don’t work out quite the way he plans when Magna, the woman he recognizes as his mermaid, gives him an unexpected gift — a magic shell. Swept overboard by the spell contained within the shell, he surfaces in a strange, bizarre world.

Princess Gem LaBreeze is an Elemental, a powerful species that can control the elements around them. Transformed to stone to protect her from the evil threatening the Isle of the Elementals, she is awakened by a man from another world — a stranger who is as arrogant and uncouth as he is unpredictable.

Gem and Ross, forced together in a desperate race against time, learn that opposites can attract and that sometimes the roughest surface hides the tenderest of hearts. Can an unlikely hero and a lone woman survive the traps created to stop the Sea Witch before the new moon or will the Isle of Elementals fall back to the ocean below and disappear beneath the waves?


Twenty minutes later, Ross was cussing up a storm again, this time very loudly. He was hot, unbearably thirsty, and his thighs and calves were killing him. This cliff was like a Stairmaster from hell. He looked up and released a long wheezing hiss. A low groan slipped from him when he realized he was only about half way up and still had a long way to go before he reached the top.Maybe I’ll be lucky and there will be a water fountain at the top of the cliff; or better yet, a beer kiosk, he thought with a bitter sigh of frustration.Turning and pressing his back against the rough rock, he gazed out at the ocean again. His eyes widened in trepidation, and he forgot about everything when he suddenly realized that he really wasn’t on Earth – at least not any Earth that he recognized. The evidence was so overwhelming he could barely speak.“Aw hell, Ross. You really are in deep shit this time. The question is – how deep a pile will it be?” he murmured to himself as he studied the edge of this world.

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