A Dragonlings’ Haunted Halloween

A Dragonlings’ Haunted Halloween

Dragonlings of Valdier, Book 1.2

Discover what happens when another Earth holiday is unveiled, with the help from a couple of mischievous Goddesses, the symbiots, and Dragonlings. The fun kicks into high gear when the men discover what Cara has been up to and decide to ‘test’ the playground first!

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During one of her many excursions exploring the palace, Cara Truman discovers a vast underground chamber that turns out to be the perfect place for her next invention. Soon, her dream of building the ultimate playground for the Dragonlings is a reality.

When Abby laughingly mentions the new ‘playground’ looked like the perfect place to have a Halloween party, Cara goes into high gear to create the perfect Haunted House adventure for the babies. The fun kicks into high gear when the men discover what Cara has been up to and decide to ‘test’ the playground first!

Cara has no idea that her new project would create a sense of panic, wonder, or hilarious consequences in the palace when she unveils it. Discover what happens when another Earth holiday is unveiled, with the help from a couple of mischievous Goddesses, the symbiots, and Dragonlings in A Dragonlings’ Haunted Halloween.


Vox froze as he turned in a circle. Sweat broke out on his brow again as he listened. The hair on the back of his cat’s neck was standing straight up. This was the place where those damn beasts had been. His eyes darted back and forth as he tried to see where Kelan had gone. A light, cool fog floated along the floor of the forest…

“Cavern,” he muttered. “It isn’t a real forest. It is just a created one.” He hissed and jumped when a firm hand gripped his shoulder. Turning, he gripped the forearm connected to the hand on his shoulder. He almost threw the body attached to arm before he realized it was just Kelan. A low snarl escaped him.

“I’m with you,” Kelan reminded him, looking at where Vox was still gripping his arm. “Can you pull the claws in? They are a little painful.”

“Sorry,” Vox muttered as he released Kelan. “Just… don’t sneak up on me. My cat is about ready to go crazy. It knows those beasts are in here.”

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Woohoo! I’m gona be counting down the days :D!

  2. Chrissie Frances says:

    Can not wait loved the Easter one please can you put links in to pre order amazon uk please also can we have some teasers to keep us happy till release date can not wait

    1. admin says:

      Links and teasers will be coming soon, I promise, Chrissie lol

  3. becky says:

    Love the cover I can’t wait to read this!!!

  4. Kyrie says:

    I can’t wait! I love all your books I am so glad to have found you as an author.

    1. admin says:

      TY Kyrie it’s so lovely of you to let me know.

  5. Marilyn says:

    Please set up for pre-order on Amazon.ca. I found it so helpful for “Twin Dragons”, and I loved A Dragonlings Easter. Will you be writing anything for other Special Days as well like maybe Christmas, or other Season Holiday. 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Preorder will be coming for A Dragonlings’ Halloween, Marilyn. I do not have any plans for a Christmas book at the moment.

  6. Diane says:

    WOO HOO!!! So excited to see the dragonlings’ first Halloween experience. (Heh heh heh!) I can’t wait! 🙂

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Love my Dragonlings!

  7. Kerrie says:

    Do you have a estimated date for the dragonlings next book?

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      The Dragonlings’ Haunted Halloween is due out October 21, 2014.

  8. Diane says:

    Ok. When the synopsis makes me laugh out loud and continue to giggle for a long time after, that’s a sign this novella is going to be AWESOME!!! I cannot wait to read/experience the dragonling’s haunted house playground and what the dads do in it. :O

  9. Gail Gober says:

    Can’t wait to see what the dads get into!!! Love them all!!

  10. Jo Carol says:

    I have love everything you have written. I always laugh and cry so i know dragonlin stories are very funny.

  11. vimala says:

    love all your books. can’t wait for your next dragonlings’ adventure. always look forward for all your next book.

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Just a few more days. LOL. A Dragonlings’ Haunted Halloween turned out to be over twice as long as I expected! They just kept talking and talking and talking.

      1. Christina says:

        Any chance you’ll help us get our week started right and release today!!?? Thank you for being such a great author.

        1. S.E. Smith says:

          I did! I did! xoxox <3

  12. Cony says:

    IT IS HERE!!! Just ordered on Amazon.de!!!! Can not wait to get home start reading!!!!!
    Doing the happy dance around my office desk!

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Cony,
      Please leave a review when you finish!!! I don’t have many reviews for Amazon.de. Reviews really make a huge difference for an author.

  13. chris says:

    just downloaded a dragonling’s haunted Halloween at amazon. woo hoo!!!!!

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      xoxox <3

  14. Diane says:

    You’ve done it again! Ever since the first glimpse of the dragonlings’ Easter, I’ve been trying to guess what you would put in this story. You blew my imaginings to bits! This definitely lived up to expectations. Unfortunately for you, I have become addicted to having peeks into the dragonlings’ lives and hope you never stop! (Ok, maybe you can have a nap break….. and maybe a snack). While I’m waiting for your next book, I’ll just reread all of your other stuff. 😉

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Thank you, Diane! I love discovering what they are up to as well. There will be a full length Dragonlings novel coming up in the future, as well as, individual stories for each of them.

  15. Heather says:

    Glad to have the book now, could not wait to start and fall into Halloween. I love the dragonlings they are so much fun, loved the book. Look forward to the next one

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Thank you, Heather. They shared more than one surprise with me as I was writing their story.

  16. Nikki says:

    Is there a reason the Dragonlings’s Halloween is not on Barnes & Nobles yet? I hate that we have to wait to get your new books.

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Nikki,
      I send it to them, but I have no control over when they upload it. It is very, very frustrating for me as Amazon and Smashwords are great! BN, iBooks, and Kobo are not as swift. They have been especially difficult since the incident last year with the UK distributor who pulled so many books. It should be any time. I keep checking. I really apologize and I am working trying to speed up the processing with them.

      1. Nikki says:

        My book club friends are about done with B&N. We are thinking about getting IPads or Kindle for Christmas. We love your books. We all buy them. Riley is my Goddess.

  17. Daisy says:

    Do you know when the dragonlings will available on Audiable. Am so excited to listen listen to them.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Daisy, I am thinking about having my Dragonlings books on audio so look for them in 2016.

  18. Billie says:

    Love the dragonlings. I wish I could get them boxed together. Binge reading!!

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Billie, what a fabulous idea! Let me write another one and then I can box them together!

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