Twin Dragons – Teaser #2

Here’s a teaser for Twin Dragons coming out September 16:

“Kill them all,” Creon ordered as he stepped over the body of a Valdier traitor. “Ha’ven should be in one of the cells. Find him.”

Cree nodded, before he froze. His eyes darkened and a snarl curled his lip. Calo felt it as well. More traitors were coming.

“Go, my Prince,” Calo growled under his breath, glancing in warning at Vox. “Cree and I will make sure that no traitors live. You and… King d’Rojah find the Curizan.”

Creon noted Calo’s hesitancy when he mentioned the Sarafin King who was coated in the blood of the men they had just fought. He knew it would take time for his people to learn to trust the Sarafin and Curizan again.

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