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Touching Rune

Second Chance Book 2


Rune wanted to bang her head against the window in frustration but she figured the only thing that would do is give her a bigger headache than the one that was building. She had gotten lost in the maze of corridors as she tried to find an exit. She had gone through one door only to find herself in another corridor. After almost two hours of wandering in the dark she was ready to start screaming.

She thought she might have actually been on the right track when she stumbled through the last doorway and saw light at the end of the corridor. She headed for the tall windows at the end of the long passage only to realize as she got closer that they were solid. She had turned to go back when the man from the auction called out to someone. She had swiveled around to find the other man from the atrium staring down at her with cold, merciless eyes. She knew what death looked like and the man staring at her had it in his eyes.

“Stupid, sorry ass window! Open, damn it,” Rune muttered as she adjusted her position on the large washing machine.

“It is sealed,” a deep voice commented behind her.

Rune turned so quickly she almost fell off her perch. She did fall onto her ass. Seeing both men staring coldly at her sent her backing up as far as she could until her back was pressed against the cold window. She hit it with her elbow, hoping it would magically pop open so she could just tumble out of it backwards.


Touching Rune


Rune August embraces her life in New York City in 1894. She has lived again and again through many different time periods but has never found tranquility until she walked into St. Agnes Home for Orphans. In her heart, she believes she has found a place she can call home. She will do everything she can to give the children in the orphanage a better life.

When a developer sets his sights on the property she and the children call home, she doesn’t hesitate to fight back – and win. But that win comes at a terrible price… her life… casting her once again into the shadows.

Refusing to leave the children unprotected, she watches over and protects them in a different form… as the beloved statue in their center garden. But her time as the children’s guardian angel draws to a close when the orphanage is renovated. Rune finds herself packed away and sold. Her new home is now far away from the familiar streets of New York and the children she loves.

Sergei Vasiliev and his best friend and bodyguard, Dimitri Mihailov, run one of the most powerful computer software development companies in the world. Both men carry deep scars from their life on the streets and from living in the world of the ultra-rich. Sergei knows men want him for his power and women want him for his money. Dimitri knows that some men and women would do anything to gain the secrets their company is developing.

Their lives change when Sergei purchases a statue for their home outside of Moscow. There is something about the statue of the young woman that touches an unexpected need deep inside both of them.

An impulsive purchase and a simple wish will change their lives forever. For anyone who touches Rune learns that love and hope are what makes the world a better place. Can she warm the hearts of two bitter, scarred men before the last petal falls from the Christmas rose that grows in the garden that has become her new home or will she be forever frozen, destined to only love them from afar?


“WOW!!! A beautiful addition to the Heaven Sent series…”

“When I first read and finished “Lily’s Cowboys” I didn’t think Ms. Smith could top it but I fell it love with the story so much I was looking forward to the next story. And, boy, did she do it. The concept of each story is so fantastic. Each book is a complete story and after finishing “Touching Rune” I sure hope it won’t be another year before “Challenging Dalla” is released.”

“Heavenly paranormal romance.”

“S E Smith has fast become one of my favorite romance authors. She always portrays such strong, wonderful characters and this book is no different. If you’re not into the unexplained or paranormal, then don’t bother stopping here, but if you enjoy fantasy as much as I do, then you can’t go wrong with any of her stories. Ms. Smith has a way of adding such depth and emotion to what, in this case, should be a completely unbelievable and smexy threesome, but she always manages to add an actual story that somehow makes the journey magical.”

“Great Read for holiday s and all year.”

“Another amazing book by S.E. Smith . A beautiful book that spans several decades. This hauntingly beautiful, romantic read with many delicious hot scenes was a great holiday present. I loved Rune, her devotion and dedication to her children at the orphanage and to her newest challenge. Her latest “assignment” finds her in Russia with two hunky heroes that need her healing touch.”

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