Twin Dragons: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 7 Audiobook

Twin Dragons, Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 7



Melina Franklin was barely sixteen when she and her grandfather were kidnapped from their small farm in Georgia by an alien trader and sold to an Antrox mining asteroid in deep space. Mistaken for a young boy, she lives in fear of being found out and sold. Her only companionship for the next four years is her grandfather and the Pactors, the large creatures used for hauling the mining ore, that she takes care of. She dreams of the day when she and her grandfather will somehow escape and return home to the rolling green hills of their farm.

Calo and Cree Aryeh have been secured as the personal guards for Creon Reykill’s mate, Carmen Walker. The twin brothers are a rare species of dragon known for their fierceness in battle. Born to the mystic dragon clan of the Northern Mountains, they have given their allegiance to the Dragon Lords vowing to serve and protect the royal family and their new true mates. The brothers know they will never be able to have a true mate of their own. Never in the history of their clan have twin dragons been able to find a mate capable of handling two male dragons. They can only hope that they die in battle so they are not destined to be caged when the loneliness eventually drives their dragons insane.

The twin dragons are confused when two humans are discovered on an abandoned asteroid mine. The old man and his grandson appear normal enough, but their dragons and their symbiots are driving them crazy, insisting the boy is their true mate. Neither knows how to handle the other two parts of themselves or their need to remain close to the boy. On top of that, the young human male refuses to have anything to do with either of them. He hides and avoids them every time they get near him.

Things become clearer when they discover Mel is really Melina. Unfortunately, finding out their true mate is really a woman does little to change her feelings toward them. She is even more determined to return to her world.

When her wish comes true, the brothers know they have no choice but to kidnap her and hide her away. Can they convince her to give them a chance at happiness or will she seek protection from the royal family they have vowed to serve? If that is not bad enough, there is another who has his eye on their mate and will do whatever is necessary to keep her – including killing the twin dragons who have claimed her first.

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Twin Dragon’s comes to life in the audio version. Join two determined dragons as they fight to win their mate’s love.




  • Rosasharon Harper says:

    I am so going to eliminate (nice way of saying kill) me some squirrels. Oh well they have you in their clutches now there is nothing to do but enjoy the trip as we are dragged through the tree leaves on our way to reading euphoria. I have heard mothballs are a good deterrent for a bad squirrel problem. LOL. I shall just have to read all of yours’ that i have over again, and again and maybe again. Looking forward to all you write.

    • S.E. Smith says:

      LOL. I tried the mothballs. Sigh, they were wearing these teeny-tiny little gas masks and had a wild look of glee in their eyes. I think the bats from the belfry were helping them.

  • Rosasharon Harper says:

    I know that we are probably working on a need to know basis here, but I really have a need to know. Which of your people (characters) is going to finally give into you and let you tell their story. I just hope they don’t all capitulate at the same time and give you a nervous breakdown by keeping you up all night, not letting you eat or even go to the bathroom (after all that would take you away from the computer, God forbid). LOL . My mind is running around in circles saying this one, no this one, no it has to be this one. Please put me out of my misery, which one will it be, then i can wait in peace.

    • S.E. Smith says:

      LOL. This is going to kill you! A brand new series. Yes, I know, like I don’t have enough, but it is SOOOOOOOOOO good! Okay, great, fantastic, like total ‘Wow’ factor. It’s the squirrels, I swear it is! The ones eating my pineapples. They are the ones behind this. After that, I’m flushing out the six books in the Seven Kingdoms and then The Dark Prince’s Prize (and hopefully two Dragonling novellas). Then, I have to work on three books I promised, then Roarrk, then Jarmen, then Core, then…. Squirrel!!!

  • Rosasharon Harper says:

    when will Twin Dragons Destiny be coming to us, i realize we all keep you super busy or your book characters do, each clamoring to have their story done next, but i just reread Jaguin’s Love and wanted to inquire about the twins. have you considered cloning yourself, instead of just giving up eating ans sleeping to write. LOL Your worlds are fantastic keep flitting from one to another for us.

    • S.E. Smith says:

      LOL. Thank you, Rosasharon! I needed that laugh and yes, the understanding! I’ve tried cloning myself and have lodged a complaint with HP that their all-in-one copiers do NOT work! My copied self did a totally lousy job! Twin Dragons Destiny will be out next year. I need to write Adalard’s story first because they will be in that one as well! 🙂 Hugs and thank you for the laugh!

  • mlee says:

    When’s the next audiobook coming out. Sarafin, Curizan, Kassis, Alliance, and Zion???

    • admin says:

      Dagger (in post production) the Cosmos’ Gateway series and Voyage of the Defiance are finished. Which should I do next? Riley, Ha’ven, or Gracie?

      • mlee says:

        That order is fine. They are all connected. It would be cool if the Zion’s know some Valdier, Sarafin, and Curizan. What about the Kassis books? I love River’s book. It was the first book I read of yours. After that I was hooked. I’m waiting pins and needles for the new ones. Hurry please.

        • admin says:

          I have plans for all my books to be converted to audiobooks. I know that many of the worlds are beginning to link. There are a few surprises ahead! 🙂

  • Michele says:

    I just finished twin dragons and loved it. When will Jaquin’s love come out?

    • admin says:

      I’m working on it and Challenging Saber at the same time. I know, I know… crazy! What can I say? The squirrels love me!

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