Tansy’s Titan is out now in audiobook

Tansys Titan audiobook

Tansy’s Titan Audiobook

Cosmos Gateway Book 3

Mak has set course for Earth and the female that fires his blood! First, he has to find her. Then convince her she belongs to him. If all else fails, he will just take her, after all, she is delicate, fragile, and no match for a Prime warrior. Right?!

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Tansy Bell, is the middle daughter of the three Bell sisters. She has always been a little different, even for a Bell. A chameleon, she can change her appearance and personality to blend in almost anywhere. She uses this talent to bring some of the worse criminals in the world to justice.

Mak ‘Tag Krell Manok is the wild one of his four brothers. He is known for his hot temper, fierce strength, and skills as a warrior. Few men in any galaxy dare to challenge him and live. Frustrated at his failure to find females compatible with a Prime male, he returns to his home world only to discover his oldest brother has found his bond mate – in an unusual species known as a human. What is even more astonishing is his reaction to an image of his brother’s bond mate’s sister.

Mak has set a new course – for Earth and the female that stirs his blood to fire! But first, he has to find her. Next, he has to convince her she belongs to him. If all else fails, he will just take her, after all, she is delicate, fragile, and no match for a Prime warrior.

What he doesn’t expect is to find her in trouble and fighting for her life. Now, he must save her before it is too late. But, even then there is no guarantee that she will come with him. For this small, fragile female has the strength and determination of twenty Prime males and values her independence.

Mak is about to learn that big trouble can come in very small packages and size is often a misconception because there is one female in the universe not afraid to stand up to him – even if she is afraid to love him.

Can he keep her alive long enough to realize she is the perfect mate for an untamed warrior or will the men determined to kill her take not only her life but his as well?


“That is Mak. He is the big ass alien I told you about,” Cosmos said, already planning what needed to be done. “I’m serious, Tansy. You stay alive. Just don’t kill his ugly ass when he comes to get you, okay? You’ll know it’s him because he is bigger, badder, and meaner than anyone or anything you’ve ever seen before.”

“How will you find me?” Tansy asked, beginning to feel a sliver of hope blossom inside her.

“I implanted a tracking device in you years ago. Your mom and I always know where you are,” Cosmos said huskily.

Tansy took in a deep breath before letting it out. “Thank you, Cosmos.”

Cosmos smiled. “Don’t thank me, thank your mom. You better keep yourself safe long enough to do it or she is going to be really pissed off at me.”

Excerpt from Tansy’s Titan

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