Yolanda’s Ray of Sunshine

The story of a woman, lost in despair, who discovers a new purpose in life when she finds an abandoned baby and vows to raise her as her own.

Yolanda’s Ray of Sunshine

Girls from the Street

The story of a woman, lost in despair, who discovers a new purpose in life when she finds an abandoned baby and vows to raise her as her own.

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She was born on the streets and would pass her knowledge to her daughter…
Yolanda Yates’ life has been one of hardship and despair. She finds a new lease on life when she discovers an abandoned baby behind a dumpster in a back alley. She will do everything in her power to love, protect, and teach her daughter that families aren’t always born together, sometimes you have to find and make them.
Find out how powerful a mother’s love can be in this heartfelt novella from The Girls from the Street series!   A NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, the internationally acclaimed S.E. Smith presents a new story with her signature humor and unpredictable twists! Over TWO MILLION books sold!

Personal Note from the Author

This story is dedicated to my mom and grandmother who gave me a love for the woods and who continue to live on through me.
Hi everyone,
The Girls from the Street series captured my imagination late last year, early this year. The stories, starting with Something About Aimee, were like many of my other stories. They are filled with action, adventure, suspense, romance, and my signature humor. The women are spunky; the guys alpha, but compassionate with a hint of vulnerability that melts my heart.
The stories called to me and I knew I had to write them. But, at the same time they were different because they were contemporary. As I wrote the series, I fell in love with the characters. In Aimee’s story, Yolanda, Aimee’s adoptive mom, captured my heart. As I hiked the trails, I could almost hear Yolanda and Aimee begging me to share their unique story.
This is a story of love between an unlikely mother and the daughter she finds and claims as her own. Yolanda’s love and nurturing helps Aimee become the beautiful, strong young woman that she is. Through Aimee, Yolanda continues to live and thrive. I hope you enjoy their story as much as I do.
S.E. Smith


“I’m simply enjoying the warmth,” Yolanda said.
“It’s not warm out.”
“Ah, but for me it is, because the sun left a ray of sunshine that warms and lights even the darkest corners of the world.”
Aimee tilted her head to peer up at the sky with a puzzled expression. Yolanda adjusted the brightly-colored, flower-patterned raincoat that she had picked up for Aimee a few minutes before at the Goodwill store.
“Where is the sunshine?” Aimee asked.
“In here,” Yolanda murmured, pressing her hand over Aimee’s heart.

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  1. Amanda Bravo says:

    I have been a fan for a couple of years now!

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Amanda. Thank you so much for enjoying my stories as much as I do! Here’s to many more years of reading pleasure! <3

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