Twin Dragons – Teaser #7

Here’s a teaser for Twin Dragons coming out September 16:

“You heard everything?” Cal asked as she pulled her feet up so that her heels rested on the edge of the chair. His eyes immediately went to the Teddy Bear she was cuddling. “Are you okay, honey? I worry about you.”

Melina smiled at her grandfather. “I heard everything. It is sort of funny when you think of the fact that I’ve been able to survive for four years without having to know how to ‘fight’. Still, it was sweet of them to ask you and to worry about me.”

“You’ve done a good job, especially when you have a shovel full of Pactor dung,” Cal reflected dryly.

Melina giggled and nodded. “Who needs a sword or blaster thingy when you can have a pile of poop?”

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