S.E. Smith Shares When Jaguin’s Love Audiobook Will be Available


  1. Nadine Medlin says:

    While I enjoy your writing, I buy many books. I had to make a rule that books under 200 words were not on my buy-list. When I saw your last book, I was serious tempted to break the rule. Then I saw the price of $3.99. That works out to $02.105/word. So, will have to wait until it goes on special or I win the lottery!?

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Nadine. Amazon has the book down as having 181 pages when it actually has 252 pages. I’ve asked them to correct that. I understand your feelings, but even at $3.99, it is still a bargain for the hours of entertainment that you receive while reading it.

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