What talent or skill would you have if you were a heroine in a sci fi romance novel?

In a recent Facebook competition, readers were asked this question, “What talent &/or skill would you have if you were a heroine in a sci fi romance novel?”

Here are your responses – and might I say, Earth & space is in good hands with you:

Pam: CLEARLY my heroine would be a jewelry maker extraordinaire! LOL. Maybe when she went to another world she would find that her special skills enhanced the powers of some strange alien gems!

Taylor: To be able to heal people not only emotion but physically.

Dana: I would love to be able to have healing powers.

Amber: Be able to use weapons/current tech and fall in love with someone who can share the same life span and/or shape shift into what he is.

Sam: That’s a tricky one. Of course being gorgeous with long flowing hair and I think I’d like to be a bit of a feminine ninja. I would also carry my ninja/samurai sword. The need to be a bit independent and not always rely on the hero though he still needs to be the hero and completely in love with me. X

Lisa: Healing, tracking. The ability to know any alien language.

Cheryl: To read minds

Kathy: I would want to sense people’s emotions.

Cheryl: Read minds and fly.

Michelle: Being able to fly any kind of ship and know how to use any computer.

Sally: Talent – the ability to be able blend into any background. Skill – being able to speak and understand any language after hearing a few sentences.

Jennifer: Be able to heal people by touch.

Kelly: Force Field

Amy: Reading minds

Sylvia: To communicate with animals. more than I do. Be cool to be something like beast master.

Candace: I chuck mail on a daily basis so how about the ability to throw and run away from animals while still hitting my target.

Katherine: The ability to heal

Jessica: If I was human then special fighting skills to fend off any unwanted males and to defend myself. But if I wasn’t human I would want to be able to shape shift into a big cat like tiger or wolf or a dragon with skills in escaping

Lisa: Invisible

Morgan: Martial Arts training. So I can help my man protect people even he felt that a women shouldn’t have to do a “man’s job”.

Laura: Shape shifting to anything speed and super strength.

Janae: Telekinesis

Sharon: I would be a healer

Laura: I think a mixture of things like computer skills self defense smarts some mechanical knowledge and a great sense of humor. In other words a MacGyver type person.

Elizabeth: Fighting & survival skills like a Ranger or Seal

Becky: Commitment in staying with and supporting / encouraging thru thick & thin

Sulee: I always have loved a good heroine that has a great sense of humour and can kick ass in some unique way. I would love to be either an exceptionally good programmer or have survival training. The havoc you could cause all in good fun would be great: -)

Serena: I can for real sense of something is wrong. Not to the ability that Hannah has but just to know if I should or shouldn’t do some thing. It has never let me down. If I ended up on a different world I would retain this ability but also find being on this world I could now read minds and emotions. In the story line I created this would help me safe a great big stubborn hero who didn’t realise his ship were planning to over turn his command and kill him. My hero would think I was the danger and it would take any fights and much work to make him listen to me.

Megan: I would love to be psychic so I could prevent the bad guys from hurting those I care about.

Cheryl: I would have to say that I always wished that I knew several forms of martial arts and that I was a survivalist. Knowing that I could take of myself if something ever happened in this crazy mixed up world.

Shari: I would like the tracking skills that Trisha has

Jackie: Invisibility & Mind Reading… and the ability to kick some serious ass!

Emily: Super intelligence and an eidetic memory. Specialization in every known form of martial arts and telekinesis.

Cindy: I would be a time traveling witch because I would love to be able to move things with a flick of my had and freeze time and levitate.

Petronela: If I were a heroine in a sci fi romance novel I would like to have the ability to heal any wounds.

Ann: The ability to bring peace and harmony to people

Yesmin: A super natural power like controlling water or fire.

Jane: Singing/accounting

Jennell: Sharp shooter/sniper works for either zombies or finding food.

Christine: Be able to move & control things with my mind. Once I met my mate-I could heal different people.

Sarah: To fly

Jennifer: Telekinesis

Clelia: Teleportation. But nothing I could control until I met my mate which would be a some kind of other. Not sure if it would be mind teleportation or whole body….also when you touched a certain object not person…..to show what happened with the object and certain people that handled it for certain reasons….

Sarah: Precognition

Michelle: Mad computer skills & shape shifter & ability to fly

Tammy: The ability to kick Burt and laugh at myself.

Shannon: I’d love to have telekinesis. Looking ahead wouldn’t TK be an awesome benefit to have with kids? As a side note June 6th is my birthday so I hope that brings me luck! : -)

Lorraine: To love, honor but not obey!!

Laura: The power to heal.

Carolyn: Shifter with a longer lifespan and have a symbiosis just like in the dragon lords of valdier series.

Angela: I would love to walk through walls and be able to touch someone for them to be able to do it too also to be able to heal if needed

Sonja: I would have shape shifting ability

Tracy: I would say the ability to fight dirty & smart enough to avoid capture and a smart-ass mouth.

Eva: A spiritual healer

Kelly: I’d want to fly

Teresa: I would be a wizard with cooking. One who could create healing recipes or just create a meal so tasty people fight to have one of the meals.

Lori: I would like to be able to teleport to places. My family always busts my chops that I’m always late to the point that I have told them when I die they are to bring my ashes 10 minutes late to the ceremony. I want to go out in death how I was in life. : )

Ashlee: Go invisible & move through walls. I’d be playing really hard to get from the hero. : )

Kelly: I think I’d be very similar to the heroines in your books – I would use the natural abilities I already possess to make me “EXTRAORDINARY”! I’m a counselor in real life so I’d probably make a great empath. I’d use that ability to help my hero heal from the emotional stresses of being the alpha in charge 24/7 and soothe those “hidden” wounds that make all your heroes just vulnerable enough to be über lovable as well as sexy as hell!

Cari: I would be able to vanish or perfectly blend into a background with some type of camouflaging that adapted as I was running away!

Annette: Projection. To leave your body without being seen.

Rose Ella: I am not sure. Maybe the ability to see the future would be nice.

E.: The ability to see below the surface of an alien. To have the patience and empathy to get to know that being instead of being frightened of our differences. Also to be a kickass instead of a wimp. With a sense of humor as well.

Cat: I would be a mixture of Carmen and Trisha with a big helping of Abby thrown in.

Elizabeth: I would have a photographic memory and an ability to control the elements / or shape shift.

Milly: I would be able to move things with my mind 🙂

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