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River's Run
River’s Run, Lords of Kassis Book 1


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River Knight was looking forward to a peaceful vacation in the mountains with her two best friends, Jo and Star, sisters of the heart. When she travels up into the mountains of North Carolina to the cabin Star has rented for them she is shocked when she finds the two sisters being abducted. Following them, she discovers their abductors are anything but human.

Sneaking aboard the shuttle in an attempt to rescue them she finds herself on an unplanned vacation to the stars. In a desperate attempt to save Jo and Star, River makes a deal with a group of other aliens who had also been captured – she’ll release them if they promise to return the three girls to their home.

Torak Ja Kel Coradon, Leader of the House of Kassis and next ruler of the Kassis Galaxy, has other plans when he sees the blue-eyed warrior woman. He plans on claiming her for himself and the only home he has plans on her returning too is his.

The three women are believed to be the Prophesized warriors sent to join forces to bring peace to the House of Kassis. Worlds collide when the male dominated world meets three circus performers who use their talents to fight for those they love.

When an assassin threatens Torak’s life, River has to show him even a circus performer can be a warrior when challenged. The biggest challenge is to Torak’s mind as he discovers women from other galaxies are more than they seem.

Can their love overcome the chasm of a few million light years or will an assassin end it all?

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  1. Syn says:

    Woohoo! You picked up a third Narrator. You really did need a string of them narratoring 24/7 to keep up! Very happy this month. Just finished River’s story, going to start on the next one in the series now.

    Any idea when you’ll have another Alliance book on audio?


    1. Syn says:

      By the way, You Narrators sound a like. I could have sworn some of the voices in Rivers story sounded like Cosmos. They were really good.

      1. S.E. Smith says:

        LOL. Shush!!! She is!

    2. S.E. Smith says:

      Destin’s will be out in February 2017. 🙂

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